(Minghui.org) During the pandemic, most countries have implemented various measures, including staying-at-home and social distancing. It has been estimated that, globally, more than one billion people cannot leave their homes. 

Many practitioners live in countries where they cannot go out, and this has interfered with many outdoor Falun Dafa activities. Several practitioners have joined projects to clarify the truth through the internet and phone calls. Social media has also been an effective way to clarify the truth, and many people have understood and quit the CCP (Chinese Communist Party). 

Most of these projects reach out to people in China. As the Fa-rectification moves forward, especially during this pandemic, people around the world are gradually coming to realize the true, destructive nature of the CCP and have seen how the Party infiltrates other countries' governments. 

One of its main tactics is using Chinese people already in other countries. The CCP's embassies and consulates try to influence local governments, businesses, and media through Chinese communities, Chinese students and scholar associations, and other overseas Chinese organizations like the Confucius Institute. The Party routinely uses Chinese scholars to steal other countries' intellectual properties. One example is the CCP's “Thousand Talents Plan,” which essentially turns Chinese scholars into spies. 

Many Chinese people still haven't become part of Western mainstream society, even though they might have left China decades ago. Instead, they watch and read the CCP's media, and their thoughts and opinions are still influenced by the Party. As such, they continue to be polluted by the CCP. If they don't know the truth, the consequences could be bad. Based on my experience, many of these people don't know the truth about Falun Dafa or the persecution. 

For years, practitioners have focused on clarifying the truth to governments. We have done little to clarify the truth to the Chinese outside China, because we have been focused on reaching out to those inside China. Meanwhile, the CCP has steadily infiltrated, enticed, and used every possible means to influence the Chinese living in Western countries. The CCP knows that it can use them as a bridge into Western society, so the Party has made this group their main target for infiltration. 

The time left to save people is limited. Every life is precious, and Master Li does not want us to overlook anyone. We need to hurry up and clarify the truth to the Chinese living outside of China. Since millions of people worldwide are being forced to stay home, social media has become a window to the outside world.

If we can spend more time reaching out to this group of Chinese we will not only keep them from being deceived by the CCP but also keep them from spreading the Party's lies to their friends and families.