(Minghui.org) My daughter dropped off her nine-year-old daughter at my home at the beginning of winter break and asked if she could stay with me for a few days. It was a little out of the blue, but I was excited nonetheless. I said to my granddaughter, “Really? You’re going to hang out with grandma, and we are going to have a sleepover? It’ll be so much fun!”

My granddaughter rarely spends the night because of the heavy schoolwork she is already getting as a third grader. My daughter also doesn’t ask such a big favor often because she knows that as a Dafa practitioner, I have my daily routine of Fa study and truth-clarification, and that my schedule is tight.

As soon as my daughter left, I asked my granddaughter, “How about we study the Fa?” We have read Zhuan Falun together before but never from cover to cover. I thought this would be a great opportunity for both of us.

“That would be great!” The girl was excited, and then she said to me, “Grandma, did you know I saw Master?” I have a picture of Master on my wall to which I burn incense every day, and my granddaughter often sincerely follows along when she comes over.

I pointed to Master’s picture and asked her, “Did you see Master in the picture?” She said, “No. Master came to our house.” I was curious and said, “Tell grandma what happened.”

My granddaughter had seen things from other dimensions many times before. When I picked her up from school after dark once, she said she saw lights underneath my feet. She had also seen light spots on my body and a big bright pole above my head. Because of these experiences, she is very convinced that there are Gods and Buddhas in this world. She often asks me to take her with me when I return to the heavens. So I knew that she must have seen Master’s fashen if she says so.

My granddaughter is a natural performer and acted out what had happened. I got all teared up watching her. Seeing that I was getting emotional, she put her arm around me and said that her mother also cried when she told her.

My Granddaughter Experiences Sickness Karma

My granddaughter told me she had had a stomachache a few days ago that became excruciating. She was in so much pain that her parents panicked and took her to a hospital. After several examinations, the doctor said she might have acute appendicitis but suggested that they go to the children’s hospital to get a second opinion and proper treatment.

Doctors at the children’s hospital said her abdominal area was filled with some type of gas and she needed to be hospitalized. However, the wards were full so they had to set up a bed in the hallway. My daughter and son-in-law didn’t feel comfortable leaving their daughter in the hospital hallway overnight, so they took her to a third hospital, where the doctor could not give an affirmative diagnosis.

As she paused here, I asked her why she didn’t recite “Falun Dafa is good” and “ Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance is good” like I had taught her. “I did, silently,” she said, adding that her mother had reminded her at this point, “Why don’t you recite the magic phrases grandma taught you?” It was nearly dark at the time, and she felt a little bit better so my daughter decided to go home and figure things out the next day.

When they got home, my daughter told my granddaughter, “While mommy makes dinner, why don’t you cross your legs the way grandma does when she meditates and sit for a while.” And so she did.

My daughter and her family have seen me meditate and send righteous thoughts many times before. I’ve even stopped in the middle of a family meal to send righteous thoughts when my alarm went off. My granddaughter joins me sometimes, crosses her legs, and holds up her palm. She even corrects me if my hands are not in position and tells me to sit up straight and not to hang my head.

Though it was hard to calm my mind with the family around at first, I kept doing it because I felt it was important to let everyone know that this is part of my cultivation. I often tell my granddaughter what righteous thoughts are and why they are so important. She told me that even at home, she sometimes crossed her legs and sometimes sat like me and recited the two auspicious phrases.

Master Comes to Help

“As I sat with my legs crossed and recited the phrases, I saw Master come in. Master looked exactly like the picture at your house, grandma.” She looked at the picture on the wall and continued, “Master was sitting on a lotus flower with his legs crossed and floated toward me in the air. When he came close to me, he said, ‘Just endure the pain. It will go away. Your skin problem will go away as well.’” Ever since she was a baby, my granddaughter had a skin condition that caused it to heal very slowly.

