(Minghui.org) I started practicing Falun Dafa when I was a junior in high school, soon after I had to take the College Entrance Exam. Whenever a big exam came up in the past, I was so nervous that I could not eat anything. After I began practicing Dafa, I changed.

Master said,

“If you are a student, your natural duty is to study well and be worthy of what your parents, your schools, and your teachers have done for you. Your teachers have sacrificed for you by giving you lessons. Your parents have paid for your schooling and have raised you. So you need to be worthy of your parents' and schoolteachers' efforts, and to work hard to study well. Then wouldn't you naturally get into college?” (“Teaching the Fa and Answering Questions in Guangzhou,” Zhuan Falun Fajie)

I let go of my worries and focused on studying. During the exam, I was very calm and did extremely well. I was admitted into my dream college, and years later, I studied at my dream graduate school.

Smooth Career

After getting my master’s degree, I joined a new magazine publishing company as a reporter and researcher. I primarily interviewed chairmen and general managers of enterprises. I conducted myself according to Dafa’s standards of Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance, and my work was well-received by my company and the interviewees.

For example, a chairman in the IT industry said he valued my report most among all the articles about him.

As a researcher, my job included analyzing, interviewing and writing about the major political and economic situations in the world. My special report on the Great East Japan Earthquake earned strong approval from the department chair of a top university, who said that few reports these days were as in-depth and objective as mine.

I later took the exam for a state-owned enterprise that had a passing rate of 1%. I studied the subjects for three months and passed the exam. I became a business manager in a Fortune 500 company located in the busiest financial district. I began to handle important business for the company.

Earlier this year, I was offered a position as secretary to a CEO. I barely knew the colleague who reached out to me. Everyone around me found it unbelievable.

This new position was a direct promotion. I could see the development of the entire industry and the operation of the company. I could pace my work and schedule my work hours, which fully met my needs. In addition, my dream of having my own office came true!

The new position really suited me very well. I had a lot of opportunities to learn new things and could freely adjust my work hours. I am very grateful to Master for this arrangement.

Harmonious Family

My husband is also a practitioner. Our relationship is harmonious. Our parents support our practicing Dafa, and they are all blessed by Dafa.

My husband’s parents are nearly 70 years old and full of energy. My father-in-law loves photography, music, and sculpture. His stone carvings ranked very high in a competition. My mother-in-law loves her chorus and has an open mind. She is also a nature lover.

My husband’s sister’s family owns a business that is doing very well. They’ve owned a mansion and luxury cars, and have two lovely children.

My parents are retired and have good pensions. They each have hobbies, and we do not need to worry about them. Unfortunately my father was influenced by the Chinese Communist Party’s (CCP) media and still does not understand how bad the Party is. I still need to clarify the facts to him more thoroughly.

I Benefit the Most

Of course, I am the one who benefits most from practicing Dafa. I used to put too much effort into everything since I was a child, and I was an impatient perfectionist. After takingup Dafa, I slowly toned down my pursuit of perfection and began to understand how to do my best and follow the course of nature.

Master said,

“We therefore believe in following the course of nature. Sometimes, you think that something should be yours, and others also tell you that it is yours. Actually, it is not.” (Lecture Seven, Zhuan Falun)

By listening to Master and following his arrangements, my career and marriage are harmonious. This is much better than fighting over the smallest trifles to “have it all.” I truly understand Master’s arrangement is the best.

Because of the guidance of Falun Dafa’s principles, I no longer hold resentment when I am hurt. I now understand everyone’s pain and that no one is perfect. As a result, I've broadened my mind and my ability to forgive others.

Rectifying Myself

For a period of time, my boss began to be dissatisfied with me and often scolded me for no reason. At first I was at a loss and felt it was unfair because it seemed that he had somehow suddenly changed from a “good boss” into a different person.

After I observed him from the perspective of a practitioner, I realized his thoughts were very complicated and he had various notions. Conflicts gradually grew as a result.

Master said,

“But no matter how smart or cunning a person is, everything ends up the same in the end. Let's take the case of someone who is very dumb. You may find one person stupid and naïve, while another is very cunning. But no matter how you live your life, the outcome is the same. It definitely won't change any just because a person is cunning, nor will it change any because a person is naïve. All that being cunning can do is to turn you into a worse person, and while you create karma you will slide down. As your surroundings and you yourself become tense and strained, the minds of those around you will in turn grow even more complicated, and then their complicated thinking will in turn cause you to grow still worse.” (“Fa Teaching at the U.S. Capital,” Collected Fa Teachings, Vol. VIII)

I realized I was judging a non-practitioner by cultivation principles. Although it was subtle, I judged them and looked down on them. When my heart was full of others’ shortcomings, I felt miserable, and going to work became a chore.

From the Fa principles, I know that one cannot sidestep difficulties. No matter how hard it is, one must move forward. I realized this was a big test in cultivation. So I told myself to look at the strengths of others more and to stop focusing on their weaknesses. In fact, my manager is very kind.

I reminded myself: people have different thoughts about life and are influenced by past experiences and their environments. I should not idolize capable bosses, and I should not be affected emotionally when problems arise. As a Falun Dafa practitioner, I should always maintain a compassionate heart towards others.

I must be conscientious and cautious so I can be more reliable, take on more responsibilities, and share my bosses' and colleagues' workload.

After doing this for a while, the pressure disappeared and my work environment returned to normal. I realize Master will use various methods to remove my attachments, help me improve my xinxing, and at the same time eliminate my karma.

During the course of cultivation these years, my thoughts have gradually become clearer. I can now deal with challenges at work and life in a calm and gentle way, which ultimately leads to the best results.