(Minghui.org) When I read articles published on Minghui, whether it is an article that exposes the persecution or about cultivation experiences, I try to put myself in the author’s shoes. Keeping in mind my understandings of the Fa at my own level, I try to draw positive lessons from the experiences of other practitioners.

Some practitioners have talked about the sudden manifestation of serious illness karma. Although with firm belief in Dafa, they overcame the ordeal, when they looked inward, they discovered that the near-death situation came about because they indulged in watching everyday people’s movies and TV and looking on social media. They incurred the tribulations through their own pursuits and caused themselves countless hardships.

With Master’s care and protection, they finally overcame the tribulations or incidents of persecution caused by their own pursuits. But did this improve their xinxing?

Pursuit of comfort is an attachment that cultivators should let go of. When one has this attachment, the old forces will seize it and strengthen it. They make the practitioner feel cultivation is too difficult, amplify the pressure of the persecution in one’s thoughts, and so on. The practitioner becomes so focused on this that they can’t pick up Dafa books to read and thinks that everyday people’s lives are comfortable. Some become depressed or feel helpless. This mindset may bring about serious ordeals.

Some practitioners cannot let go of their resentment, combativeness, show-off mentality, or fear. In this dimension these attachments can bring one all kinds of troubles, such as police harassment and persecution. If we can let go of all human thoughts and understandings and look at the world clearly from the Fa’s perspective, we will sense how pitiful everyday people’s situation is now!

Through my third eye, I recently saw a demon covering everyday people with slender pipes through which he instilled wicked modern concepts and behaviors into their minds, while collecting their human essence from them.

In this dimension, aren’t non-practitioners obsessed with social media? People are confused and hurt each other. Some are manipulated by the old forces to persecute Dafa disciples.

Enduring hardship is difficult for ordinary people, but these are extremely precious opportunities for cultivators. We cultivate among everyday people, not off in a cave like an ascetic monk. When we can let go of attachments, our cultivation state will surpass that of everyday people, and we will enjoy great blessings.

While doing the sitting meditation, one should feel comfortable and wonderful, like sitting in an eggshell. When one does not focus on death, death will stay away. In the same way, one will sense the beauty of cultivation only when one harbors no painful thoughts.

This is the state that we will experience when we give up attachments. We can’t achieve this through pursuit. Some have written in their articles about not feeling any pain while doing the sitting meditation and worried whether it would affect their ability to continue having breakthroughs in their cultivation. Many of the hardships we experience are due to our holding onto attachments. How can such hardships, which we bring upon ourselves through our pursuits, improve our xinxing?