(Minghui.org) I’ve been practicing Falun Dafa for 22 years, and have had some amazing experiences during the course of my cultivation practice. I know that the founder of Falun Dafa, Master Li Hongzhi, is helping and protecting us when we pass tests and improve our levels of understanding.

My Severely Injured Arms Completely Healed

Our family was awakened late one night in November 2002 by a loud rapid knocking on the door. We opened the door, and several police officers rushed in and started raiding each room of our home. They then took my husband and I to the police department because we were Falun Dafa practitioners.

Failing to get any useful information after interrogating us, the police tortured me. They tied my hands behind my back, and hung me from a pipe that was two meters high. As I was hanging in the air a police officer slapped my face, and grabbed my hair and smashed my head into the wall. They didn’t put me down until both of my arms had become dislocated. I couldn’t feel my arms, and couldn’t stand on my own because my legs were numb. They then locked me up in a cage less than two square meters in size.

After I was released home, my sister asked a friend who was a bone physician to treat my injured arms. He wanted to use massage to help me recover, but after seeing my condition, he said, “ Too much time has passed since this injury occurred, and now it is impossible to treat.”

I started to do the Falun Dafa exercises. Even though my arms hurt badly with every movement, I persisted with clenched teeth. After only a few days, both of my arms recovered amazingly, and left no sequela. I can still feel the power of Dafa when I think about my recovery from this serious injury.

Husband’s Righteous Thoughts Overcome a Tribulation

My husband, who also practices Falun Dafa, suddenly had severe fever in late 2017. He had chills, his body was shaking, and he started to mumble nonsense. He didn’t eat or drink much for ten days and his weight dropped from 75 kg (165 lb.) to less than 60 kg (132 lb.).

My daughter came back from a business trip to see if her dad was doing better. However, she was shocked and scared by how weak he was and the severeness of his symptoms. She insisted on taking him to the hospital. My husband said, “It’s not an illness.”

After a full exam and diagnostic tests at the hospital, all indicators revealed my that husband was normal. The doctor only suggested drinking some light brine, and didn’t give any prescription or shots.

After returning home, my husband and I studied the Fa and meditated every day. At first, he needed to take breaks several times during the meditation. He recovered completely after about 20 days. From then on, he was more diligent in cultivating Falun Dafa. My daughter and son-in-law were both amazed by Dafa’s power.

Helped by Master During Pandemic

All communities were locked down during the pandemic this year. My community has 56 buildings with 165 unit gates. I wanted to distribute Falun Dafa information to my community once again.

I went out one day with more than a hundred pamphlets to deliver to community members. I tried to open a dozen gates, but couldn’t figure out the passwords. I almost gave up, and thought, “Master, I can’t take the pamphlets back home. Please open my wisdom about what I must do, Master.”

I went back to a unit gate that I had failed to open. I tried again, and it opened. I eventually managed to open 164 out of the 165 gates. I am tearful now as I’m writing this. I feel so grateful. Master cleared up difficulties that interfered with my efforts to save people.

Looking back at my cultivation path, the power of Dafa was everywhere. Master Li eliminated my karma and resolved tribulations for me. I will do my best to cultivate diligently in the time to come. I am thankful for Master’s salvation!