(Minghui.org) Falun Dafa practitioners seek to clarify the facts to all people so that they may understand the truth about Dafa and the persecution and make the best choices for themselves. I have clarified the facts about Dafa to family, friends and those people I encounter wherever I might be.

So many people have received blessings after understanding the truth. I would like to share two stories from my family’s experiences.

My Relatives Came to Understand the Goodness of Dafa

Before the New Year of 2020, I went around giving away Minghui desk calendars [with information about Falun Dafa]. My first stop was the home of my husband’s elder sister. My sister-in-law happily greeted me when I arrived. I said, “Sister, I brought you a desk calendar and some other Dafa reading materials.” She and her husband said happily, “That’s what we have been waiting for!”

Ten years earlier, my brother-in-law suffered a cerebral thrombosis. I told him that if he sincerely repeated ‘Falun Dafa is good! Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance is good’, he could be cured, and I gave him a Dafa amulet. He did what I suggested and indeed recovered quite soon.

My sister-in-law had asthma. One day, she suddenly had difficulty breathing and felt like she was suffocating. She shouted in her heart, “ Master Li (Falun Dafa's founder), please save me! Falun Dafa is good! Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance is good!” Instantly she could breathe again, and gradually recovered. Both family members now have a firm belief that Dafa is good.

Brother-In- Law Saved by Dafa

My brother-in-law was hospitalized three times this past year. The first two hospitalizations lasted only a couple of days. But during the third hospitalization, he was unconscious for three days and nights, and the doctor told my sister-in-law to prepare his burial clothes. The family prepared the clothes, and all the relatives and friends came to the hospital to spend his final moments with him.

My sister-in-law described the magical experience that occurred, “We watched him around the clock for several days and were exhausted. One day, he suddenly sat up! We thought he had turned into a zombie and we were about to run. But he began talking, “I had a dream. An old man came and told me that I would live another ten years! I told him five years would be enough. The old man thought for a while and said that I should enjoy my life then, and disappeared.”

My sister-in-law continued, “He said that he was well, put on his shoes and clothes and walked home! After we got home, he told me it was Falun Dafa’s Master Li Hongzhi who had protected him and saved his life. She added, “Now he can speak clearly and go to the bathhouse himself!”

Speaking of the bathhouse, one day, he came back home and realized he had forgotten his amulet there. His face turned pale. He rushed back to the bathhouse and told the staff that he had lost his amulet.

The staff smiled and said, “Here it is! There is nothing on it. What is it for and why do you carry it with you?” He said, “Thank you so much! I am saved. Do you know how precious this amulet is? It saved my life! I have been wearing it for ten years.”

Upon hearing this, I looked at the amulet my brother-in-law was wearing, and commented, “The characters and the picture of Zhuan Falun have faded. Give it to me, and I’ll give you a new one.”

He turned me down immediately, “No, thanks. I would have died if it weren’t for this amulet. It has extended my life for ten years. My life was given by Master Li!”

The old couple laughed happily, full of infinite gratitude to Master!

Blessed for Protecting Dafa Disciples

My son is not a practitioner, but he knows Dafa is good. When he was little, he distributed Falun Dafa informational materials with me and supported my practice. When my fellow practitioners came to our house for group study, he never disturbed us and was very respectful to them.

After growing up, my son found a job out of town. One year, he came home to spend New Year’s Day with us. The bus was overloaded, and the driver asked the last two women who boarded the bus to get off, walk past the checkpoint and then board the next bus. But they refused to get off. My son told the driver, “I’ll do it.” The driver was grateful and thanked him.

I felt this was a bit unfair to my son. But he said, “Mom, what would you say if I didn’t get off? Aren’t we studying Falun Dafa?” I immediately admitted, “Son, mom is wrong.” He has really benefited a lot from Dafa!

One morning last November, my son was leaving his dorm building to go to work. Three Falun Dafa practitioners were distributing truth-clarification materials in the stairwell. Two co-workers behind my son asked the practitioners, “What are you doing here? You are Falun Gong? We’ll call the police and have you arrested.” My son stopped them immediately, “Don’t be meddling. Mind your own business.”

The two co-workers went away quietly, but held resentment toward my son for preventing them from collecting reward money for reporting Falun Gong practitioners. They dared not say anything at that moment, because my son was their supervisor.

A work meeting was held in my son’s dorm in the evening. The two subordinates secretly put some Dafa truth-clarification materials in his room during the meeting. The next day, they called the police to report on my son, saying they saw Falun Dafa materials in his room.

The police came and found the materials as described, and took my son to the police station. They were going to put him in detention. My son’s manager told the police, “He has been working in our bureau for three years, and he does not practice Falun Gong. He was framed.”

The police officer said, “From talking with him I knew that he was framed, but the materials were found in his room after all. To avoid detention, you must pay a fine of 10,000 yuan (USD$1428), (it isn’t much) compared to 50,000 yuan for those who practice Falun Gong.”

On the way back to the company, my son told the manager what happened the previous morning. The manager wanted to find the three Dafa practitioners. My son stopped him. The manager wanted to investigate the two subordinates. My son stopped him again, because he didn’t want them to give away the three Dafa practitioners.

In December, the manager told my son he would receive a raise of 1,000 yuan per month. My son couldn’t believe he was given such a big raise! He was so grateful to Master!

In March 2020, my son was promoted to manager and his monthly salary became 10,000 yuan a month. He called me excitedly, “Mom, I am blessed! These were all given by Master. Master Li gave me a good job to begin with. I lost 10,000 yuan to protect Falun Dafa practitioners, but Master rewarded me sevenfold! I am so grateful to Master!”

On behalf of my family, I thank Master wholeheartedly! Thank you, our great benevolent Master, for your salvation! Only by cultivating well in Falun Dafa can I be worthy of Master’s salvation!