(Minghui.org) I noticed that when most practitioners talk to people about Falun Dafa and the persecution, they tend to talk non-stop, and overlook people’s reactions.

It could be because practitioners are anxious, or afraid, so they keep talking to the point of irritating the people they're talking to. This is not a good way to clarify the truth, and may even push people to the opposite side.

Sharing information about Falun Dafa with others is a process of cultivating ourselves. We should work on eliminating our attachments to being worried, suspicious, having fear, or impatience.

It would be more effective if we could consider the other person’s perspective, and explain things to them slowly and in a way they can understand. It is similar to how Master teaches the Fa according to practitioners’ situation, rather than in a fixed way.

When we interact with people we should watch their facial expressions and body language to gauge their level of acceptance. If they show signs of indifference, then it’s time to adjust the way we talk to them.

In short, we must pay attention to the effectiveness of our truth-clarification, instead of blindly force-feeding people the information.