(Minghui.org) When I was growing up, I thought that having a top-notch education was the only means by which I could get a good job, marry a decent man, and achieve prominence. That is, until the day I encountered Falun Dafa.

From Dafa, I gradually understood the purpose of my coming to this world, my predestined relationships with everything around me, and the karmic relationships of my past. My mission and responsibility as a Dafa cultivator also became clear. I enlightened that my heart must be broad enough to accommodate all things in the world.

Treating My Husband's Family with Kindness

My husband was an orphan and has five siblings. His older sisters lived in remote and poor areas, and their financial situations were not good. After 20 years of running our own family business, we accumulated some savings. My husband wanted to bring his sisters back to Beijing, their hometown. Without hesitation, I started to look for a home for them.

I took care of every detail of buying the house, which involved a lot of running back and forth during the process. The sisters couldn't believe that I, the daughter of high-ranking parents and married to their younger brother, would be so selfless and meticulous about caring for them.

We bought a villa in a suburban area and arranged for the two retired sisters to move in. They would help take care of the house and the yard during the weekdays, and we would join them on the weekends. In order to alleviate their workload, we hired a maid to clean and take care of the garden.

Each time I came for the weekend, I found that they'd left their used chopsticks and tableware in the sink after their meals, waiting for the maid to clean up. I smiled, rolled up my sleeves, and started to wash them. Whenever I was there, I was another maid in the house.

In fact, to an ordinary observer, I was the person most entitled to show a young lady's ego; we bought the house for them, got them back to Beijing, and hired their children to work in our company. But I did not have the slightest egotistical attitude of having more status than others. When I was there, I did the housework and took care of my sisters-in-law.

My husband loves food and has strict requirements about what he will eat. For example, the noodles and meat must both be purchased from a certain store. The meat must be from a certain section and only particular cuts, and so on.

In order to make sure everyone ate well, I did all the grocery shopping without complaint, regardless of whether it was windy, raining, hot, or freezing. Sometimes, I had to walk for 30 minutes to find a motorcycle ride to go shopping.

I often brought back a variety of fruits and snacks for my family. I not only prepared the meals for the weekend, but also for the coming week. The food sellers often thought that I was a restaurant owner. I did this for 16 years, until we sold the villa.

The sisters were superficially polite to me initially, but gradually they really took me in as their sister. They were willing to tell me about anything that upset them, and even chatted with me about their dissatisfaction with my husband. They said that if their mother was still alive, she would adore me as her loyal daughter-in-law.

They all knew that I practiced Falun Dafa, but did not understand why at first: “Practitioners are usually those who are unsatisfied with their lives and world-weary. You have everything that makes people envious. Why do you practice this?”

When I was arrested for distributing truth-clarification materials, they especially did not understand. They often secretly observed me and gossiped behind my back. But as time went by, they noticed how I behaved, my attitude toward giving up personal interest, and my kind personality.

I found opportunities to tell them the facts about Dafa. Slowly, they understood what had perplexed and puzzled them. They all agreed to quit the CCP's (Chinese Communist Party) organizations and acknowledged the beauty of Dafa.

My husband's second sister said to my son, “When you look for a girl in the future, you should find someone who is at least half as good as your mother!”

When One Person Practices Cultivation, the Whole Family Benefits

During the past 26 years of cultivation, not only has Falun Dafa made me illness-free, but I also look at least 20 years younger than my actual age. When I stand beside my son, people think that I'm his older sister.

Both of my parents are 82 years old this year, but they look about 60. My mother still works part-time and often takes business trips. My father also often goes out to give lectures. Everyone complemented them on their good health and positive outlook on life. In contrast, many of their peers have long been humpbacked and have failing heath. 

My parents were senior government officials. They experienced my being arrested for clarifying the truth. They were afraid for me and tried to persuade me to give up cultivation. However, when they saw my rock-solid determination, my excellent character, and my great physical health that was brought about by cultivation, they were completely convinced. Both of them have since withdrawn from the CCP and its affiliated organizations. My mother often reminds me to make sure I practice the exercises.

The Feeling of a Spring Breeze

In his senior year of college, my son met the other half of his life, a Taiwanese girl who was kind and believed in the Dharma. When she came to my house for the first time, I saw through my celestial eye that her Original Soul was a beautiful phoenix.

All of her hobbies were in line with the phoenix's traits. The phoenix chooses to live in the Chinese Parasol Tree. Once, when they were discussing whether to go to the beach or to the forest, my son told me that she liked the forest the most and loved the smell of the woods. Life can be wondrous!

They decided to get married after returning from a summer vacation. To be frank, we didn't want to make a big arrangement for this, as it would be an extra financial burden. But I thought, as a cultivator, I should not care about personal loss. So I told them, “Okay. Please feel free to make any arrangements you like. I will be responsible for the bills, and I will agree with all your decisions.”

My daughter-in-law, however, insisted that I accompany her to choose a wedding dress, select a venue, pick a wedding company, and plan all the details. I said okay, I would do whatever she wished.

Only after getting into the details did I learn that the Taiwanese have their own customs for a wedding arrangement: three sets of clothes are needed for the activities of serving tea, the wedding ceremony, and having meals. These three sets of dresses would cost 10,000 to 20,000 yuan even if they are rented. In addition, at least 200,000 yuan would be needed for the wedding venue, photographer, food, accommodation, and excursions for guests from Taiwan.

Once, when I was practicing the exercises, various attachments bubbled up in my mind. If I was not supportive or was indifferent or haggled while dealing with these things, I could “see” my daughter-in-law's reaction – a disappointed, tearful expression. This would only invite misery, contradiction, and even conflict between her family and mine. The battle between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law that has repeated over the ages might be triggered. Was this what I wanted?

I suddenly realized how great Master Li is! He taught us to be compassionate and think of others first! When we treat all sentient beings as our own relatives and children, how can there be any disagreements? Where can any conflict arise? There would only be peace and joy!

If all Falun Dafa cultivators care for all sentient beings in our lives with a pure and innocent heart, and tolerate their shortcomings, we would be the most powerful force in the world. This power can change everything!

After I enlightened to this principle, I decided not to think about how I would gain or lose in this situation, even though the wedding would cost almost half my annual salary. After all, I cannot look at it with ordinary notions. I simply cared about what my daughter-in-law and her family cared about. I prepared a dowry for this girl as if she were my own daughter and gave her all the loving a mother should give!

Later on, my daughter-in-law often asked me, “Mom, are you a fairy godmother?”


A spring breeze and warm sunshine is what everyone hopes for. Falun Dafa practitioners are immersed in the boundless wonder of Master Li's Fa and are practicing the universe's fundamental Great Law of Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance. They are bringing happiness and serenity to countless sentient beings. So if you also want to be an “angel” in the lives of others, let us take the path of Falun Dafa cultivation together!