(Minghui.org) I am a 72-year-old Falun Dafa practitioner. I could speak and walk when I was only nine months old. When I turned one, I got severely ill and lost the ability to speak or walk. I developed a fever but didn’t get timely treatment due to the inadequate health care system. The hospital was also far from my home. The fever also deafened me in one ear. Seven years later, I learned to walk again. I had great difficulty talking and others could barely hear me. Due to my poor health, I had to take frequent breaks from school. I only attended school for 18 months.

After I started to practice Falun Dafa, my celestial eye opened and I could see lives in other dimensions. I could also see my past lives. I was a nun in one lifetime. In another lifetime I was a farmer. I also saw that I'd been generals in three lifetimes.

I married later in life. My husband had severe epilepsy. He had a seizure when he was driving, crashed into another car, and died. I didn’t get any compensation from the accident. I lost my job and only had a monthly income of 50 yuan. My child was only three years old and life was difficult for us.

I was fortunate to learn about Falun Dafa in 1996. I took my son to our local practice site every day. When he was in high school, he took a parttime job while studying very hard. He was later admitted to one of the more prominent universities and received awards for academic excellence every year. He found a good job after graduating and now has a happy family. I know that Falun Dafa brought him good fortune.

I’m a simple person. After I began practicing Falun Dafa, I focused on studying the Fa and doing the three things well. I've benefited from Master’s infinite grace and I'm grateful for Master’s salvation.

Compassionate Master Saved My Life Many Times

I've had some amazing experiences since I began practicing Falun Dafa. One night it was rainy and windy. As I walked downstairs outside my building, the wind blew out a large pane of glass from a fifth-floor balcony and it struck me in the head, then landed on the ground and shattered. It hurt when it struck my head, but I wasn't injured and there was no swelling. I knew Master had saved me.

Another time I was hit by a van and my head hit the ground really hard. My skull felt as if it were cracked open and I lost consciousness. The driver was terrified and fled. When I regained consciousness I got up with great difficulty. But when I stretched my arms and legs, I found that I only had a few bruises.

One day I was struck by a motorcycle as I walked down the street. I was thrown a few meters and passed out. When I came to, a woman claimed that I’d knocked her down and she was injured. When the motorcyclist came to check on me, I told him I felt fine. But the woman insisted on going to a hospital. The motorcyclist took her to the hospital, and I went home. 

I went to farm the land in the hills. On my way home, I fell and my head struck a sharp rock. Blood ran down my face. I went to the river, which was very muddy, and washed my face and head with the dirty water. I put my hand over the wound to stop the bleeding and walked home. When I returned home, my family urged me to see a doctor. I told them, that since I practiced Falun Dafa, I would be fine. Within an hour the cut stopped bleeding. By the fourth day it had healed completely and there was no scar. I knew the power of Dafa helped me. If I had gone to a hospital, I probably would have needed several stitches to close the wound. 

Another time I went to pick mushrooms in the hills with my younger brother and sister. My brother took us on his motorcycle. He drove so fast that he lost control of the bike. I was thrown meters away and hit the ground really hard. Because I landed face down and there were so many stones, when I stood up, my face was a bloody mess. I was taken to the hospital, where the doctor advised me to be admitted. I refused and insisted on going home, where I diligently studied the Fa and did the exercises. I healed within a week.

Because I had so many head injuries, I said, “Master! I must have done some very bad things in my past lives. I would have been dead many times over if I hadn’t become a Falun Dafa practitioner.” One day while I meditated, I saw I was a general in one lifetime and I killed many people. I even chased one man down and beheaded him.

Having Firm Faith in Master and Doing the Three Things Well

I don't look remarkable. I can't speak clearly and my hearing is poor. But I feel confident when I clarify the truth to people and I'm not afraid. When practitioners in our area started to use auto dialing technology to help people quit the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and its affiliated organizations, I actively participated. We install a certain application on our cell phones that turns them into auto-dialing devices. That way we do not have to talk, as the cell phone automatically dials the numbers and plays a pre-recorded message telling the listener why and how to quit the CCP and its affiliated organizations. I usually make calls after studying the Fa every day. 

We later started to talk during the phone calls. I wanted to participate in this as well. Many practitioners had notions and thought that I’d better keep playing the pre-recorded messages. I insisted on talking myself, so they helped me set up a new phone and taught me how to use it. 

At first, when people cursed or laughed at me I sometimes got irritated and argued with them. Gradually, I learned not to be affected by their words. Several people quit the CCP after I phoned them. It turned out that I can help many people quit the Party, and that I could do just as well as the other practitioners. Fellow practitioners have told me that I speak much more clearly now.

Besides talking to people on the phone every day, I paste truth-clarification stickers on electric poles. I also go to the farmer's market and clarify the truth about Falun Dafa face to face. I distribute Dafa brochures and CDs and talk to people. I have no fear; I just want to save more people. 

Many people who knew me before say they can see the positive changes in me. They say that I'm energetic and I speak more fluently. Since I have no wrinkles, they say I don't look like someone in her 70s. They are impressed by the amazing power of Dafa.