(Minghui.org) I was arrested and taken to the police station after being reported for distributing informational materials about Falun Dafa. I was interrogated at the police station, but I refused to cooperate. The police eventually verified my identity through the local 610 Office and I was taken to a detention center.

Clarifying the Truth

I remained calm and clearheaded in the detention center and was often praised by the head of the cell for not disturbing anyone. A guard instructed her to not let me talk about Dafa to the other inmates, so I decided to tell her about the persecution. After that she never interfered with me when I talked to the other inmates.

Another time, after a guard saw me doing the Falun Dafa exercises through the monitor and stopped me, the inmates in my cell wouldn’t let me do the exercises. I advised them not to participate in the persecution.

I talked to the guard two days later and told her about Dafa, the miracles I experienced after I began practicing, and that she would be blessed for treating practitioners kindly. She promised she would let me do the exercises.

Appealing My Case by Writing Letters

There was a prosecutor stationed in the detention center who went around the cells once every few days. I asked him for some paper and a pen to explain my situation. He agreed and said, “I will not mail the letter for you if you write anything negative about the detention center.” I realized I should write about how Dafa teaches people to be virtuous and good.

I wrote more than 8,000 words that night after everyone had gone to sleep. I wrote about the meaning of life and why practitioners continue to cultivate despite the persecution. Many of the things I discussed were beyond my knowledge, and before I finished writing one sentence, the next one would appear in my mind. It was all because of the wisdom given to me by Dafa.

I asked the prosecutor the next day to mail my letter to the public security department that handled my case, and he agreed.

During that time, I felt encouraged. The head of the cell was transferred to a prison, so we were assigned a new cell head. She often praised Dafa and treated me kindly. One of the inmates who recorded everyone’s daily workload said that she once had a dream that every picture I drew on the paper turned into a treasure. She asked me to draw more pictures so she could give them to her family members when they visited her.

I continued writing truth-clarification letters in the evenings and asked the guards on duty to give them to the public security department.

When I later met with my lawyer, I learned that the letters that I had submitted were withheld by the Procuratorate. I reported this to the presiding judge at my trial who told me to submit my own written defense. I thought that more people should hear the truth and read it right then. The judge tried to stop me halfway through, but I continued to defend myself without the written paper.

On the second day of the trial, I saw the prosecutor and told to him I would continue to appeal my case even though the Procuratorate was withholding all the materials I had submitted. He asked the guard on duty to give me paper, but I was given only one sheet. I didn't dare ask for more and just used toilet paper to continue writing my appeal.

I handed over my appeal letter to the prosecutor before the New Year holiday was over. He read it in front of me and told the guard to let the detention center submit it to the court.

The head of the cell asked me, “The people handling your case are your enemies, so why would you write letters to them?” I replied that I had no enemy, as “all sentient beings were to be saved.”

When they later sentenced me to two years in prison, I appealed to the intermediate court and sued the public prosecutors handling my case.

There was interference in the beginning phase of the appeals process, so I asked Master to strengthen my righteous thoughts and arrange for the prosecutor to come by the detention center.

The prosecutor came by six days later and I explained my situation. He later talked to the deputy head of the detention center about my request. I was able to file my appeal on schedule.

During the 10 months I was held in the detention center, I was protected by Master and Dafa, and many amazing things happened. When two people from the Procuratorate visited me, the man was gruff. I remained calm and told them about Dafa, the Chinese regime's past political movements, and how human rights lawyer Gao Zhisheng predicted that Zhou Yongkang (who was in charge of the 610 Office) would die in prison. The man was shocked while the woman said, “You are so eloquent—how do you know so much?”

Many Chinese Communist Party members are also deceived, so we should tell them the facts about Dafa and the persecution. If they understand the truth, they will no longer want to participate in the persecution.