(Minghui.org) “I came to do some shopping at Rotkreuzplatz, and I suddenly saw yellow banners and people dressed in yellow tops sitting there meditating. I felt an energy field. I was very moved,” described Carola Johnson, a drama actor, when she saw Falun Dafa practitioners doing the exercises in public.

Falun Dafa practitioners demonstrate the exercise movements.

Falun Dafa practitioners held an information day at Rotkreuzplatz on July 4, 2020. Ms. Johnson said, “To be able to return to one’s origin through practicing cultivation and bonding with energy at a higher level—what a great source of power that is!” She said that Falun Dafa is offering hope to humanity in these troubled times brought on by the coronavirus pandemic.

She thanked practitioners for explaining how they have peacefully resisted the persecution, and then signed the petition calling for it to end. When she learned that the persecution has been going on for 21 years and the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) harvests organs from imprisoned practitioners, she angrily said, “The perpetrators’ obsession with power has destroyed its nature and now they want to control people. This is terrible. It is so sad that many people are facing such atrocities. Many people avoid problems but this doesn’t solve the problem. Through finding a path to one’s inner world, being with like-minded people will make one stronger.”

Ms. Johnson said she thinks that the coronavirus pandemic may have a positive effect. It gives people an opportunity to think about what they have done wrong. People should examine their conscience, and return to tradition and nature. She thinks heaven has given mankind another chance through this pandemic. Before leaving she said, “I believe more and more people are awakening. These dictators have crossed the bottom line.”

Carola Johnson

Passersby stop to learn about Falun Dafa.

Passersby were drawn by the melodious music as practitioners demonstrated the exercises. Several expressed interest in going to local practice sites to learn the practice. Many people signed the petition to show their support.

After Manuela Biller, a news producer, signed the petition she said, “I oppose the oppression of people wherever it takes place in this world.” When she realized that Falun Dafa teaches “Truthfulness, Compassion, and Forbearance” and practitioners who live by these principles are tortured in China, she said, “The CCP must be very twisted to be afraid of kind people. This explains a lot of things. It must be very terrified to feel threatened by kind people.”

When Ms. Biller learned that practitioners have been resisting the persecution peacefully for 21 years, yet the atrocities are still happening and many governments worldwide are aware of this, she said, “This has always been the case, money rules the world. People shut their eyes and try not to see these injustices, or else they will be forced to take actions which will put the economy at a disadvantage.”

Manuela Biller

A man from Bavaria said that people never learn from mistakes, as he talked about the crimes against humanity committed by the Nazis. He immediately signed the petition requesting that the German government do something to stop the persecution in China.