(Minghui.org) My father is in his 80s. He worked hard all his life and suffered from many ailments. One day he collapsed and was admitted to a hospital. He was diagnosed with heart disease, chronic bronchitis, arteriosclerosis, emphysema, diabetes, and hypertension. Many attempts were made to draw blood for more tests, but his blood vessels collapsed.

After he was unconscious for three days, the doctor said that he was on the verge of death and that there was no hope, so we brought him home.

One of our relatives, who practices Falun Dafa, told me that only Dafa could save my father’s life. She also told me to repeat “Falun Dafa is good” and have my father listen to Dafa lectures, regardless of how much he could hear. With hope, I did everything she said. I asked the Master of Dafa, Mr. Li Hongzhi (Falun Dafa’s founder and teacher), to save my father’s life.

As Father was listening to Lecture Four of Master Li’s book Zhuan Falun, he woke up and said, “This teaching is really good!”

We rushed to his side when we heard him speak. With tears in my eyes, I said that this was truly the power of Dafa. Master had saved my father’s life.

My father had severe diarrhea and vomiting the next day. He tossed and turned before finally falling asleep. My practitioner relative said that his body was being purified.

When my father woke up, he was hungry. He ate six large dumplings. We were happy to see that he was healing. On the third day he got up and walked around. He said the Master of Dafa had saved his life.

Ever since that day, my father listens to Dafa lectures every day, and his health continues to improve. He quit smoking and drinking, and his temper has improved. He is a loving and caring father and grandfather. His near-death experience convinced him of Dafa’s power. Wherever he goes, he tells everyone, “Falun Dafa is good!”