(Minghui.org) I began to practice Falun Dafa when I was suffering from stomach cancer. My wife is a medical doctor, who didn’t believe in qigong in the past and thought hospitals wouldn't be needed if qigong could treat illnesses. However. I recovered through practicing Dafa, which convinced her of the power of Dafa.

My wife suffered from kidney and liver diseases. She listened to Master's lectures and began to experience body purification that night.

Overcoming Sickness Karma

After the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) started persecuting Falun Gong, I was held in a forced labor camp and prison. After I was released, I faced sickness karma. I vomited after eating. My weight dropped significantly within a short time. When I was unconscious, my daughter-in-law drew a blood sample and sent it to a hospital for testing. It was concluded that the hemoglobin in my blood was really low and I was diagnosed with anorexia. The doctor said: “It would be a miracle if this person survives, and the medical books would have to be revised.”

I couldn’t take the suffering anymore and lost the courage to live, so I begged Master to let me go early. Fellow practitioners sent forth righteous thoughts to stop the evil from persecuting me. A few days later a female practitioner rang the doorbell. She asked if there was an elderly practitioner in the family who was suffering from sickness karma. She said, “I saw him begging Master to let him go early with my celestial eye. Master didn’t want him to go, and fellow practitioners wouldn’t let him go either.” My wife came to my bedroom and I woke up. The fellow practitioner repeated what she had told my wife. I said, “If Master didn’t let me go, I will live. Thanks to Master for his concern.” After a while I fell asleep again.

Two or three days passed and nothing happened. On the morning of the fourth day, I woke up and saw the blue sky outside the window and the golden sunlight as if I had never seen it before. I got out of bed and went to the dining room. My wife came out of the kitchen and was shocked to see me. She asked, “How did you get here?” I said, “I walked and held onto the wall. I'm hungry!” She gave me some rice porridge, after which I went back to bed and slept. Two hours later, I woke up and said to my wife, “I'm still hungry.” She made me four big buns. That day, I ate 16 buns.

I had a good appetite for several months. When my weight reached 80 kilograms, my appetite returned to normal. I overcame this life and death situation. Since then, my skin has become more delicate, and this 80-year-old man has no wrinkles. I look like someone in his 60s.

Awakening the Conscience of People

I am a retired teacher. There are many people who have a predestined relationship with Dafa in my hometown. To visit my hometown to clarify the truth about Dafa to people, I bought a gas-electric car. Every time I went back to my hometown with my wife, we would clarify the truth to people along the way. For a round trip of two days, we could awaken the conscience of more than 40 people, while now, given our car, we can awaken the conscience of more than 80 people. My wife cooperated with me well.

We used different opportunities, such as a wedding, to talk to our relatives, old classmates, old colleagues, and well-connected students – we stopped at each table for about seven minutes. We explained why they should quit the CCP and its youth organizations. Quite popular were the amulets we handed to people.

During the 100th anniversary of the school where I graduated, I clarified the truth to my old classmates. I gave everyone a commemorative yearbook with a list of students and teachers in each class, plus a cover that showed the school’s new look.

I wrote in the book that this yearbook will bring you good memories, please cherish it. It was very popular when it was distributed, and they all said that I had done something to accumulate virtue, something which reminded them of when they were young. These people were all in their 70s or 80s, and they were the hardest group to accept the truth. They were most poisoned by the CCP. Telling them my personal experience, looking 20 years younger and still driving a car in my 80's, convinced them of the preciousness of Dafa. While I clarified the truth to my former classmates, my wife visited her family and talked about Dafa.

We often arranged to return to our hometown during the slack farming season. There were mahjong halls in the small shops along the way, and there were many people. These people were simple and could easily accept the Dafa principles. We also went to small town markets to clarify the truth. Every market day, many people went to the market. We clarified the truth at the stalls, in the alleys, and in the shops. Our methods were flexible and diverse. We had strong righteous thoughts, and asked Master to arrange for us to meet predestined people.

Once, the road construction in a village was nearing completion, and the dirt roadblock at the road entrance had not been removed. Seven or eight vehicles were parked on the side of the road. If we detoured, it would add an additional 15 kilometers. I went to check the roadblock and saw that it was about 40 centimeters high. It was difficult for my car to go over it, but I was determined to try it. I backed my car up a few meters and silently asked Master for help. I started the accelerator and stepped on it. After the accelerator pedal was pushed to the end, the car jumped over the dirt roadblock and landed smoothly on the road.

After the outbreak of the pandemic this year, the community was closed, so we made phone calls to clarify the truth. Later, our vehicle was allowed to enter and exit the community. Thus I drove to distant places to distribute Dafa informational materials.

On Ching Ming Festival, we went back to our hometown to sweep our family graves, and we talked to dozens of people in one day, most of them were the people who were most seriously brainwashed by the CCP. They were shocked when they heard the truth about the pandemic, and agreed to withdraw from the CCP. They also agreed to recite “Falun Dafa is good, and Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance is good.”

During the past three years or so, we have adopted a variety of methods to awaken people's conscience. Every time, we would carefully arrange a trip and send forth righteous thoughts to ask for Master’s blessings. Actually everything was done by Master.