She told me, “The gas in my stomach started to come out, and it kept going for a while. I felt much better after all the gas came out, so I went to play with my toys.” Her mother checked on her and couldn’t believe it when she saw that her daughter was back to normal. She asked, “Are you feeling better?”

My granddaughter told me that her mother cried when she told her what had happened. I can understand a mother’s anxiety and worry when her child is sick and how relieved she must have felt when all of that was lifted at once. I believe my daughter was crying not only happy tears but also tears of regret.

She was happy that Master took care of her daughter, but her regret was that she had stopped practicing Falun Dafa. She used to practice before she met her husband, but because of her sentimentality, she stopped after they got married. She only does the exercises when she feels unwell, but as soon as she gets better, she stops practicing again. Even so, Master still looked after her, and each time she recovered quickly.

I often blamed myself for my daughter’s nonexistent cultivation state and think it had a lot to do with my own cultivation state. After hearing my granddaughter’s story, I decided to take this opportunity and help my daughter get back on track in her cultivation—she is predestined to obtain the Fa after all.

My Granddaughter and I Improve Together

Studying the Fa with my granddaughter is somewhat challenging. She is a typical nine-year-old, and all she wants to do is play. So we can only read ten pages of Zhuan Falun before we have to take a break.

Studying the Fa with my granddaughter also showed me how difficult it is to obtain the Fa. It was such an ordeal for her. She just couldn’t sit still for more than three minutes when we studied the Fa, but she could go all day playing. Every time we sat down to read the Fa, she’d start to feel uncomfortable after a couple of pages. Either it started hurting somewhere or something bugged her. She rubbed here and itched there. I asked her what was wrong, but she couldn’t tell me—she just didn’t feel well.

Even so, my granddaughter seemed to pay attention and comprehend what we read. I was strict with her and didn’t let any mispronunciations slide so she knew that Fa study is a serious matter. In turn, she was very strict with me as well. If I pronounced something incorrectly, she’d point it out right away.

Nobody had corrected me like that since I started the practice more than 20 years ago. Since I had always taken Fa study very seriously, I thought I would have very few errors reading Zhuan Falun. Who knew I could make so many mistakes reading a book I had read so many times before. Studying the Fa with this little disciple allowed me to improve myself, and my heart became calmer because of it. 

To help my granddaughter finish reading Zhuan Falun, I sent righteous thoughts to clean out her dimensional field so she could sit longer. But sometimes she just couldn’t go on. She was so uncomfortable that she’d have tears in her eyes. I couldn’t bear looking at her, but I kept sending forth righteous thoughts for her. I knew her knowing side knew full well that she had to study the Fa well.

We finally finished Zhuan Falun before the Chinese New Year, and to celebrate, we watched Master’s Fa lectures on DVD before she went home. The next time she visited during Chinese New Year, we watched Shen Yun together. Since school was closed due to the CCP virus, she stayed with me for a few days after the holidays, and we read Zhuan Falun again. This time things went more smoothly, and she was able to sit much longer. She also found an attachment that she wanted to eliminate.

Thank you, Master, for the opportunity to improve with my granddaughter. I used to get tired easily and could never get enough sleep, but now I stay up after sending righteous thoughts at midnight and meditate for three hours. Although I still can’t keep a clear mind for the entire duration, it sure is an encouragement from Master.

My granddaughter can recite “On Dafa” now. She has also learned about the persecution of Dafa. She was made to join the Young Pioneers at school with the rest of her class. Although I told her not to say anything when taking the oath during the ceremony, she was still considered a member of the Communist Party’s youth group. We immediately renounced her membership in the organization on the Epoch Times website.

My granddaughter is truly fortunate. She has a very good memory and can remember English vocabulary and texts quickly. She goes to a prestigious school in the city and gets good grades. She does well in her extracurricular activities too. She is kind and sincere, a good kid all around. I am truly proud of her and grateful that Master arranged for my granddaughter to be born into our family and become my granddaughter and my fellow disciple.

My daughter started practicing Falun Dafa again, and she and her mother have formed a Fa-study group at home.