(Minghui.org) I have had ups and downs in my level of diligence in practicing Falun Dafa over the last twenty-two years. What has been overwhelmingly positive are my many wonderful and amazing cultivation experiences. I was never surprised when unusual or remarkable events occurred because, to me, it was all a natural part of being a Dafa practitioner.

Master opened my celestial eye at a very young age. I was able to see divine beings and fairies, and animals and plants in other dimensions as well as heavenly kingdoms. Occasionally before I practiced, I had glimpses of enlightened beings from the Qimen school and spiritually accomplished animals. I no longer had these visions once I started practicing Dafa; instead I could see changes in my cultivation state in another dimension as well as changes to my bodies in other dimensions. These revelations have helped to boost my faith in Dafa.

In my early days of practice, it was quite common for me to see Falun, the celestial eye tunnel and the motion of the great heavenly circuit in the body. When I first started doing the exercises, from the back of my head I could see freakish and bizarrely shaped demons outside of my window. Since Master has talked about that in Zhuan Falun, I told myself, “I have nothing to fear as I am a Falun Dafa cultivator and I must improve myself quickly to keep them away from me.” This happened for a few days and then it stopped.

Several years ago, a power outage occurred while I was studying the Fa. Petrified of the dark, I was panic-stricken. At that moment, my celestial eye gave off a soft light which gently washed over me and eventually swept away my fear. 

Around 2002, at a time when I was still quite lax with my cultivation, I woke up one day just after 3 a.m. but I did not want to get out of bed. I made an excuse for myself, thinking, “Master has said that if you are not diligent you will not have the time to catch up when Gods and Buddhas reveal themselves in the human world. I chose to interpret that as I still have time to cultivate slowly now.” Suddenly, a blinding golden light shone through my celestial eye. Sitting inside the light was a solemn statue of a Buddha seated on lotus flower petals. It slowly came out from the celestial eye as it grew in size. Wide awake, I knew the Gods and Buddhas had just revealed themselves to me, therefore I must take cultivation more seriously as time is running out. After that scare, I have always reminded myself to be diligent in my cultivation.

In 2005, I set up a Dafa materials production site at my house to supply truth-clarification materials to local practitioners. Running the site has been a challenge due to time, family and financial constraints. For some time in 2013, just when I felt I was falling behind in my Fa study and exercises, rumors that I was incompetent spread among some practitioners. I was devastated; I cried while I was making the materials.

At that moment, a big Buddha appeared mid-air. An enormous screen materialized before me on which scenes of my busy self printing, binding, editing and formatting played before me. The big Buddha looked at me compassionately and was soon joined by countless other Gods and Buddhas who also looked at me kindly. A voice said, “We are all watching what you’ve been doing!” Tears streamed down my face. I was wrong to feel resentful. After all, I had volunteered for the work and made the sacrifices voluntarily for Dafa. Misunderstandings by fellow practitioners may have arisen for a number of reasons. They may not have understood the work I was doing or their cultivation levels and understanding of the Fa differed from mine. Anyway, I should have treated the rumors as an opportunity to improve my xinxing.

Amid the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) virus outbreak, our town and apartment complex were put on lockdown. Security is particularly tight in my apartment building because it is occupied by staff and their families working for the state’s public security and justice departments. In the early stage of the outbreak, when the whole apartment complex was locked down, I sent out messages on divine culture using my cellphone. A week later, when one person per household was allowed out once every two days, I managed to make contact with some local practitioners. We agreed that the best thing to do during that time was to distribute flyers on the outbreak in our own apartment complexes while trying to figure out a way to reach more people during the lockdown.

The first hurdle for me was a shortage of paper, ink, and other supplies. Shops were closed and there were no postal deliveries. I was really worried. I muttered to myself, “Master, what am I going to do?” 

Dafa never ceases to amaze me. I counted the cartons of A4 paper I had on hand – nine new cartons and two opened ones. On the first occasion, I opened four new cartons as I needed them, but discovered a few days later the number of new cartons have gone from five to eight. The second time, I opened all eight new cartons and lo and behold, two new cartons appeared at the same spot a day later.

My printer was also running low on ink and I planned to get some when the shops reopened after the Chinese New Year break. During the two months of the lockdown, I printed a lot of truth-clarification materials. But my printer never seemed to run out of ink. 

My printer was not working well before the lockdown and the printed words were very blurry. I touched the printer softly and talked to it, “I know you are very tired but this is a very critical time for us Dafa disciples to save people. Please don’t give up, we have to finish it together. I believe you can fix yourself.” The printer clearly understood and it has worked like a charm ever since.

It did not matter how restrictive the lockdown was; I always found a way to supply the necessary truth-clarification materials to local practitioners.

The miracles of Dafa have touched every part of my life over the last 22 years. My printers are second hand ones. I am told these printer heads can normally print only 50,000 pages but mine have printed up to 400,000 pages. Sometimes the printers acted up a bit but the problems normally went away if I looked within and rectified myself.

Personally, as a Dafa cultivator, I have never been surprised by any of the miracles created by Dafa. Thank you, revered Master!