(Minghui.org) The Wuhan virus got out of control and has quickly spread all over the world. People started to worry even hearing it mentioned. My sister and brother’s families live in the heart of Wuhan. My family and my parents live in another city in the same province, which was also seriously affected by the virus. 

Our four families, however, have been safe during this pandemic because we watched NTD TV programs and learned the truth. Falun Dafa protected us. Thank you, Falun Dafa! Thank you, Master Li, for your compassion!

Unwilling to Learn the Truth

My entire family, including my mother, practices Falun Dafa, and we have benefited greatly. But because we live by the principles of Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance and are good people, we have been persecuted. I was detained twice, my husband was demoted, and our child was kicked out of school. Our applications for passports and passes to Hong Kong and Macau were turned down. 

My brother was frightened and dared not go against the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). Instead, he blamed me for harming myself and damaging my child’s future. 

He coveted his current position because he earned it through his own efforts. He witnessed how Falun Dafa saved my husband and extended his life, but he was still scared. He didn’t dare to look at or listen to the truth about Falun Dafa. 

My mother is in her 70s and very healthy. My brother had witnessed the power of Dafa because of her practicing. She persuaded him to withdraw from the CCP’s youth organizations. He didn’t interfere with her practicing Falun Dafa. 

His wife withdrew from the CCP’s youth organizations initially, but then she joined the Party itself. My brother had surgery last year and became irritable. They fought over trivial things. My mom was sad about their situation. 

My sister read Zhuan Falun once. When she visited me while I was detained in a brainwashing center, the guard urged her to badmouth Falun Dafa and she did. She then came down with a sore throat and a high fever. 

When she had surgery to have a tumor on her thyroid gland removed, I clarified the truth about Dafa to her. She agreed to withdraw from the CCP and its youth organizations and recited “Falun Dafa is good, Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance is good.” The tumor was benign, and she recovered. 

After the persecution started, she was fearful and didn’t dare mention Falun Dafa. She thought it was just luck that she recovered so well from the surgery. She had stomach problems recently and took Chinese herbal medicine. She didn’t listen to Dafa music I downloaded for her. Instead she listened to Buddhist music and learned other qigongs.

My father is in his 70s and had worked in a CCP propaganda department. He also benefited from Falun Dafa. He came down with Meniere's syndrome one day. I played the Pudu music for him, and he recited “Falun Dafa is good, Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance is good.” He got over the illness quickly. He hated the CCP but was afraid of it. He worried that we would be persecuted. 

The evil took advantage of our loopholes and persecuted us. Our family members didn’t want to listen to the truth. I felt guilty and was hoping to find an opportunity to clarify the truth to them. 

NTD TV and Epoch Times: Truth about the Virus

My family watches only NTD television and visits only the Epoch Times website. 

NTD television reported on the coronavirus in Wuhan as early as December 2019. Passengers in Taiwan were checked for the virus before boarding planes at the end of December. I asked my mother to tell my sister and brother about the spread of the virus in Wuhan and urged them to be prepared. But they didn’t believe it and warned me not to spread rumors. 

I reminded them of the CCP virus again on WeChat in early January. They didn’t respond. My brother forwarded a message telling me not to talk nonsense. 

Then my brother called me on January 18 and asked if there was flu in my city. I told him there was and it was very serious. Even the kids had it. I reminded him of the CCP virus and what Taiwan had done to prevent an epidemic. He asked me not to repeat it anywhere else and to be careful. 

His family came to my city a day earlier than we’d planned for our family New Year reunion. He told me that this virus was not a normal one. A classmate of his who worked in Xiehe Hospital had urged him to leave Wuhan as soon as possible and not to go to a hospital even if he felt unwell. He looked panicky and pale and skinny. I felt sorry for him. I had to let him know the truth about Falun Dafa this time. That was his only hope. 

When they came to my home for dinner, I switched on the television to watch the NTD news. It was about the Wuhan virus. They watched it attentively. I sent righteous thoughts as I cooked, hoping they would get to know the truth. Then there was the program about Chinese history that my brother was very interested in. I gave him a USB on which I had downloaded the program as well as other truth-clarification programs and asked him to watch them later.

I told them that NTD television had seven channels and that people around the world could see it. It sticks to reporting only the truth. Its employees are all Falun Dafa practitioners. My brother’s family had been to Hong Kong and knew how Dafa was spread there. He admired the clean environment in Taiwan after watching the programs about Taiwan. His wife had been to Taiwan. I told them that over 700,000 people practice Falun Dafa in Taiwan and many traditional cultures have been preserved there. She agreed with me. 

I found an opportunity to talk to my sister-in-law about quitting the CCP after dinner. The practitioner next door had come to visit me, and she helped clarify the truth to her. However, she still hesitated and didn’t agree to quit the CCP.

Clarifying the Truth while Taking Care of Them

My sister and brother hadn’t been to my city for a long time. They no longer knew the area. They stayed in our house for 14 days for self-isolation. They were afraid of the neighbors knowing they were at home and afraid of the community officers coming to inspect. I went out to buy masks, medicine, and food for them. They were very moved but didn’t dare see me. 

My mother told me that my brother and his son had a fever, and his wife coughed every day. My sister had a fever as well. They were afraid that they had been infected with the Wuhan virus but didn’t want to be checked in the hospital, because they didn’t want to be isolated. I called my sister-in-law and told her that she could be fine if she quit the CCP and its youth organizations. She could do it in her heart and nobody would know it. She agreed. She stopped coughing the next day. Everyone in her family stopped running a fever. 

My mother sent Minghui pamphlets to my sister’s family to read and told them to repeat “Falun Dafa is good, Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance is good.” They stopped coughing and no longer had a fever. 

After Watching NTD TV, My Brother-In-Law Withdrew from the CCP

I invited my sister’s family to my new apartment in a good residential area. It was green and quiet in early March. I asked them to come for breakfast so that they could watch NTD television. 

I prepared several different dishes for them. They watched programs about traditional Chinese medicine, and my sister pressed the acupuncture points following the program. She watched two children’s cartoon programs and regretted that her son didn’t have the opportunity to see them when he was little. She was amazed by the Shen Yun performances. She admired the host of the “Zoom In” program and was impressed by her excellent English. She applauded every program. 

My brother-in-law watched the program “The Critical Moment” and was amazed. He watched closely and said “Falun Dafa is good” and “Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance is good” with the people on the program. I asked him to withdraw from the CCP when it was over. He agreed. I told them that they would be safe wherever they were since they had quit the CCP and knew the two phrases. 

My sister and brother’s families came to understand the evil nature of the CCP during this pandemic. They quit the CCP of their own accord. I was happy for them. They chose hope and a bright future for themselves. 

Thank you, Master! Only practitioners’ media can tell the truth and play such a critical role in saving sentient beings.