(Minghui.org) There’s an ancient Indian legend about a mouse that lived in a constant state of anxiety because it feared cats. A god sympathized with it and turned it into a cat. Then, it was afraid of dogs, so the god turned it into a dog. It was scared of leopards, so the god turned it into a leopard. Then it feared hunters. This time the God turned it back into a mouse and told it, “No matter what I do, I can’t help you, because you will always have the heart of a mouse.”

This legend reflects the state of some fellow practitioners throughout this persecution. They have become so used to being afraid that they can’t extricate themselves from it.

One of the most common phenomena of this attachment is to overemphasize the issue of safety. Of course some practitioners do not pay attention to safety, and many of them have been arrested multiple times. I don’t think this state is correct. In my opinion, these practitioners are not wise.

We should all pay attention to safety to avoid unnecessary losses and troubles. However, we should not use safety as an excuse to cover up our attachment of fear.

How should we completely remove the attachment of fear?

An old saying goes, “The higher the skill level, the braver the person is, and vice versa.” During the Fa-rectification period, practitioners have faced various forms of persecution. If we truly want to get rid of fear, we must do well in cultivation.

Cultivation is the most important and urgent thing in our lives. Genuine practitioners should have the desire to constantly look within and improve themselves. We must be diligent and maintain an excellent cultivation state. We should not care about feeling uncomfortable due to conflicts. We should have only one desire, which is to eliminate attachments and improve our xinxing.

More importantly, we should send forth righteous thoughts when we encounter interference.

Two practitioners were abducted and taken to the police station. They were detained there temporarily because the department head was not in the office. Neither practitioner was attached to the outcome, and they were not afraid. They just sent forth righteous thoughts continuously for more than five hours to deny the persecution.

The longer they sent forth righteous thoughts, the more confident they felt. They were sure they would be released that day. Sure enough, when the police department head came back, he released both practitioners immediately.

These practitioners could not see anything in other dimensions; they just had faith in Master and Dafa. They also believed in their ability to eliminate evil.

Over the past 20 years, more and more practitioners have developed stronger righteous thoughts than before. They send forth righteous thoughts several times a day. Their fear has diminished. Like a person who is highly skilled in martial arts, when he fights against a wicked person, he has no fear of being beaten.

Unfortunately, there are still many practitioners who have strong fear. Even when the negative things in other dimensions are nearly destroyed and when Dafa disciples can eliminate the evil in other dimensions, they still have the frightened mentality of mice.

We should not be afraid of pain or difficulty on our path of cultivation. If we have solid belief in Master and Dafa, we will surely reach Consummation and save sentient beings.