(Minghui.org) I cultivate in Falun Dafa with my celestial eye (third eye) open. While meditating one day, I saw a room in Heaven with all kinds of clothes hanging in it. I had the feeling that these clothes belonged to the gods of plague.

As I was looking, a god appeared in the room. He was the God of Calamity, the highest celestial officer in charge of disasters on earth. He said to me, “There will be a great many disasters in the human world this year, and all human beings are being affected in different ways.” I knew what he was talking about. I continued to meditate and didn’t interact with him this time.

I saw the Calamity God again two months later and, through telepathy, we talked about three topics: catastrophes, Falun Dafa cultivators' attachments, and responsibilities.

Below is our conversation.

Me: The fact that mankind will have disasters was foretold in Dafa Master's poem “Why Is It Hard to Save You,” Hong Yin IV:

“The prophets through the ages have predictedAll beings will face grave danger at this time”

The current disasters––plagues of locusts and moths, floods, hailstorms, earthquakes, and the pandemic—have already verified that the ancient predictions are accurate.

Calamity God: We need someone to convey the Creator’s will and inform the world that there are more disasters to come and that all of humanity is going through the final catastrophe. Dafa cultivators are the Creator’s messengers and have been passing along the blessings to save people. However, celestial phenomena have shown themselves, and human beings won’t be able to escape the calamity!

Me: Although it's hard to flee from the final catastrophe, the Creator is merciful and compassionate, and Dafa cultivators are spreading the truth to the world to save people.

Calamity God: Human beings have been turning a deaf ear to Dafa and its teachings for more than 20 years. I'm afraid mankind will only be able to witness the final revelation with regret.

Me: It depends on how determined the politicians and ordinary people are to confront the the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and purge that demon’s poison. The publication of the Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party in 2004 was an opportunity for people to understand the evil nature of the CCP. However, for the sake of political parties’ agendas and personal interests, governments around the world continued feeding the CCP financial resources, which increased its power to persecute Falun Dafa practitioners.

The publication of the books The Ultimate Goal of Communism in 2017 and How the Specter of Communism Is Ruling Our World in 2018 are the Creator’s mercy, giving the world’s governments a final opportunity to clean out communism's poison. But the CCP virus pandemic broke out when world leaders ignored the divine’s hints and willingly collaborated with the CCP.

The result is that hundreds of thousands of people have died from the CCP virus. Even the founder of communism, Karl Marx, clearly stated in The Communist Manifesto that communism is a “ghost.”

Calamity God: The catastrophes being visited upon mankind are being led by the CCP virus, with more to come. The final chapter has begun, and those who have deviated from core human values will be eliminated. The names of those who are doomed to die are in the Lord of Heaven's black book. Those who are guilty of heinous crimes will go directly to Avicinar Aka, the lowest level of the inferno, to suffer endless punishments.

Besides the CCP virus pandemic, plagues, locusts, floods, droughts, and hailstorms, there will be wars, famines, fires, and worse diseases.”

Me: When I was sending righteous thoughts one day, I saw refugees escaping from disasters. I know human beings are going through tribulations. Pandemics and plagues are God's arrangement, and they are humanity's fate. What I focus on now is how I can save more people in the limited time left.

Although the CCP is suppressing and persecuting them, most Dafa cultivators are able to stay on course to save people. At the same time, however, many cultivators, failing to fully comprehend Master’s teachings and fulfill their responsibilities, have no sense of urgency, and some still have fear.

Calamity God: Cultivators should believe it’s true that their supernatural capabilities are effective. However, human thinking can make them believe incorrectly that they are no different from ordinary people. How can they then achieve their goal and save others? These cultivators are not living up to the expectations entrusted to them!”

Me: Master also talked about degenerated modern technology. My understanding is that the technology colludes with the CCP’s evil spirits to create video and audio monitoring systems to persecute Dafa cultivators. Due to human attachments, many cultivators are unaware of the importance of eradicating these sources of interference. Some also indulge in human desires, such as comfort, gossip, lust, and sexual desire. These attachments can be very dangerous for cultivators. The closer we are to the end, the less we can slack off in our cultivation.

Calamity God: Dafa cultivators do not belong to the jurisdiction of the Three Realms, but, unfortunately, many cultivators are not able to achieve their true fruition because they have too many human attachments. They can't let go of themselves and look externally to find excuses for their problems. What a shame for a cultivator to fail after cultivating for more than 20 years in the human world!

Me: It is indeed a shame. But many are doing a great job. I know a cultivator who went out to distribute Dafa materials late at night during the CCP virus lockdown in February and has been doing it ever since. Even high-level beings admire this cultivator!