(Minghui.org) Master Li Hongzhi said, “Dafa disciples are now sentient beings’ only, sole hope for salvation.” (“Righteous Thoughts” in The Essentials of Diligent Progress Vol.III)

During the course of my clarifying the truth, I’ve truly felt that people are just waiting to be saved. As long as I do what Master requires, he brings people who have a predestined relationship with Dafa to me.

One day, I went out with two others practitioners to make truth-clarification phone calls. Just as we’d sat down on a bench, a man pushing a bicycle came over. He looked at me longingly and said, “Can you save me?” I stood up and asked, “What happened?” He pointed to his ear and said, “I can’t hear. I’ve been deaf since middle school. I’m so frustrated. Can you help me?”

I took out a piece of paper and a pen and wrote down: “Falun Dafa is being wrongfully persecuted; Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance is the Buddha Fa, which guides people to cultivate and teaches them how to be good.”I showed him what I’d written, and he nodded after reading it.

I then wrote: “Now Falun Dafa has spread to more than a hundred countries and has received more than three thousand proclamations of support. The Tiananmen Self-immolation broadcast on CCTV was fake. Dafa practitioners cultivate Buddhahood, which prohibits killing.” He read this, too.

When I wrote down information about quitting the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) to secure a safe future, he hesitated. I then explained: “The Party has killed 80 million innocent people through its numerous political movements. In the past 20 years, it has killed more than four thousand Dafa disciples.

“Can Heaven tolerate these things? When you joined the CCP, you vowed to devote your life to it, so you are part of it. This is the same as boarding a thief’s boat. If the boat sinks, you will perish, too. Quitting the Party is the same as getting off the boat. Then when the boat sinks, it will have nothing to do with you.” He understood and agreed to quit the CCP’s Youth League.

Before he left, we gave him two informational booklets and told him, “Sincerely recite 'Falun Dafa is good, Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance is good.' Your ears will be healed, and you will be saved.”

The man then walked up to a hollow cement pipe, looked up to the sky, and shouted into it: “Ahh….” Was he expressing his joy?

Four days later, I brought a copy of the book The Ultimate Goal of Communism with me and wondered if I would see him again. As soon as we sat on the same bench, he and his wife showed up. He was happy to see us and said, “That’s amazing! That’s amazing! I now have some hearing!” Seeing how excited he was, I was truly happy for him. This man fulfilled his longing to be saved!

This is just one example of how sentient beings are grateful to learn the truth and gain salvation. I always tell them, “Please thank Falun Dafa's Master!”