(Minghui.org) I was lucky to be born into the family of a Dafa disciple. My mother started practicing Falun Dafa when I was a child, so I naturally came into contact with the Fa teachings. My mother asked me to listen to one of Master Li's audio lectures every day, which I insisted on doing.

Return to Dafa after Going Astray

As I grew older, I became part of ordinary society, which is very tempting. I became fascinated with society and coveted the ease and happiness of ordinary people. My mother was worried that I might not study the Fa and advised me not to give it up, but I didn't want to listen. I thought that if she practiced, all aspects of my life were secure and I had nothing to worry about. I didn't have many desires, and as long as I had enough money, I would be satisfied and happy with my life.

In fact, life’s blessings and misfortunes come together, and comfort and happiness are temporary. In 2019, my happy life came to an end when the police arrested my mother. Facing our messy, empty home, I was at a loss. My father had passed away and I depended on my mother. She was my only spiritual support, and now that she had been taken away. It felt as if the sky had fallen.

All I knew to do was to offer the authorities money and gifts in exchange for their help. As a result, things became more complicated. My mother wasn't released, and any information I received about her was bad news.

My mother wanted to hire a lawyer to defend her, but ordinary lawyers didn't dare take her case.

Just when I was about to succumb to despair and helplessness, one of my mother's fellow practitioners learned about her arrest and contacted me. She gave me guidance many times and told me that only Dafa could save my mother. She said that the best thing I could do to help my mother was to study Master's lectures.

Due to my mother's perseverance in cultivation, her health had improved and she treated others better. People where she worked, neighbors, and family members all said that my mother was a good person. This was because she practiced Dafa. Dafa is omnipotent.

With patient guidance from the practitioner I’d contacted, I started reading Zhuan Falun again, studying one to three lectures per day. In addition to studying Zhuan Falun, I also read Master's other teachings. I saw and understood the Fa principles that had previously eluded me. I had, after all, taken a detour in cultivation. It was Master's compassion that led practitioners to find me and point the way back to Dafa when I was lost.

Viewing My Mother's Persecution with Righteous Thoughts

Master not only gave me the opportunity to return to Dafa but also took care of me all the way, kept me from going the wrong way, and enlightened me when I was faced with a test.

Not long after I contacted that practitioner, I encountered a situation similar to what she had talked about that related to my mother's problem. Someone told me that I could get the detention center to treat my mother well by bribing the staff. But the practitioner said, “Problems in cultivation can't be solved by doing what ordinary people would do. The more you do that, the more difficult things will become. The more the relatives of another practitioner in a detention center tried to help him using ordinary people's ways on the outside, the more he suffered inside.”

What should I do? Should I believe what non-practitioners said or believe the practitioner? I realized that Dafa was extraordinary, that Dafa disciples were extraordinary. My mother had Master's protection. No one could help her except Master. After I figured this out, I gave up the idea of using bribes to help my mother's situation, and no one suggested any ordinary ways to help her.

The practitioner contacted other practitioners and hired a lawyer for my mother. After my mother was given a date for a court hearing, the lawyer told me, “The court might notify you to pay a fine. I must remind you that your mother's defense is that she is innocent of all charges. Paying a fine is legally equivalent to a confession. You must remember this when you think about whether or not to pay the fine.”

If the lawyer hadn’t told me this, I wouldn't have known the significance of agreeing to pay a fine. It was Master who asked the lawyer to speak to me, so this was also a test for me.

The fine was 3,000 yuan. If I didn't pay it, my bank card might be frozen. I believed in Master and wouldn't admit that my mother was guilty of any crime—and that things that belonged to me would not be lost. I refused to pay the so-called fine.

My mother returned home after being illegally detained for nine months, and everything soon returned to normal. I know that it was because of Master’s care and the fellow practitioner's help that she was released so quickly.

My mother was home, but that was not the end. It was just the beginning of my cultivation. I realized that I am as insignificant as a mote of dust. But, fortunately, I am a particle of Dafa. In the future, I will do my duty as a Dafa disciple, do the three things well that Dafa disciples should do, and leave with no regrets.