(Minghui.org) Before the Chinese New Year 2020, we encountered the (Chinese Communist Party) CCP virus, which quickly spread throughout China. The lock-down of cities, villages, and residential areas has caused some obstacles to practitioners clarifying the truth about Falun Dafa. This sudden outbreak of the epidemic made me feel that time is extremely precious. 

Awakening the Conscience of People Non-Stop 

I lived in the residential area affiliated with a forest bureau. Not until January 26, did I know that there was an outbreak of the CCP virus in Wuhan. The epidemic requires that we seize the time to awaken the conscience of people. I was at a loss and wasn’t sure what to do. But, when I logged onto the Minghui website and saw some articles on the subject, I understood what I had to do. 

My home is a material production site. I downloaded and printed the articles“Epidemics, Safety, and Conscience” and “Please Remember Falun Dafa Is Wonderful!” from the Minghui website. Other practitioners and I distributed them. Seeing that pedestrians passing in a hurry without giving us a chance to talk to them, I had this righteous thought in mind: "As long as they take it, they’ll change their notions. By remembering 'Falun Dafa is wonderful! Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance is wonderful!' they will survive this calamity."

Our local practitioners have put up banners that say “Falun Dafa is wonderful! Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance is wonderful!” all over our local streets, as well as on the doors of the market, villages, and towns. The purpose was to have sentient beings safeguarded by Dafa. To do it as quickly as possible, we divided our tasks. Five of us worked on one side, and we could cover five apartment buildings every day, whereas a senior practitioner took care of the properties on his side. 

During the epidemic, only one person from each household was allowed to go out for grocery shopping for two hours. All of us treasured this time slot greatly. As long as we have the heart of awakening the conscience of people, Master would bring people with predestined relationships to us. Every time when I went out, I would run into a few people, then clarified the facts to them and helped them renounce their memberships in the CCP. 

Distributing Truth-Clarification Materials on a Large Scale in the Countryside

The two-month-long lockdown was finally over. I understood that Master used his great suffering to alleviate the epidemic. As a result, he has extended the time for us to awaken the conscience of sentient beings. 

Master said, 

“To save people is my promise to GodsBefore the great disaster comes, we must seize every minute, every second” (“Why Do You Refuse,” Hong Yin IV)

As a Fa-rectification period Dafa disciple, one should treasure the time needed to awaken the conscience of more people. 

On the very first day after the lock-down, fellow practitioners and I went to the streets to clarify the facts face-to-face to people. Gradually we saw fewer and fewer people on the streets. We lived in a big agricultural county, where most people lived in the countryside. That's where I and Ms. Lin distributed truth-clarification materials door to door. 

Ms. Lin knew how to make materials. When I went with another practitioner to hand out truth-clarification materials, Ms. Lin stayed at home to make materials. Neither Ms. Lin nor this practitioner could operate a motorcycle, so I had to do the driving. When we ran out of supplies, we relied on practitioners from the city to supply us. 

We covered four villages on that day. We told whoever we ran into that there was a way to escape the calamity and about the truth-clarification brochure for saving one’s life. People all thought that it was great, and they all accepted a brochure, including those that were illiterate. They said that they would pass the message to their family members. Some said what we did was a good thing. 

When an older woman visiting her neighbor saw the informational materials hanging on the door, she asked me what I was doing. I said I was there to pass on a life-saving precious book, that only Dafa could safeguard us to escape from the calamity. I told her that by sincerely reciting the phrase, she could ensure her good health and safety.

We stopped at a house where they were having a funeral. There were five people, I gave them two copies of the brochure. I told them that people from Wuhan City were helped after reciting Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance. They became very excited and all wanted the brochure. I said, “This plague was to eliminate the evil people under the CCP. Those evil CCP members harvested organs from Falun Gong practitioners while they were still alive to make huge profits – they were corrupt and harmed their people. They have committed a tremendous sin.

“We have all joined the Party, the Youth League, and Young Pioneers,” I said. “We have to renounce our memberships in the CCP so that we can ensure our safety when the heavens eliminate it." Two of them gladly decided to quit the CCP, with one Party member and the other being a member of the Young Pioneers.

Two women had come to visit their younger brother. At first, they ignored us, then, they wanted to kick us out. When I told them that this was the truth to awaken their conscience, that they could escape the plague and be safe, they changed their attitude and accepted two copies and quit their CCP membership. 

Elevating as One Body

Although the epidemic is subsiding, we have very limited time left, and it has become even more urgent to awaken people's conscience. As for myself, whether I clarify the fact face-to-face to people or distribute informational materials, I can handle it. But several practitioners I know haven’t been able to step forward. 

My sister is also a practitioner. She lives in the mountains, where it’s not very populated. Therefore, she slacked off in her cultivation. I invited her to my home. There were also some young practitioners living near me, who only babysat their kid at home during the day and rarely clarified the truth. I suggested that one of them babysit, while the other goes out to clarify the truth, Ms. Lin’s husband also needed to get active in clarifying the truth. I borrowed a tricycle and the five of us were going to the countryside. 

But still, I was under great pressure. If I didn’t take them, then nobody would. They lacked Fa-study, and were not courageous enough. Even Ms. Lin who has gone out with me couldn’t be on her own either. However, stepping forward to save sentient beings is such a serious and sacred matter, one’s cultivation state has to be optimal. 

I asked them to study more Fa at home and send forth more righteous thoughts. The first time when we went out, I took all of them to the countryside. We covered three villages and handed out 330 copies of Dafa materials. Under Master’s empowerment, we came home safe and sound. 

