(Minghui.org) My mother is 90 years old, and my father passed away three years ago. My brother and sister-in-law both battled cancer recently, so they wanted my mother to live with me. My son lives out of town, so I was living alone.

When the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) began to persecute the people who practice Falun Dafa on July 20, 1999, I would not give up my belief, so my mother beat and scolded me. My younger brother also beat me and threatened to report me to the police. As a result, I was not happy about my mother coming to live with me.

I knew there was nothing wrong with practicing Falun Dafa. The CCP was wrong to launch the persecution. I go out every day to tell people the truth about the persecution. What will I do if my mother interferes? Then I thought, taking care of my mother is the right thing to do.  

My mother was in poor health when she moved in with me. She suffered from many diseases and took a lot of medicine. Skipping even one dose of her anti-hypertensive drugs could cause a dangerous change in her blood pressure. 

Her glaucoma surgery was ineffective, so she was blind. There were also two tumors on her knee and thigh root, and she had blood in her urine. My mother was extremely thin now and was bedridden. This had been her condition for a long time. 

Since the first day my mother arrived, I played Dafa music for her whenever I had time: Pudu, Jishi, and the audio recordings of Master Li's lectures. I also helped her withdraw from the CCP. 

A few days after she moved in, my mother asked me for her anti-hypertensive drugs while I was doing the Dafa exercises. I put the medicine in her hand and went to get her a glass of water. When I returned the medicine was gone. I could not find it anywhere. Mother said: “Dafa's Master has enlightened me. I do not need to take medicine.”

From that day on, she did not take any medicine. Sometimes, she would get a fever. When I asked her if she was afraid, she said with certainty that she was not!

My mother mentioned that she often saw Master. She said he was handsome, tall, wearing yellow, and had blue curly hair. She told me that one night when she was outside, Master taught her how to practice the Dafa exercises. She once saw a dragon and later saw fairies cast flowers on her bed.

My mother’s health has improved every day, and her state of mind is much better.

I go out to clarify the truth to people face-to-face every morning, even during the pandemic. She is very supportive of me. In the afternoon, I study the Fa teachings at home and play the audio recording of Master’s lectures for my mother. She sits in a chair and respectfully listens to the Fa for nearly three hours every day. 

She listened to the Fa even if she had a fever. Sometimes, if I wanted her to eat first, she would say, “I am not hungry, and I must listen to Master’s Fa!” Nothing could shake her.

Whenever other practitioners asked my mother if she could remember Master’s lectures, she always answered yes. What was more valuable was that she followed His teachings without question.

Once she told me there was a big lump in her stomach. I touched it, and sure enough, it was big and hard. I asked her if she was afraid. She said no. 

At dawn, I asked: “Does it still hurt? Do we need to go to the hospital?” 

Mom exclaimed: “I’m not going to the hospital. I’m not sick. Master is purifying me!” When I touched it again, the large lump on her stomach was gone. It was miraculous!

She had two tumors around her knees. The pus under the hard skin of her left ankle bone started to ooze out. She said that Master cleansed her body. Soon afterward, the pus on her foot disappeared, and the two tumors were gone.

Not only did my mother believe that Master was purifying her when she was experiencing physical discomfort, she also did not forget Master’s teachings when dealing with family conflicts. 

If someone in the family disrespected her, she could stay calm and would say to them: “Cursing others causes one to lose virtue, you are giving me virtue. I will not scold you.”

Now, my mother is totally free of illness. Her blood pressure is normal, and she has gained more than 22 lbs. Her eyes that had been blind for more than 20 years can now see light. And her white hair is turning black.

In addition, the wheelchair that she had been using for more than 20 years has been idle. 

What I find most amazing, however, is that she has grown new teeth, whereas before, she only had one left. She often says that she was so lucky that Master gave her a second life and often recites, “Falun Dafa is good, Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance is good!” 

The people around us witnessed the miracle of Falun Dafa. My younger brother and sister-in-law are now also studying the Fa.