(Minghui.org) Recently, the prediction of the coronavirus outbreak and a second wave by an Indian prophet went viral on the internet. Many practitioners followed the news online and helped spread it, thinking it could be used to save people. This in fact deviated from the right path to save people.

Although the Indian prophet accurately predicted the pandemic, the solution he recommended was about strengthening the immune system, reducing the killing of animals and caring for them, living in harmony with the nature, and improving interpersonal communication. 

However, from the standpoint of Fa-rectification, none of these provides fundamental cure for the problem.

Master says, 

“Your path is, and I think you've all seen this now, actually very narrow. If you deviate just a little bit you won't measure up to the standard of a Dafa disciple. There's only one very righteous path we can walk on, and we can't deviate even just a little bit, because this is required by history, and required by the lives of sentient beings in the future cosmos. The cosmos in the future can't have any deviation or errors due to your having omissions during the Fa-rectification, so it's important for you to walk each and every step well during your own validating the Fa.” (“Teaching and Explaining the Fa at the Metropolitan New York Fa Conference,” Collected Fa Teachings, Vol. III)

Some worldly side-path practices could also predict some things in the human world. But we can’t use those things to save people. Rather, they could easily cause distractions and interference for ourselves.

Master says, 

“The worldly side-path practices in the Tao School do not cultivate life. They are entirely devoted to fortune-telling, fengshui, exorcising evil spirits, and healing illness. Most of these are used by the worldly side-path practices. They can heal illnesses, but the methods employed are not good. We will not point out what they use to heal illness, but practitioners of our Dafa should not use them since they carry very low and very bad messages.” (Lecture Five, Zhuan Falun, 2000 translation version) 

Cultivation is serious and there are different tests on our path. As soon as we acknowledge something, it would stay with us and our body will carry that information. As practitioners, we must recognize this and eliminate these distractions and rectify ourselves.

Our cultivation path is narrow. We can’t deviate from it. People will be saved by understanding the truth of Dafa. When we talk about things from the side-path, it would only add confusion and distraction to our truth clarification. As practitioners, we should focus on validating Dafa and saving sentient beings using the right approach.

This is only my personal understanding. Please point out anything inappropriate.