(Minghui.org) I wanted to share with you the remarkable story of how my entire family began practicing Falun Dafa. During the Chinese New Year in 1996, my father and older brother went to visit a family friend. His wife practiced Falun Dafa. My brother was deeply impressed by the principles in Zhuan Falun, and said, “I felt it was a treasure book. After reading it once, I knew Falun Dafa was special.” As he continued to practice, my brother got rid of all his bad habits and stopped smoking, drinking and fighting.

My older brother was always aggressive even though my father disciplined his children very harshly. My brother still did everything his own way. Father said helplessly many times, “I can control hundreds of people, so why can't I manage my son?”

After witnessing my brother's positive changes, my father said, “Falun Dafa completely changed my son whom I spent decades trying to help.” My father decided to read Zhuan Falun and he also began practicing.

I am the youngest child in my family, and I always admired and relied on my father and older brother. When they began practicing, I also read Falun Dafa books but I didn’t want to practice.

Entangled in the Fight for Fame and Fortune

In July 1999, the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) began to persecute Falun Dafa practitioners. Because he was an old CCP member and joined in the 1950s, my father felt pressured and gave up practicing Falun Dafa against his will. At the end of 2000, greatly depressed, he passed away. At that time, I felt as if the whole sky had fallen and I suddenly lost my direction in life.

My father left our family the business. My older brother was determined not to give up his cultivation, so he was being persecuted. My sisters all had their own jobs, so I took over managing the business.

Swept up in China's cut-throat market, I completely lost my moral direction. I competed hard and was unscrupulous: as long as it was good for the development of my enterprise and maximized my benefits, I would do anything. I hid my behavior and claimed: “I will not let the enterprise founded by my father be destroyed.” In order to seek profit, I became greedy, selfish, and aggressive. I was two-faced. The people I dealt with all praised me as a strong woman. I obtained both fame and gain.

While competing for fame and fortune, I did many bad things and created a lot of karma. I suffered from many serious illnesses such as rheumatism, swollen joints, and low back pain. As my condition worsened I needed my husband to help me turn over in bed. I tried everything: I took medicine, massage and put on plasters. I also went to a sanatorium for treatment for over two months, but nothing helped. Due to the side effects of the medicine, my menstruation cycle was irregular: Sometimes it didn’t come for six months and sometimes it stayed with me for more than 20 days.

I also suffered from severe stomach problems, oral ulcers, frequent toothaches, a sore throat, and hoarseness. Sometimes I could not speak. I was almost blind in my right eye. In 2015, I had cornea replacement surgery. After the operation, my vision returned to normal. I avoided light and saw the double shadow of the moon. My brother-in-law teased me and said, “The only thing that doesn't hurt is your hair.”

Falun Dafa Is Amazing

In 2017, my 80-year-old mother accidentally broke her hip. In order to take care of her, my husband, and my older sister moved into my older brother's house (my mother lives with my brother). Whenever he had time, my brother would tell us about his experiences after he began practicing Falun Dafa. He encouraged my husband and me to read the Fa. Although we had witnessed the positive physical and mental changes in my brother after he began practicing, I still had no urge to practice.

Until one day, my mother suddenly became incontinent, her head tilted to one side, and she was unconscious. I was very frightened and not sure what to do. My brother asked us to loudly say in unison, “Falun Dafa is good! Truthfulness-Compassion- Forbearance is good!” A few minutes later, something amazing happened: my mother slowly opened her eyes and she was fine. The same thing happened again a week later. Those nine simple words saved my mother.

Because I was afraid that my mother would die suddenly, I dared not fall asleep. One night while I was half asleep and half awake, I felt that my mother lost consciousness again. I pinched her acupuncture point (in the middle of one’s upper lip). My mother suddenly straightened her head and I took a closer look. I clearly saw three characters “Li Hongzhi” (the name of the founder of Falun Dafa) rimmed in gold appear in the middle of my mother's acupuncture point. I blurted out: “Please rescue my mother, Falun Dafa!” My mother raised her head and opened her eyes.

The next morning when my brother heard what had happened, he had tears in his eyes and said softly, “Sister, please hurry up and practice Falun Dafa! You must have a strong predestined relationship to practice if Master gave you a hint. He is telling you that he is here to save people.”

Our Entire Family Begins Practicing

When my brother said this I realized: “Yes, isn't this telling me that Master is saving people?” With Master's painstaking arrangement and compassion, both my husband and I began practicing Falun Dafa.

My mother was a devout Christian for more than 20 years. After experiencing these two life and death experiences, she also started to practice Falun Dafa. Having witnessed how extraordinary Falun Dafa is, my sister and her husband started to practice Dafa, although privately.

Now I am bathed in the light of Falun Dafa every day. I memorize the Fa, send forth righteous thoughts, and distribute truth-clarification materials every day. It took me a few months to memorize Zhuan Falun. I have also recited part of Hong Yin, Essentials For Further Advancement, and Master's other lectures.

One day I realized all my illnesses were gone. In the past, I never dared to open windows in my house. I also could not stay in air conditioning. During very hot days, I had to wear long trousers in bed. During rainy and cloudy days, I had to wear sweaters and trousers. But now, I wear very few clothes in winter and I even sweat.

When I first started to study the Fa, I had to put on my glasses to see the words. I even had to take a rest once or twice in the middle of reading a lecture. Now I have to take off my glasses. I have trouble seeing in the dark, but I can clearly read every word in the book. I don't feel tired when studying the Fa, and as I memorize it every day I can feel myself improving and upgrading.

Master Li has also shown me many Fa principles. In order to encourage me, Master shows me pink lotus flowers when I recite the Fa at night. The flowers bloom in front of my eyes. In my dreams, Master shows me many scenes in other dimensions.

I read experience sharing articles by fellow practitioners in the Minghui Weekly. This has benefited me a lot. As a new practitioner, I must not slack off. I must catch up and study the Fa diligently. I'm determined to cultivate myself and awaken more people.