We changed the route we took every day and brought with us 400 copies of the truth-clarification materials. As soon as we started, I’d tell them to stop chatting and only focus on sending forth righteous thoughts. Whatever the weather, we went out. One morning, I saw snowflakes coming down. The snow stopped and it turned sunny at noon. My sister and I went out, but the other three practitioners did not show up. 

My sister and I went to a village over two miles away. Because it was snowing, the villagers had to stop work. When I came into the village, I saw six of them standing on the road, as if they knew we were coming. I gave each of them one copy of the Dafa informational materials. Some asked me for two copies. 

We also went to a town in the south and a township in the west. Since there were practitioners there, we went to share with them. After they read Master’s new article “Rationality,” they all wanted to be diligent and step forward to awaken people's conscience. They agreed to cover their local areas. I first took them 200 brochures and then 500 brochures for them to distribute.

Looking Inward

It has not always been smooth sailing on my cultivation path. One day, the five of us went to another township. After we arrived, we divided into three groups. After my sister and I finished our task, we waited at the tricycle parked by the road. 

When we were handing out materials, we met up with a practitioner who is a physician. She helped a patient’s family quit the CCP. So we complemented each other. 

While waiting for the rest of us, a police vehicle passed by and then entered the village. I thought we might have been reported to the police--was the presence of a police car just a coincidence? I asked the male practitioner to go into the village to look for the missing three. Then my sister and I left, since we had brought 500 brochures with us and still had 300 left. I drove to the east entrance of another village and hid the bag that contained Dafa materials under corn piles. I asked my sister to stay there to watch, and I left to find the other practitioners. I told her if I didn’t come back in a while, she should take the materials with her and leave. 

I took off my coat and changed my hat. Then I rode my tricycle to go find the other practitioners. I happened to run into the doctor practitioner. I told her about what I suspected and asked her to go into the village to check on them. 

The three practitioners saw me and I waved to them. They quickly got in the doctor’s vehicle. I told them where my sister was. She took them and I rode my tricycle to meet her. After that, we quickly got on the highway and arrived home safe and sound. 

At night, I had a dream. I saw a white chubby dog rushing towards me. At that time when it was about to come very close to me, it fell down. I came to enlighten: It was because my heart wasn’t moved, so that evil was eliminated and Master helped resolve this tribulation for me. 

South to my city was a mountain, there was a place where I used to live. There were no practitioners. For all these years, there haven’t been any practitioners covering that area. Because it was a bit far, I asked a practitioner from the city to take the three of us in his car to hand out truth-clarification materials. 

We set out at 3 p.m. By the time we arrived, it was after 5 p.m. At the time when we were about to finish, a young man saw us. Then he used a loudspeaker to tell us to leave, because during the epidemic, no strangers were allowed to enter the village. As soon as the driver practitioner heard the announcement, he left. 

This villager also found another young villager to drive to follow us to check on what we were doing, as he didn’t see us handing out materials. After a while, he got out of his car to make a call. Then the police officers and people in charge of the village from the nearby two villages came. As soon as my sister saw that, she began to follow him to send forth righteous thoughts to eliminate evil factors behind him. He was so petrified that he ran away while shouting non-stop. 

As I lived here before, the police officers also knew my husband, who was on the forest management team. In the end, under Master’s protection, we left in an upright manner. 

When I calmed down to reflect why two times I was interfered with, I thought that there must have been something wrong with me. I realized: Since my sister came to my home, I was supposed to elevate myself, yet my xinxing didn’t improve. 

In her day-to-day life, my sister didn’t spend much time on Fa-study. She wasn’t strict with herself, nor knew how to cultivate her xinxing. I asked her to study more Fa. For if one doesn’t study a lot of Fa, when one goes out to clarify the truth one lacked righteous thoughts? When I got a bit demanding, she became upset. That agitated me. When I scolded her, she challenged me, saying, “Only you are capable, nobody is better than you.” 

After a while, as soon as she started to challenge me, I blew up and didn’t want to hear what she had to say. Sometimes I ended up arguing with her. It was my competitive mentality flaring up, but I didn’t rectify it in time. 

I only paid attention to practice, as opposed to cultivation. Through visiting my every thought, I have seen many of my shortfalls, which all had something to do with my demon nature. I should work hard on my xinxing, rectify myself on the Fa, eliminate my every attachment, and have my Buddha nature take charge of myself, so as to meet the Fa standard. 


Master said,

“Right now every minute and every second is crucial. If you miss out during this period of time, you miss out on everything. History won't recur. The history of the cosmos and the Three Realms have gone through so many, long, long years--what have all the beings been waiting for? What are they all here for? For exactly these few years!” (“Teaching the Fa at the 2003 Atlanta Fa Conference,” Collected Fa Teachings, Vol. IV)

“How could it be okay to not do that when so many people are waiting to be saved?! Even I am helping you do that! Saving non-practitioners is supposed to be your responsibility. [The way it’s supposed to be is that] I save you, and you save them. Now I am even helping you do it, so if you don’t do it, are you a Dafa disciple?” (Team Yellow Translation, “Fa Teaching at the 2019 New York Fa Conference”)

With the current epidemic having become a pandemic, doesn’t it mean that the great calamity has arrived? Practitioners are racing against time, whereas sentient beings have been poisoned by the fabricated lies under the evil CCP. Time is pressing. Practitioners shoulder great responsibilities. Instead of feeling regret, one should seize the precious Fa-rectification cultivation opportunity which is very limited, treat one’s cultivation seriously, be an upright practitioner and responsible for oneself and sentient beings. Then, one would be able to live up to the time that Master has extended for us as an exchange of his tremendous suffering, so as not to hurt one’s sacred title – being a practitioner.