(Minghui.org) As my Falun Dafa cultivation practice progresses, I feel Master Li’s compassion at every turn. Although my cultivation has had its ups and downs over the past 19 years, I have prevailed!

Two Prisoners Accept the Truth and Quit the Chinese Communist Party

Not long ago, I was illegally arrested and put in a detention center, where I conducted myself according to the principles of Truthfulness, Compassion, and Forbearance. I tried my best, did not fear suffering, and often helped others. Therefore, people trusted me. I introduced Falun Dafa to everyone I met and helped them understand the truth. People liked to be with me and they had many amazing experiences.

There was a girl named Xiaojin who was convicted of a felony. When I clarified the truth to her, she understood and agreed to quit the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). She often remembered to repeat “Falun Dafa is good, Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance is good,” for which she was blessed several times. 

For prisoners, sleeplessness was a common issue. People often couldn’t sleep due to worry over their cases. This was especially true for Xiaojin. Not only did she have trouble sleeping, but she also had frequent nightmares and screamed in her sleep. One day she announced that she was now sleeping better by repeating the special words about Falun Dafa before going to sleep at night. Later, saying “Falun Dafa is good” became a magic weapon for me to fall asleep quickly as well. I told this to many others in the prison. Others tried it and also had good results.

Xiaojin developed a rather large callus on her hand. She put all kinds of medicine on it, but nothing worked. It grew bigger and bigger. Then blisters appeared on her feet and pus oozed out. Again, she applied some medicine, but nothing worked. The flies bit her feet at night and everyone in the prison despised her. 

About two months later, Xiaojin excitedly told me that the callus had disappeared! She said, “Do you know how it disappeared? I told it ‘Falun Dafa is good! Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance is good!’ I beg you, please let it go away.” It only took two to three days for the callus to scab over and disappear. I looked at her hand, which was smooth and perfectly normal. There was simply no trace of the callus! The blisters on her feet also went away. Her skin became normal again. 

Xioajin’s experiences helped her to believe in Dafa. She loved listening to stories about cultivation! She was drawn to the ones that touched her conscience. I could sense her longing as a human being for Dafa to save her.

When I was going to be released, Xiaojin was transferred to another cell. The guard made a special arrangement for me to visit with Xiaojin beforehand. When I saw her, she burst into tears. I reminded her that, no matter what happened in the future, she should always remember that Dafa is good. She said, “I will always remember that because I have experienced many blessings.” 

While in the detention center I met another girl, Xiaoyu. The crimes she committed were not trivial. I told her about Dafa before she went to trial. She agreed with what I said about Dafa, but she did not want to withdraw from the CCP. At that time, I sensed that the verdict would be bad for her. She ended up being sentenced to ten years. She was dumbfounded; she couldn’t eat or sleep and cried all day long. 

Actually, I found that she was a kind girl with a sense of justice. On one occasion she said to everyone in the cell, “You all complain that you are being treated unfairly. But this Falun Dafa practitioner is the one who really has cause for bearing a grudge. She’s in here only because of her belief!”

I wanted to find a way to save Xiaoyu, so I looked for opportunities to clarify the truth. I told her that by withdrawing from the CCP organizations she would be blessed, but she didn’t believe it. She thought that the verdict had already been passed and nothing could change it even if she appealed. I said, “I wouldn’t comment on whether they will accept your appeal, but it is certain that when you can clearly differentiate good from evil, you’ll be blessed. Everything is determined by Gods. If you are blessed, maybe things will change. Maybe you’ll get a lighter sentence. The key is that you have to do it right. Where does the blessing come from? Although you agree with what I said about Falun Dafa, not withdrawing from the Party means that you align yourself with it and so you are a part of it. Being willing to quit means that you make a clear choice between Dafa and the evil Party. You choose to abandon evil and stand on Dafa’s side. Then Dafa will protect you and you will be blessed.” We talked for nearly an hour. In the end, she did agree to quit. 

Soon, another verdict was delivered and Xiaoyu was sentenced to serve six years instead of ten. She said her lawyer told her that policy changes made it possible.

Excessive Bleeding Miraculously Stops

My husband, a Falun Dafa cultivator, was persecuted to death last year. That was a big blow to me both physically and mentally. I started to have major bleeding just before the New Year holiday and it went on for 20 days. I realized that I should be responsible for my body and think of my elderly parents and two children. I should no longer immerse myself in the thoughts of my husband and be active again in cultivation. 

During that time, I thought about going to the hospital to stop the bleeding. But since I’d just been released from prison, we didn’t have the funds. Not only that, if I did go, maybe they would discover that I had this or that ailment. Moreover, I didn’t want my children to become a burden on fellow practitioners. They had already done so much for them when my husband and I were in prison. More importantly, through cultivation, I believed that I could resolve this sickness karma issue within two days. I wouldn't need to waste money and time on hospital treatments.

But because I had to go to work every day, I really didn’t have the time for myself. I just couldn’t calm down. So things dragged on for some time. The loss of blood made me dizzy and I could sense that I wasn’t well. I didn’t want to pass away like my husband, but I told my daughter about the funeral arrangements, which made her cry. 

Then I started to think calmly and finally made a decision. I decided not to go to work for the next two days. I also decided not to passively bear the suffering and just die. I have Master and so I shouldn’t be afraid of anything. I spent the next two days entirely on Fa study, doing the exercises, looking inward, and sending righteous thoughts.

During this process, I found a very big attachment. I shouted in my heart: “Master, please help me!” I tried to send strong righteous thoughts. Half an hour later, the bleeding stopped spontaneously, and my lower abdomen no longer hurt. At that moment, I knew I had made it through.

On the third day I bled again. This time I didn't take it lightly. I kept saying, “Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance” very slowly, and I could feel that each time a word was enunciated, a warm current went through me. The warm current was protecting my body. Slowly, my body was healed.

By Chinese New Year’s Day, I was completely recovered and it was like nothing had ever happened. Now that I think back, I know that the episode was meant to take my life away and was quite dangerous.

Dafa is indeed really amazing! I have practiced Falun Dafa for many years and felt the mighty power of the Fa countless times. However, every time miracles are displayed in front of my eyes, it still surprises me.

I hope sharing these stories will help the world understand Dafa and that all good people in the world will be blessed with the truth.

Thank you, Master, for your immense compassion and giving us the Dafa of the universe. We have come to understand the origin and truth of life. We will continue to walk our paths well in Fa-rectification and go home with Master!