(Minghui.org) The following accounts are personal testimonies from two Falun Dafa practitioners in China. We have known each of these women for 20 years and have recorded their accounts for them.

Woman Regained Health after Suffering Psychiatric Abuse

Jing is an elderly lady who began Falun Dafa cultivation practice prior to 1999. After the communist regime banned Falun Dafa and began to persecute practitioners, she traveled to Beijing to appeal for justice for this peaceful and wonderful cultivation practice. As a result, she was black-listed by the police. Jing made a second trip to Beijing and filed a grievance against some of the local authorities. 

Jing was detained in Beijing and then escorted by her hometown police back to her home. Local police took her to a psychiatric hospital, where she was tortured with electric shocks. One day when the hospital staff used high voltage shocks to torture Jing, they themselves were shocked. Several people were thrown back and knocked to the ground by the strong electric current being used to shock this woman. They were appalled by the experience.

Jing was injected with an unknown drug while being held at the psychiatric hospital, after which her health dramatically deteriorated. By the time she was released, she looked like a psychiatric patient with untreated drug side effects. Saliva was dripping from her mouth, she trembled uncontrollably, and she displayed severe restlessness. Her neighbors remarked, “We had no idea the Communist Party was so evil!”

The police turned Jing’s home upside down during her detention, and they took almost everything away, even the furniture.

Her physical and mental condition did not allow her to do the exercises. She could not talk, and felt dizzy all the time. With all her energy, Jing began to recite, “Falun Dafa is good, Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance is good.” After repeating this over and over, she also listened to Master Li’s lectures. Slowly, this brave woman regained her strength and was able to perform Falun Dafa Exercise Five, the sitting meditation. 

Thanks to Falun Dafa, six months after her release from detention at the psychiatric facility, Jing was able to gradually regain her health and resume cultivation practice. When we listened to her story, it was hard to imagine all she had been through. Jing could now do the entire five sets of exercises and describe her ordeal in detail. It is clear that Jing recovered as the result of her faith in Master Li and Dafa.

Faith in Master Saves Woman’s Life during Pandemic 

Ms. Li (alias) has practiced Falun Dafa for more than twenty years. This elderly lady suddenly experienced difficulty breathing one day in February 2020, and her mind became cloudy. She could not eat or drink. At that time, Ms Li said she had one thought, “Master please help me!” 

The woman’s family members wanted to take her to the hospital. She refused, “I don’t want to die in the hospital. Let me stay home.” During the five days that she could not eat or drink, she kept listening to and watching Master Li’s lectures. 

On the sixth day, she began to tolerate some food, and that gave her enough energy to perform the Falun Dafa exercises. When I met her two months later, I saw not even a slight trace of her illness and recent struggle with death. When I asked if she had any fear of death, she said no with a smile.