(Minghui.org) I have concentrated on memorizing all 105 poems in Hong Yin V since October 2019. Thus, my cultivation state has truly improved.

People in the World are Waiting for the Creator

I have always lacked a sense of responsibility for saving sentient beings. My truth-clarification and persuading people to withdraw from the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and its youth organizations were merely going through the motions. I tended to pick and choose whom I want to talk to about Falun Dafa, also called Falun Gong, and got upset if they question what I said or responded negatively. I lacked compassion of awakening their conscience.

Especially, when talking to people who directly participated in the persecution, I became emotional. I tried to intimidate them and accused them of doing harm, and the results were not good. But I didn’t care or learn. My indifference to life has caused many predestined people Master brought to me to miss their chances of being awakened.

While memorizing Hong Yin V, I enlightened from quite a few poems that, not only are Dafa disciples worth cherishing but so are all people worldwide, regardless of what they did in this lifetime. They also have been waiting for the creator. Dafa disciples, messengers of the creator, are spreading the truth to them.

The seemingly ordinary brochures practitioners hand out are what they have been longing for lifetime after lifetime, which carries their hope of being awakened. They will lose their lives if they miss this opportunity. As a Dafa disciple, we should open our hearts, and share the truth with them, because they have also made vows, and have been waiting for the calls from the creator.

The World Is A Maze

Looking around, people are always in a hurry and trying to accomplish their life goals. Fame and wealth, passion and revenge. Everything can easily catch people’s interest. But, they do not know that the world is a maze, and what they have lost was their divinity. Everything in the world is a stumbling block for them for finding the truth and understanding it.

The maze has made salvation very difficult, including the poisonous persecution-justifying lies.

Master said:

“Few are those who can awaken to the truthFor only the wise see the path”(“The Wise See the Path,” Hong Yin V)

Dafa disciples are also in the maze and can be easily fooled by delusions while being lured by the ever-degrading social morality, deceived by persecution-justifying lies, obsessed with struggles for fame and fortune, and confused by modern conceptions and behavior.

To assist Master in the Fa-rectification, and awaken sentient beings, we must get out of the maze. Only by advancing diligently can we transcend the falsehood of the world.

Master said:

“Open your mind and find the followers of Dafato discover the truth they holdOnly these kings-to-come offer passage to Heaven”(“Revealing the Mysteries,” Hong Yin V)

What an honor! How could we be fascinated by this human world?

The True Purpose of the Persecution

For a long time, my understanding of the persecution has been that Dafa disciples are persecuted, and the people who are directly involved in the persecution are in danger. I have not thought about the persecution’s impact on common people. When clarifying the facts to them, I tended to mention the persecution very briefly, fearing they would find the persecution too frightening to believe it.

Master said:

“We follow Dafa, the Great WayThe oppression is meant to confuseAnd hide the truth from view”(“To Sing You the Truth,” Hong Yin V)

I came to understand the persecution is not merely persecuting Dafa disciples. The more sinister purpose of the persecution is to confuse the world, and keep the world’s people from awakening. Everyone in this world has been, as Master put it,

“For this moment now, busying yourselves life after life”(“All Is Playacting,” Hong Yin V)

But the red devil is using lies to confuse people, and keep them from being awakened.

Amid the severe persecution, people live in fear and worries, and cannot distinguish whether they are afraid of the truth of Falun Gong or the CCP’s cruel persecution, in other words, between Dafa disciples’ steadfast beliefs and the groundless persecution, they do not know which one should be blamed.

As mentioned in the book The Ultimate Goal of Communism, as soon as people hear the words “Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance,” they instinctively develop a fear so great that they cannot even think about the meaning of these three words.

In the past, I paid a lot of attention to the persecution, and was very sensitive about such news, especially when a fellow practitioner was arrested or sentenced. I used to wonder why the persecution was still going on, and why the wicked persecutors were not suffering retribution. I sometimes became depressed.

Now, I understand, since Dafa disciples’ purpose is to awaken sentient beings. As long as I am alive and can save sentient beings, I should put my personal gain aside and care less about my situation. If one can validate the Fa and awaken sentient beings in any environment, it is also a way to negate the persecution.

Return to Tradition and Relinquish Modern Conception and Behavior

Many poems in Hong Yin V talked about returning to tradition, as well as the danger of modern thinking and behavior. As Master’s disciple, I should follow Master’s requirements, since it is expressed so clearly.

I should relinquish any desire, cleanse my heart, and live my life in a traditional way. A major characteristic of modern belief and behavior is allowing laziness and amplifying the temptation to fame, wealth and sentiment.

Clearheaded people can easily tell that the so-called artificial intelligence did not fundamentally bring convenience to people’s lives or improve their quality of life, nor did the expansion of luxury bring people happiness and fulfillment.

As a young adult Dafa disciple, what I can do now is limit my cell phone use to phone calls only, no longer surf everyday people’s websites, and watch TV and play video games. We should try to pay for purchases with cash, get things done by ourselves as much as possible, communicate with people directly, avoid using too many cosmetics or skin products, be frugal and not wasteful, as well as maintain a daily routine that includes the Dafa exercises.

As a result, I became energetic and free of interference. This helped me understand what Master said,

“Divinely bestowed were the ways of tradition”(“I Sing Now of the Truth,” Hong Yin V)