(Minghui.org) The Wuhan pandemic came into being abruptly. I was totally at a loss for what to do. The city and the residential areas were locked down; people were only allowed to go outside once every two days. I stayed at home for several days. Looking out my window, I could hardly see a soul on the street. Even if there was someone, the person was wearing a mask and walking in a hurry. 

I was heavy-hearted and felt helpless as if there was a big rock pressing on my heart. I felt like the air was frozen. Was it the beginning of the mass elimination? What should we practitioners do? Worldly people would not have a chance to be saved. I asked Master to help me because I had to go out to save people. 

Calling Practitioners and Urging Them to Go Out to Clarify the Truth

I went out the next day and sent righteous thoughts while walking on the street. I had the thought, “Dissolve all evil beings and factors in other dimensions that interfere with Dafa practitioners from saving sentient beings and clear all rotten demons and the communist specters that prevent sentient beings from being saved and let predestined people come to me.”

I saw one person and greeted him. He looked at me and didn’t say anything, walking away in a hurry. 

I saw another person and said hello to him. “We are not allowed to talk,” he said and passed me. 

I went outside twice but was not able to talk to anyone. I felt lost and bitter. My fear arose and I went back home dejected. 

I tried to study the Fa, but my mind was wandering and not focused. 

On the third day I went out but didn’t talk to anyone either, and was in low spirits. I was thinking of going home when someone called me from behind. It was a practitioner. I was so happy to see her. My righteous thoughts arose then and I saw hope. We talked for a while and encouraged each other and decided to see each other two days later. She said she had seen another veteran practitioner. 

I was able to focus when studying the Fa this time. I had an idea to ask all local practitioners to come out to clarify the truth to people. This way we could form a righteous energy field and save more sentient beings and disintegrate the evil factors in other dimensions. Master asks us to save more sentient beings. We shouldn’t be stopped by the current situation and our hearts shouldn’t be moved with the changes in human society. We have Master and Master is always with us; we shouldn’t be afraid of anything. 

So I picked up my home phone and called practitioners. We met the next day and encouraged each other with righteous thoughts. We felt that the time left for us was short and we should contact all local practitioners, reach the same level of understanding, cooperate with each other and save the sentient beings who were in danger now. 

Then the residential areas opened up and residents could come out several hours each day. So each practitioner made phone calls to the practitioners they knew. Within ten days, many practitioners began going out. We cooperated with each other, clarified the truth to people, and saved sentient beings. I realized that we could pass any test or tribulation because Master and Dafa were with us all the time. 

My Enlightenment During the Process 

While I was making phone calls to the practitioners and encouraging them to go out, I felt my xinxing elevate and I was more compassionate. Many people died during the pandemic, but those still alive were still busy with their daily lives and were not aware of the coming catastrophe. My tears welled up. I realized how hard it was for Master to spread the Fa and save us and how much he had to sacrifice for us. I must double my efforts to save more sentient beings and fulfill my mission and live up to Master’s expectations. 

I realized that Master would help me as long as I was in the Fa. The following are some examples. 

One night I thought of two elderly practitioners who clarified the truth to people on the street almost every day. They must have become anxious because they couldn’t get copies of Minghui Weekly from me. I asked Master to help me find them. 

The next day I was about to go home after I finished clarifying the truth to people on the street. I saw a lady coming to me from the grain shop; she was just the practitioner who I wanted to see. 

“I thought it was you,” she said, “So I came over. Yesterday I asked Master to arrange for me to see you tomorrow. See, here you are. Thank you, Master.” She was so happy. She came to get copies of Minghui Weekly and other truth-clarification materials the next day. She contacted the practitioners in her area and they were now saving sentient beings in a coordinated effort. 

On another occasion, I went to see one practitioner first and then decided to make a call to another practitioner. Before I made the call, I saw her coming to me. 

One day a practitioner said to me, “I haven’t seen Amy recently. Her residential area is still locked down and I am unable to go there. I don’t have her phone number.” But I came across her on my way back home after I clarified the truth the next day. She then coordinated with other practitioners on saving sentient beings. 

I didn’t have another practitioner’s phone number but had the number of her relative in Beijing; I called her relative in Beijing and got in contact with the practitioner. She has since gone out each and every day. 

From these experiences, I realized that Master will help us as long as we are in the Fa and our perspective is right. Master arranges everything. When we have the thought, Master will arrange everything for us.