(Minghui.org) I’ve had a hard time talking to people about Falun Dafa and the persecution, and I didn’t quite know how to. I thought I could learn from practitioners who were good at it, so I went with them and listened. I saw how they encouraged many people to renounce the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and its affiliated organizations.

The elderly practitioners who were successful usually mentioned divine beings, but I thought people agreed to quit the Party because they did not want to hurt their feelings. I felt they did not quit out of their own will. Did these people really believe in divine beings?

Since I was not able to improve in this regard, I supported practitioners' efforts by taking care of technical issues.

When I talked to my neighbors about the CCP virus (coronavirus) pandemic, and mentioned the ancient prophecies and the CCP’s propaganda, they replied, “The government has things under control. There is no shortage of food, and the prices are stable.” People did not believe what I said because the CCP had already spread countless fake news reports to cellphone users.

When I told a relative that the second wave would soon arrive, his mother became upset, “My son runs a restaurant and just reopened it. He just wants to make some money and is not looking forward to another outbreak.”

I had some thoughts after reading a Minghui article, “Awakening People's Conscience.” Many scientists, American medical staff and government officials prayed for God’s protection during the pandemic. Aren’t people hoping for the divine to intervene and save them?

I decided to change the way I clarify the truth.

I used to tell my parents that the CCP was rotten and lied about the pandemic and that it was best to renounce the Party. My parents were frightened and said, “Say no more, or the CCP will arrest you.”

The next time I talked to them I said, “People nowadays don’t believe in divine beings so they dare to do bad things. Our ancestors warned that people would suffer disasters when society's morality degenerates. They believed that calamities are coming...in fact, the CCP virus is still spreading and some areas are under lockdown.” This time my parents agreed.

I also mentioned that the CCP is atheist and its indoctrination has let to the decline of people’s morality. This explains why we are experiencing natural disasters (in China) and more calamities might follow. One needs to cut ties with the CCP and reject it to survive the disasters.

This time my parents listened and did not disagree with me. I told my relative’s mother the same thing, and she said, “I should stock up on food and supplies then.”

I think I learned the way to clarify the truth. I should first mention that good people will be protected by the divine. Then I should mention how the CCP’s propaganda has brainwashed people.

I still need to overcome my human notions. There are many practitioners like me in my area, and I hope everyone can find their way to clarify the truth and awaken people. Let's offer every person a chance to be saved!