(Minghui.org) I have been a Falun Dafa (also called Falun Gong) practitioner since 1997. Back then, I worked at an industrial chemical factory. Our office manager had a blood disorder, and he spent a lot of money and time going to hospitals in Zhengzhou and Beijing for treatment, but to no avail.

The doctor told my office manager that they could not cure his condition, and advised him to take his intravenous drip in the morning, then practice Falun Dafa exercises at the park in the afternoon. The doctor had heard that miracles happened to Dafa practitioners. The office manager followed his advice and recovered very quickly. He spread the good news of his recovery around the factory, saying, “Falun Gong is very good. It’s magical. You should all practice it while you’re still young.”

I thought about practicing qigong when I had time because I knew it was great for keeping healthy and fit. Our office manager told us about a Falun Dafa practice site near our factory. One evening, I went looking with my sister-in-law and came across workers from the factory who were enjoying the evening breeze in small groups. They all ended up joining us to learn the exercises.

At the practice site, a dozen people were learning to do the meditation. They were sitting in the lotus position, and they greeted us warmly. They started their exercises as the music came on while we tried to imitate their movements. When we finished, we all left with a copy of the book Zhuan Falun. We were told that the exercises started at 4:30 a.m. and that they played videos of Master’s Guangzhou lecture series in the evening.

This was how we all got started—exercising in the morning, working during the day, and studying the Fa in the evening. After a week of keeping that routine, we all felt some improvements in our physical wellbeing. Our bodies felt light and many of our ailments vanished, including headaches, stomachaches, intestinal inflammations, sore backs, and frozen shoulders. We lived by Dafa’s principles of Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance, treated others with kindness, and looked within when problems arose.

One night when my son was working the night shift at the factory, a light went out and he asked another worker to hold a ladder so he could replace the bulb. Not only did that man refuse to help but he turned on my son and strangled him, only letting go when a team leader intervened. The team leader helped fix the light, then sent my son to the infirmary. The doctor said that my son’s throat was inflamed from the strangulation, gave him some medication, and sent him home.

In an irritated tone, my son told me what had happened. I consoled him, “Don’t think about it too much, you will be fine after some rest. Things usually happen for a reason, so it could be because you owed him in a previous life. Now that your mother is practicing Falun Dafa, we have to act in accordance with the principles of Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance. Even though we have been treated unfairly, we have to “not fight back when hit or talk back when cursed at.” (“Fa-Teaching Given at the Conference in Sydney”) If we can be tolerant of him, this matter will soon blow over.”

When I went to work the next day, news of the incident had already spread among the factory workers. Many were on my side and said I should seek revenge—some even offered to help me beat up the person who strangled my son. They thought our family needed to take action to save face, since my husband was the assistant manager at the factory.

I was highly-regarded in the factory because of my excellent work record. I smiled and said, “I am not angry at him, and I definitely will not cause him trouble. I am now a Falun Dafa practitioner and my master has asked me to not fight back when hit or talk back when cursed at. I have to hold myself to a high standard. I am sure he is already regretting what he did. Let’s leave it at that and please don’t mention it again.”

Two days later, when I was on my way to town, I heard someone calling out to me. “Sister, I will take you on my motorbike.” I smiled at him and said, “My ride is coming.” He said, “Come on, I will take you. I am really sorry about the incident with your son the other day. I behaved so badly and regretted it afterwards. Someone told me I would be sacked. But you have been very forgiving which makes me feel very ashamed of myself.”

I responded, “Brother, I am glad you’re admitting your mistake, but do try to tame your temper. I am now a Falun Dafa practitioner and my master has told us to not fight back when hit or talk back when cursed at. We have to hold ourselves to a high standard.”

He said, “Falun Dafa sounds really good, its teachings are very valuable. I am determined to be a better person from now on and will also learn to treat others with kindness. I want to reimburse you for the medical costs.” Of course I refused his offer and told him I was happy for him. Since then he is always smiling when we meet and his temperament has indeed changed for the better. Everyone at the factory was amazed at his transformation, which they attributed to Falun Dafa.

My outlook on life changed completely after I became a Dafa practitioner. I am always happy. Since I am free of any physical ailments, I am always full of energy and walking as if I am gliding along.

When we went to villages to promote Falun Dafa, about a hundred of us would demonstrate the exercises on the village performance stage. We talked to villagers about the power of Dafa, and changed the lives of many.

As a result, things improved in many villagers’ homes as someone in the family took up cultivation. People that used to neglect their elderly parents now treat them well. A great many relationships came into balance. Husbands and wives, mothers-in-law and daughters-in-law, as well as siblings changed for the better.

Many workplaces also benefitted from having Dafa practitioners among their ranks. Practitioners worked hard and gave it their best effort, not bickering over who should do what. They boosted their workplaces with their good spirits and saved their companies a lot of medical expense due to their improved health.

I was riding in an overcrowded bus one day in the summer of 2005. Even the aisle was crammed with standing passengers. The overloaded bus’ brakes gave out as the bus went down a hill, throwing the forty or so passengers into a panic. The bus driver decided to head for a meter-high stone by the roadside. I pleaded to Master to save us and yelled out, “Falun Dafa is good! Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance is good!” The bus stopped abruptly about a foot before the stone.

The driver was still in shock, as it would have undoubtedly been a disaster had the bus hit the stone. I thanked Master for saving us. The driver also thanked Master. He told me, “I have been told about the wonders of the magical Falun Dafa phrases before, but I dismissed it as superstition and never believed in it. I am now convinced of the power of these words. If it wasn’t for you pleading to your master for help, we would all be dead. From now on, I will definitely start reciting those words with sincerity.” I told him that Master is merciful and will bless those who believe in Dafa.