(Minghui.org) I would like to share my experience of how other practitioners and I worked together to save people during the CCP virus pandemic, and how I became reacquainted with my printer. 

Chang, a fellow practitioner, came to visit me in early November 2019. She told me she had difficulty getting materials for truth-clarification. I said to her, “Dafa practitioners are one-body. Master Li has emphasized many times that we must work together and cooperate with each other in the projects of saving sentient beings. I’ll coordinate getting you the different kinds of materials you need. You can just come to my home to pick them up.” She was very happy!

“No Worries. We Have Master, and We Have the Fa”

In January, before the Chinese New Year, our practitioners prepared over 200 bags of materials, including booklets, DVDs, and flash drives. Chang distributed them in two days, and she helped more than 20 people quit the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and its affiliated organizations.

She came back to get more materials on January 23. She said more people than usual had accepted the materials in the two days she distributed them. I was both happy and anxious. I was happy for these sentient beings, and anxious because I did not have more materials at hand. We did not plan to meet for group Fa study during the Chinese New Year break, and I did not have a way to contact the practitioners responsible for producing the materials. 

Chang said, “No worries. We have Master, and we have the Fa. We will figure out what to do. We must follow the requirements of the Fa and make up for what’s missing.”

Dafa practitioners are the messengers of gods. In the midst of catastrophe, it is our mission to save sentient beings. So we discussed it. I said I still had some leftover flash drives, and we could put contents about the current situation on them. Then she remembered that she had a bag of 48 small players that could play the flash drives.

We met again the next day. After some trial and error, we first figured out how to put the recordings on the flash drives so they would play them in the correct order. We then loaded up all the flash drives and quickly distributed them. Many people loved them and agreed to quit the CCP and its affiliated organizations.

Due to the CCP purposely concealing the outbreak of the epidemic, the virus quickly spread to the whole country and more than 100 countries and regions in the world. Wuhan City later become a ghost town, and the air was filled with the smell of burning corpses. The entire city was on lock down. All the shops and stores were closed. Everyone was forced to stay home, and the streets were empty. This made it very difficult for Dafa practitioners to go out to clarify the truth to people.

Fearlessly Going Out to Save People

Everything happened gradually but without warning. On January 25, the second day of the Chinese New Year, we were required to register to enter and leave our residential community. I went out in the morning as usual, and the guard quietly warned me, “The police are arresting those who distribute materials on the street. Don’t get too far away from here.” For over 10 years, the guard’s family and my family have been very close. They have protected me and other practitioners many times.

I had loaded some of Minghui’s recordings about the CCP virus on my MP3 player, and I looked for predestined people to have them listen on my headphones. I went to the fruit shop nearby. At that time, pharmacies and fruit stores were still allowed to open. The fruit shop was owned by a couple. 

I asked them to listen to the recording. The wife said, “It was said on TV that the situation is under control now.” 

I said, “That’s the government purposely lying. They are hiding the real situation and lying to the Chinese people like they always do. They are like demons, and you can’t be fooled by them.” 

I put the headphones over her ears and said the recording was from a very dependable source. She listened twice and her husband and mother-in-law both listened to it as well. 

Their family of six all signed the petition to support suing the former CCP dictator Jiang Zemin. In the past few years, their shop has been using paper currency with Dafa phrases written on it. This Chinese New Year I exchanged more than 2,000 yuan of bills with Dafa phrases on them. Since then, their business has been very good, even though there were two other fruit stores nearby. 

In the past, the wife never paid attention to my efforts. She said they were busy with their business and were very tired after work each day and just wanted to sleep when they got home. So they never had time to read the materials I gave them. This time I explained that time won’t wait for people and calamity could strike at any time. She took a little notebook from me, and the next day she gave it back with all six family member's names for quitting the CCP. 

On my way back into the residential community, I sat with the guard’s wife for a while and had her listen to the recordings. She listened to it twice and said she understood.

Soon it was February 5, and I still had not seen the fellow practitioners responsible for producing our truth-clarification materials. I could not wait any longer and set out to the practitioner’s home to discuss things with her. I asked Master to help, and then I asked my daughter (not a practitioner) to go with me. 

The entrance of that residential community is known to be very strict. I saw someone entering from the left side with a bike, and I held onto my daughter and followed him in. The guard didn’t say anything. Two days later, I was again able to go through the entrance to get more materials. That practitioner then said she would bring the materials to me in the future.

The practitioners in our Fa study group were all gradually able to overcome the difficulties and be reunited. We again began to cooperate to help save sentient beings.

The Miracles of My Printer

I felt it was really difficult the first month after the Chinese New Year when I could not get any materials. During that time, I also saw some of my attachments and bad mentalities, including wanting to rely on others, looking outward, and complaining. 

So in late February, I decided to start making materials by myself. I took out my printer that had been in storage for 5 years, but I couldn’t find the driver CD. My current computer is new, so it did not have the driver for the printer installed on it. 

Moreover, I knew I should clean the printer head. My vision had gotten very bad from the several years of persecution I suffered in prison, so I couldn’t clearly see what the buttons said. This printer had shown miracles in the past. For example, there were several months in which I forgot to plug in the connection cable, yet it continued to print materials as usual. 

I then remembered Master’s Fa about all things having consciousness. I thought since my printer was one of my Fa devices, I should communicate with it. So I said, “I have left you aside for five years and not let you play your role of saving people because I had loopholes in my cultivation and was persecuted by the evil factors. Now the CCP virus is quickly spreading and has taken away tens of thousands of people’s lives. Let’s ask Master for help and cooperate to fulfill our missions to save people! You will again have a miracle!” 

I didn’t have any ordinary notions at the time, and my mind was very quiet and clear. I connected the cable to the computer, opened a file, and clicked print. It then started printing! I was so happy and thanked Master.

I had my daughter check the printed paper. She said it was clean and the colors were vivid, even though the printer head had not been cleaned for five years. I told this to the practitioner who later helped me install the necessary system. So she checked my computer and said it did not have the necessary driver for the printer. It was indeed a miracle!

Thank you Master for your compassion and for saving me. I’ll treasure this precious time to do the three things well, save more people, and fulfill my mission.