(Minghui.org) Master said:

“The authors have capitalized on this point and try their best to write whatever you look for or find pleasing. The more inconceivable the writings, the more you want to read them. Those are only artistic exaggerations. Those who indeed have these martial arts abilities will not act like that. In particular, they will not demonstrate them in public.” (Lecture 6 Zhuan Falun)

Some practitioners who are attached to supernormal abilities have been disturbed by people who come to intentionally disrupt the cultivation environment. They have caused losses for local practitioners, especially when their behavior resulted in practitioners being arrested. Some losses have been financial. Even worse, some practitioners’ cultivation was destroyed by lust that was taken advantage of by these spies. 

Some practitioners have attachments to supernormal abilities, and thus provide an audience for these people who brag that their celestial eye is open or that they have supernormal abilities. 

When these people find out what local practitioners are attached to, they make up lies to expand on their attachments. 

If there were no audience, these wicked forums, such as giving speeches that disrupt the Fa, could not exist. The person who gave the speech and the attendees are all involved in disrupting the Fa. Thus, those practitioners who attended these meetings should seriously look inward, become clear-minded, and correct themselves as soon as possible. 

The above is my own opinion. If there's anything improper, please kindly point it out.