(Minghui.org) One morning, a fellow practitioner’s daughter rushed over to my house and told me, “My mother is unable to stand. Please come over and help her!”

When I reached their home, I saw that Jing’s right hand was clenched in a fist and her mouth drooped on one side. The right side of her body was immobile. I comforted her, “You have Master and the Fa. Everything will be fine, don’t cry. Moreover, I am here to help you.” My words boosted her confidence and spirit.

We settled down and began to calmly analyze the cause of this tribulation. Slowly, Jing began to tell me about her current situation. After sorting out recent experiences, we found areas in which she lacked compliance with the principles of Dafa. For instance she often argued with her daughter and husband.

Afterwards, we began to study the Fa. As her house was very cluttered, I suggested we study the Fa in her courtyard. However, Jing was unable to stand up. I asked her to consider Master’s teaching in Zhuan Falun regarding good or evil following after an instant thought. I suggested she place her belief in Master and the Fa. This practitioner was then able to stand in an instant. 

We slowly walked to her courtyard and settled in to study the Fa. She was able to control her left hand normally. However her right hand was barely able to hold onto the book. She kept drooling from her drooped open mouth, and I spent the session reading with her, wiping her mouth and flipping the pages. As she had trouble enunciating, every sentence needed multiple attempts. After half a day, we managed to read only six pages. 

As her condition was particularly serious, besides eating and sleeping, I considered spending all our remaining hours studying the Fa. However, after some discussion we decided to devote our afternoons to studying the Fa instead. Her family spent their mornings resting, working in the fields or performing household chores. Usually whenever we studied the Fa, she would worry about the unfinished work in her family fields. I reminded her, “Treat Fa study seriously. Let go of your attachments and stray thoughts. Concentrate on understanding the Fa and correcting yourself.”

After a few days, Jing suggested we take turns reading, as her partially paralyzed mouth made it hard for her to read any faster. Instantly I thought, “Instead of seizing the opportunity to study the Fa, she tries to be lazy.” However, I soon recalled Master taught us to be considerate of others. Perhaps this practitioner was reaching her limit. I should rein in my impatience and negative complaints. After realizing my flaws, this practitioner had a change of heart and decided to continue reading the Fa on her own. From this incident, I learned the importance of maintaining righteous thoughts, cultivating myself and following the principles of the Fa.

We would have our study sessions from 2 p.m. to 5:30 p.m. daily. The initial process was exceedingly hard. Jing had to stop frequently to visit the toilet. Because she had difficulty walking, each trip would take a while. As her mouth and body remained weak and unresponsive, studying the Fa was a particularly strenuous task. Sometimes in her exhaustion, she would ask me to read the rest instead. I would encourage her to rest a while before continuing. She would then panic, suggest we stop for the day and ask me to go home instead of waiting for her. I told her, “The evil beings, not Master, will rejoice if we do so. With support from Master and the Fa, we can overcome this difficulty.”

We gradually improved our pace until we were able to complete 20 pages in ten days. As we studied, I noticed significant improvements in her condition. She began visiting the toilet less frequently and her right hand regained enough dexterity to flip the pages. 

Fifty-five days later, Jing recovered from her ordeal - a miracle created by Dafa!

Throughout the process of studying the Fa and overcoming this tribulation, we tried to clear our thoughts and study the Fa wholeheartedly. Both of us gained a lot through this process. Jing realized many mistakes and consciously eliminated them. She came to understand that the ongoing conflicts with her family were because of her own competitive attachments. On realizing this, she was very regretful and paid her mother-in-law a visit, bearing gifts and apologies.

Over the course of helping Jing, I also gained much. I was cooking at home one day when some hot oil accidentally splashed into my eyes. In that instant, I was unable to see anything. Each day, I make sure to read at least one chapter of the Fa at home. However this accident prevented me from doing so. I refused to accept this interference from the old forces and spent the time listening to Master’s audio Fa lectures instead. When it was time to visit Jing for our daily afternoon session, my eyesight had returned to normal, proving again the power of Dafa.

The recovery of my fellow practitioner was clearly witnessed by our families, neighbors and friends, strengthening their belief in Dafa.