(Minghui.org) I started practicing Falun Dafa, also called Falun Gong, when I was 12 years old. Later, when I graduated from junior high, I went to a two-year secondary school out of town to learn about computers.

I began working shortly after and was married a few years later. Stepping into the big dye vat of society, I didn’t follow the trends and still firmly continued with my Dafa cultivation.

I know this is inseparable from Master Li’s compassionate care and blessings. I am very thankful.

Practicing Forbearance

My home was a practice site from 1996 to 1999. People came to my home to study the Fa teachings and practice the exercises every night. Every Sunday morning, we went to the farmer’s market to promote Dafa through our practice.

It was very cold in the winter; some practitioners wore gloves and some didn’t. I said that I was not afraid of the cold, so I didn’t wear gloves. A big blister once appeared on my hand. I thought that Master was cleaning out dirty things for me, so I still didn’t wear gloves.

The adults praised me for being strong. In the summer, I sat in the yard under the tree to do the sitting meditation. Shortly after sitting down, I was bitten by mosquitoes. I endured it and thought they were helping me eliminate karma.

Crossing both legs for one hour at that time resulted in no pain whatsoever. Once I challenged myself to practice the sitting meditation for over three hours. I especially liked memorizing Hong Yinand the poems I memorized are still firmly in my mind.

My thoughts on cultivation at that time were mainly about practicing the exercises and tolerance. I had very weak thoughts regarding truthfulness and compassion. I knew that, when someone made me unhappy, I would pass the test if I endured and was not angry. Naturally I became very kind.

Validating the Fa with My Father

The happiest thing for me was to study the Fa every Sunday at the group Fa-study site. Several dozen practitioners shared their experiences afterward. A few young practitioners were the same age as me and I was very excited whenever I got there.

We were told after April 25, 1999, that the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) would soon ban Falun Gong. The Fa-study site in my home has been banned since the persecution officially began on July 20, 1999.

Several dozen practitioners including me and my father lined up and waited quietly on the street outside city hall to appeal for Dafa. 

Local practitioners decided to go to Beijing to ask for justice for Falun Gong. My father and I couldn’t both go for family reasons. I seized the opportunity and went with local practitioners but we were picked up and taken back halfway there.

Due to my youth, I didn’t realize I could have tried going again. That became the greatest regret in my life. But I never wavered in Dafa.

My father and I went out to distribute Dafa brochures in the years when the persecution was most serious. Once we were chased by a police car. We ran to the cemetery and lay on top of a grave; the police never saw us.

Another instance took place one evening when my father and I put up posters about Dafa in our village. After we were done, we headed toward the neighboring village and were putting up posters on the road between the two villages when we saw headlights. We realized that we were in danger, so we turned around to walk back.

The police were driving in the direction of the Dafa posters until they couldn’t find any more and then they turned around. We had no place to hide, so we ran. When we got to the entrance of the village, two people walked across the road and the police car arrived. Because the lights were very bright, we just stood there, again in a cemetery. The police did not see us.

Going to School Away from Home

After graduating from junior high, I attended a secondary school for two years. It was in a city more than 100 miles away from home.

I brought a copy of Zhuan Falun to school with me. One of my roommates found it and reported me to our teacher. The teacher asked my roommate to monitor me secretly and report back to her. I only learned about it a year later.

Meanwhile, the teacher wouldn’t let me be a class representative, although I had the highest scores when admitted to the school. I treated this as a character test and still applied the principles of Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance to myself.

A year later, the class teacher asked me to take up multiple positions: Mathematics class representative, English class representative, student body representative, and chair of the study committee. I was in charge of hosting class meetings.

After graduating from secondary school, I worked at a factory for two years and still carried Zhuan Falun with me.

Setting Up a Material Production Site

From studying in secondary school to getting married six years passed. I was slacking off in cultivation during that time. I later contacted local diligent practitioners. Seeing how solid they were, I was awakened again.

I knew the technology of computers and printers, so I mainly did maintenance for fellow practitioners. They started to come to my store to buy consumables and I got to know more and more practitioners.

The one who had the greatest effect on me was Ann. I installed a newly-purchased printer for Ann and, to test it, I printed stickers that said, “Falun Dafa is good.”

Betty saw that the printing was good and waited to take 30 copies, but she wanted even more. Ann piped up, “I can’t give all of them to you. What about the others?” Her demeanor shocked me.

After Betty left, I said to Ann, “Why didn’t you give her more? You can always print more.”

