(Minghui.org) A practitioner overcame a cancer tribulation with the help of fellow practitioners. But, she still experienced some symptoms, such as feeling cold, numb, and dizzy.

We went to her home to study the Fa and send righteous thoughts every afternoon. We shared understandings and found our loopholes. She was able to clarify the truth during the morning. Those symptoms were all gone.

We took turns to read Zhuan Falun one afternoon. When it was her turn, she could not read clearly. We immediately read loudly along with her, and could help her. She also joined into our reading. Gradually, her ability to talk clearly returned. After one hour, she was back to normal, and she was so excited. She explained that one side of her body and her face were numb, so she could not pronounce the letters clearly. Now, she has recovered. We all experienced Dafa’s amazing power.

Then, at another time we read Zhuan Falun in turn. In the beginning, we were all tired and drowsy, but as we read loudly together, we became energetic.

Actually, Master has pointed out in his lecture at the 2003 Lantern Festival, that it’s effective to read the Fa and send righteous thoughts in close proximity to practitioners who had symptoms of serious illnesses.

“Question: A practitioner in our region has had symptoms of a serious illness. Some practitioners have suggested that we send righteous thoughts toward him as a group, while others raised the point that Master has never asked us to do such a thing. Would it be harmful to Dafa?Teacher: You'd be helping each other, and that's not damaging Dafa. If you have everyone reading the book to him, or reading the Fa to him, sending righteous thoughts toward him, and surrounding him as a group, then these things will be effective since being in close proximity is a factor. And why is it a factor? Because this dimension has been divided into various segments by the final elements from high levels, and there are still differences existing in this dimension. But if a person's righteous thoughts are strong those differences can be eliminated. If your actions are very righteous it won't be able to stop you, since if it tries to stop you it will be violating the Fa. That's how it is.” (Teaching the Fa at the 2003 Lantern Festival)

We decided to read as a group to increase the effect of Dafa’s power.