(Minghui.org) I dreamed that I was walking through a city I had never been to before. On every street corner, hideous monsters sprung out of the shadows to block my path.

I sent forth righteous thoughts directly at them. Some of them exploded and immediately disappeared; others held their heads and screamed in pain. Some became mangled and shriveled.

It was just as Master said,

“Send righteous thoughtsand rotten demons explode”(“What’s to Fear?” from Hong Yin II, Version A)

These demons were powerless in the face of righteous thoughts and were immediately eliminated. As I approached the outskirts of the city, I climbed over a cliff. The path ahead was smooth, and the first rays of the sun parted the dark and gloomy clouds.

When I woke up, I realized this was a reminder that Falun Dafa practitioners’ righteous thoughts are powerful.

Over the years, my attention to sending forth righteous thoughts slackened. Since sending righteous thoughts is one of the three things Master asked us to do, I knew this was not right. Sending righteous thoughts cleanses our own environment and eliminates all negative entities.

I hope practitioners who have become lax about sending forth righteous thoughts will pay attention to this matter. The effect will benefit not only themselves but also other practitioners as a whole and sentient beings in the universe.