Ann responded unhappily, “I have to offer these to others. It won’t do if I give everything to her!” I was puzzled and unsettled.

I then thought about setting up a material production site in my own home, since I didn’t need help with the technical side of things.

When it was time to produce Shen Yun DVDs, I was in charge of printing the surface and cover, which took a long time. I sat at the computer desk and took short naps. When I woke up, I continued printing, often until midnight.

I had very little time to study the Fa. I had only six to seven days of annual leave, and every day I worked from 8 a.m. until dark. I had to stay in the store even during lunchtime. It was the same year after year.

I wished I had a day to rest, at least one day a month. I was having a second baby so I talked with my cousin about my taking a break. My cousin agreed to let me work for half a day, and then I could participate in the local group Fa-study. At other times, I could stay home to study the Fa by myself or produce Dafa informational materials.

Validating the Fa While Pregnant and Giving Birth

I remember when I was more than eight months pregnant, the local CCP authorities had many slogans written on the village walls to smear Dafa. Local practitioners worked in teams to erase them.

We wanted to erase the slanderous slogans on a particular wall, but the house opposite the wall had a light on and we were worried that the people inside might report us. We hesitated: “What should we do? Clean it or not?” “Since we’re here, let’s clean it.”

Karen asked me to hold the bike, and she painted over the slogans with black paint. When she was almost done, a voice from the courtyard of the house with the light on roared, “Who’s there? What are you doing?”

We hurriedly rode back about 20 meters. The bike wheels were covered in mud so we couldn’t go forward, plus there was another mud pit that made the road bumpy. I fell down with the bike, and Karen ran on ahead. I asked Master for help in my mind and slowly lifted the bike up. Fortunately, the shouting man didn’t catch us.

My father came and said, “You’d better not do this since you are almost due. Let other practitioners do this. If you hurt yourself, how could we explain it to your husband and his family?”

Actually, I had never worried about myself, as I felt that the baby inside me was coming for the Fa. It was lucky for her that we could validate the Fa together.

Shortly after this, my daughter was born—in only half an hour! Another woman in the delivery room was having difficulty and was crying. Several doctors were called in to help.

A worried doctor was pacing around the room. I told her, “Please recite, ‘Falun Dafa is good, Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance is good.’ This is Buddha Fa. If you are sincere, it works. Many critically ill patients have recovered by reciting the phrases.”

Suing Jiang Zemin

Filing lawsuits against Jiang started in May 2015. I realized that this was a new effort in the Fa-rectification.

It was a matter of letting go of life and death. When I first heard about it, I wondered if I could let go of my family, my job, and my happy life if I was arrested. These thoughts were not aligned with the Fa.

I imagined myself in prison and saw how I wasn’t moved. I found that I could let go of everything with no trace of concern. I was happy, with a calm heart. But I didn’t know the format of the letter.

Practitioners gave me a template. I immediately wrote down my experience in the lawsuit file and sent it out by express mail. I was the first in our county to mail out my lawsuit against Jiang.

Next, I helped fellow practitioners who wanted to file but didn’t know how to write their articles and mail them. More practitioners realized the importance of suing Jiang, and they were all asking for my help because I typed fast.

Every day, between 12 and 20 people came to my store for help. I later realized that it was irrational behavior for so many practitioners to come together. It was Master who protected us.

Dissolving the Persecution

My shop purchased the newest printers and sold them to fellow practitioners at cost. As a result, practitioners from the surrounding seven counties and cities all bought printers and ink from me.

They could save several hundred yuan by buying a printer from me. I even gave them the address of the vendor and recommended they buy directly from the source. But they still liked to deal with me.

One day, a coordinator from a different city sent me a warning message, saying the city police bureau was investigating who was purchasing so many printers.

When I heard this, I was shocked and depressed. I thought I would be taken away at any moment; the feeling was terrible. The local coordinator helped me calm down, saying that we needed to have righteous thoughts and that we had Master beside us.

Meanwhile, I gave my supplier's address to fellow practitioners who were also my clients and asked them to buy printers directly. I also sent more righteous thoughts and studied more Fa. Under Master’s protection, nothing happened.

In addition to producing Dafa materials at home and helping fellow practitioners solve technical problems, three practitioners and I set up a group to distribute brochures and put up Dafa stickers.

I bought an electric car just to do that. If I found any slogan smearing Dafa, we would erase it that night.

Gradually I had less and less fear. Since I am young and patient, I do whatever I can to help practitioners spread information about Dafa.

Whatever I do, it would not be possible without Master’s protection and strengthening.