(Minghui.org) Ann, 66, is a retired government worker living in East Gothenburg. Though she is Swedish, she has been very interested in Chinese traditional medicine. She would from time to time visit a clinic to pick up some Chinese medicine and chat with Dr. Wang, a doctor of Chinese medicine.

Ann came to the clinic in May 2020. After telling the doctor about her symptoms, she suddenly broke down crying. “My younger sister Eva has coronavirus. She is now in the hospital with a high fever...” Ann wept, “If she dies, there will be no one else I can talk to.”

Ann (right) helped her sister Eva recover from the Wuhan virus

Eva, 63, is very close to her sister Ann, and they share a deep bond. They get along very well and live close to each other. Eva had been in the hospital due to other health reasons and before she had a chance to undergo a scheduled surgery, she contracted the coronavirus. Her age and health put her in a high risk group. Ann was deeply worried.

Dr. Wang comforted her, “Don’t cry. I’ll teach you a way to help your sister.” Ann was delighted. She immediately took out a piece of paper and pen to jot down Dr. Wang’s words.

Dr. Wang continued: “Before you note this down, you must first understand how this virus came about. We know this came from China, a Communist regime. Because of the CCP’s cover up, this prevented other countries from coming up with measures to protect their citizens promptly. Consequently, it led to a widespread pandemic. More than 200 countries and tens of millions of people were infected, while hundreds of thousands have died. Hence, some people call this the CCP virus.”

Ann nodded her head saying: “I know this.”

Dr. Wang went on: “Since you know what caused this outbreak, you can ask your sister to recite in her heart: 'Down with the demon CCP.'”

Ann wrote down the phrase in Swedish and followed Dr. Wang's instructions to recite it earnestly. She told Dr. Wang that she would call her sister once she got home and tell her to recite the phrase.

A few days later, Ann called the doctor to report the good news that her sister’s fever had subsided, but she had to go through a tracheotomy due to breathing problems. Her memory was affected after the anesthesia and she could not recite the phrase. Ann recited it on her behalf at home. When Eva's condition was more stable, Ann phoned Eva and got her to read the phrase. Eva was discharged after staying in the hospital for 28 days, from May 6 to June 2.

Ann was very glad that her sister had returned home safely. Eva recovered from her illness very rapidly too. “I couldn’t walk even a few steps then, but now I can go up the stairs without any problems,” Eva said.

“If I see someone else who has contracted the Wuhan virus, I will definitely tell them to sincerely recite those same words,” Ann said.