(Minghui.org)  I was sentenced to five years in prison in 2009 for practicing Falun Dafa and was ordered to produce a five-page report about my ideological convictions daily. 

The first day I wrote 10 pages. The captain smiled and called me an overachiever. But, in fact, what I wrote was about my cultivation and the persecution I’d suffered.

Miseries Turn Into Benefits

My life was filled with suffering before I practiced Dafa. I had many health issues, including high blood pressure, heart problems, renal dysfunction, and skin disease. I had no strength. 

My wife was having affairs and wanted to divorce me. I felt I had to protect my children from a broken family, so I allowed my wife to continue having affairs. I was bitter.

I went everywhere for treatment but without success. I even wanted to become a monk. Just then, I encountered Falun Dafa, which changed my fate. Mr. Li Hongzhi, Falun Dafa’s founder, picked me up from hell and gave me a second life. I studied the Fa teachings and learned the five exercises. I then began to follow Dafa’s requirements to improve my xinxing.

I recovered from all my ailments within a month. I looked a lot better and became much stronger. I was 49 years old. Prior to practicing Dafa, I was like a very old man and couldn’t do much. But just after one month of cultivation, it was like I went back in time. I was like a 30-year-old again. 

The factory management was very happy and gave me good raises. My wife was pleased, too, and my family lived in harmony. At the end of the year, I was recognized as the company’s technical expert and model worker. 

They drove me home in a van filled with the prizes, which included 1,000 yuan in cash, an 18-gear mountain bike, and a Hong Kong-style suit. My wife was so happy that she cried. She said to our daughter, “I’m so happy. I couldn’t have imagined this even in my wildest dreams! All this was given to us by Master Li and Dafa.”


These happy times lasted for four years, from May 1995 until July 1999, when the communist regime launched the persecution of Falun Dafa. 

I wrote a nine-page letter to the city secretary of the Political and Legal Affairs Committee and signed it on August 9. I wrote a second letter of 11 pages on August 29. I wrote about how I’d benefited from practicing Dafa and gave my name, employer, home address, and phone numbers. 

At the time, I had faith in government officials and hoped that they would write back. Instead, I was arrested at work on September 26. The factory director and other management officials wanted to protect me. They told the police that I was a good person, a model worker, and a core contributor at the factory’s front line. 

But the order came directly from the city’s Communist Party Committee, so the police insisted on arresting me. When I was taken away, the factory director took 300 yuan out of his pocket and put it in my pocket. I was detained for half a month.

The police ransacked my home, threw Master Li's photo on the floor, and an officer put his foot on top of it. My four-year-old granddaughter ran over and spit on the officer’s shoe. He lifted his foot for a moment, and my granddaughter pulled the photo out and yelled, “Master is great! Dafa is great!” 

The officer pulled her ears and lifted her up in the air. Despite her wailing, he hit her, pinched her, and threatened her. That afternoon she had a fever and was taken to the hospital and given an IV.

But I believe my granddaughter was rewarded for speaking up for Master and Dafa. She was ranked very high in school and earned three international awards when she was only 12. One was for a science paper and two were for art projects. She continued to study the Fa and refused to join any Communist Party youth organizations (the Young Pioneers or the Youth League).

The prison guards said that everything I’d written was only good words about Falun Dafa and ordered me to stop writing the reports. But I thought I had to continue to write, so I said that I wanted to appeal. I asked for a supply of paper and a bottle of ink. I wrote 15 pages for my first appeal, 20 pages for the second, and 15 pages for the third. 

Each time, I wrote about the facts about Dafa, the brutality of the persecution, and the retribution the evildoers had incurred. I stipulated that my appeals must be submitted to the next level and that whoever withheld them would be held responsible. I concluded with a poem advising the readers that good would be rewarded and bad would incur retribution.

They said that one could only appeal three times and would not let me write any more statements. But I decided to continue writing. I even requested a small desk, a cardboard box, more paper, and a big bottle of ink. I put the papers into the box after I wrote them. 

I wrote about many things, including Falun Dafa practitioners' cultivation experiences, the great Roman Plague, and the retribution experienced by those who participated in persecuting good people in the past. Someone would then come to pick them up once a week and pass them along.