(Minghui.org) I was devastated when I was diagnosed with liver cancer in 1995. Falun Dafa cultivation practice saved my life!

Before cultivating Falun Dafa, I was a strong-willed woman who quickly scaled the career ladder at the bank where I worked. I reached a middle management position at the young age of 26, and by 32, I was earmarked to take over a high-level leadership position. My job required me to socialize and drink with my clients, and this unknowingly harmed my liver. 

In September 1995, I started feeling unwell. My weight dropped from 115 pounds to 92 pounds, and I felt constantly lightheaded and unsteady. After undergoing a thorough examination at the hospital, I was diagnosed with liver cancer. A second, larger city hospital confirmed this diagnosis. By then, my body was already suffering from a host of other illnesses. Arthritis, chronic sinusitis, migraine, frozen shoulder, gastritis, hepatitis B, insomnia, and joint pain. I had to rely on sedative injections in order to sleep. My condition was so dire, my parents and loved ones could only cry in despair.

My workplace paid for my medical fees, while my boss paid a personal visit to the hospital, asking doctors to spare no expense in curing my disease. Despite the hospital’s best efforts, multiple consultations with specialists, and various therapies, my condition did not improve. Even the chief medical specialist helplessly admitted defeat, telling us this was not a disease that money could cure. My life came crashing down around me as I thought about leaving my loved ones behind, especially my six-year-old daughter.

At this desperate juncture, a relative introduced me to Falun Dafa. He had been deaf for over 17 years and heavily reliant on his hearing aids. He went to Hefei and attended a series of Falun Dafa lecture classes, taught by Master Li Hongzhi. By the fifth day my relative’s hearing was back to normal. His persistent neuroinflammation and tuberculosis symptoms also vanished. A steadfast Dafa practitioner, he would often tell our family about the beauty of Falun Dafa and encouraged us to learn the practice. However, I was constantly preoccupied with work and consigned cultivation practice as an activity for the elderly and retired.
As my doctors had no other treatment options, I secured my discharge from the hospital by signing an indemnity form and started learning Falun Dafa cultivation practice from my relative. My appetite returned as soon as I started practicing the exercises. On the first day, I devoured a bowl of spinach soup, followed by a bowl of noodles the day after. By the third day, I was eating normally again.

After 20 days of practicing Dafa, I was able to return to my workplace. On the 40th day, my third eye opened, and I could see scenes from other dimensions. I also saw several Falun rotating and heard Dafa music from other dimensions. I personally felt and experienced many of the supernatural events which Master described in Zhuan Falun. Thereafter, I cried for over half an hour. My atheistic beliefs were completely wrong. Buddhas, Taos, Gods, and other dimensional spaces, all these truly do exist.

Soon after, I visited an established city hospital and a thorough examination confirmed that my health was back to normal. Three years later, one of my former doctors saw me as I rode around on my bicycle. In disbelief, he checked with my relative, who was also his colleague, “Didn’t that person pass away? I thought I saw her on the road. Was it my imagination?” When my relative told him I had recovered after practicing Falun Dafa, the doctor was amazed. It has been 25 years since then and I remain in perfect health.

Since childhood, my daughter has been frail and sickly. We used to visit the hospital every few months for intravenous treatments. Seizures were a common occurrence, even during low-grade fevers. Her eyes would roll upwards, and white foam would accumulate around her mouth. My worried husband and I would frequently stay at her bedside all night. My daughter’s pediatrician warned me, “Don’t expect your child to grow up smart. At best, she will maintain the IQ of an average child.” My daughter began practicing Dafa with me shortly after I began the practice, and her health improved dramatically. My daughter’s illnesses vanished, and her academic performance improved by leaps and bounds. 

Our family of three have made it a habit to drive down to the common square to practice the exercises. We also visit surrounding areas, displaying Falun Dafa banners and teaching the exercises to people we meet.

I urge my daughter to study the Fa and practice the exercises daily, even if her busy schedule allows her to spare only 10 minutes of her time. As a result, my daughter achieved good grades and secured an ideal job with minimal effort. The only candidate hired from her class, she enjoys the best appraisals and highest income among her peers who were hired with her.

Our entire family has benefited from practicing Falun Dafa. Many other extraordinary experiences have occurred in our family over the years. I have shared many miraculous events with my relatives while telling them of the inherent goodness of Falun Dafa.