(Minghui.org) I was fortunate enough to begin practicing Falun Dafa (aka Falun Gong) in 1997. During the 20 years of my cultivation, Master Li (the founder) has been protecting me. Regardless of what environment I was in, I never once swayed from my belief in Dafa and Master. I never held any hatred or grudge towards those who have persecuted me. To me, they are the true victims. They are sentient beings that we need to awaken.

Arrested, Beaten, Detained, and Released

Several practitioners from neighboring villages and I went to Beijing to validate the Fa in December 1999. We were arrested by police at a gas station. We were locked up in different cells after they had confirmed our identities. A few hours later, two village policemen and three government workers arrived. When they saw me, they started to curse at me. A policeman started to punch, kick, and handcuff me. He then shoved me into a police car. In the car, many of them were cursing and yelling, it was truly unpleasant. I just sat quietly in the car silently reciting “Tempering The Will,” published in Hong Yin.

After driving for some time, the car came to a stop. They left us handcuffed in the car and went for lunch. A while later, the policeman who hit me was brought to the car by other policemen. 

After he sat down he asked: “Falun Gong can heal illnesses, right? Can you heal my illness?” He told me that he was hit by a car. I smiled and said: “Falun Gong does not heal illnesses nor can I heal your illness. I can offer you some money so you can go to the hospital.” I handed him the money but he refused to take it. His attitude towards me was completely different compared to earlier when he was hitting me. He took off my handcuffs and said: “You don’t need to wear them.” When we arrived at the police station, he was calm and did not hit me again.

The next morning, the head of the Political And Legal Affairs Committee and a deputy township head brought me to his office. When they saw my bruised face and swollen eyes, they started to yell and curse at me. I kept reciting “Tempering The Will”. After they stopped, I smiled and said: “Please don’t get angry.” I walked over to the table and poured two glasses of water for them. One of them said: “It seems like you still have some humanness left in you?” Both of them laughed and they took me back to the police station. After a while, a policeman told me: “We won’t detain you today, you can go home now.”

With Master’s protection, I reached home safely. The other practitioners who were with me were also beaten by the police, but they were all illegally detained

The local 610 Office decided to closely monitor my actions in the spring of 2000. They were afraid that I would go to Beijing to validate the Fa again. A lady from the 610 Office management team came to my house. She was with me at all times, and I treated her with compassion. One day, I decided to make dumplings for her to eat. She was very touched and said: “Please don’t tell anyone that I am here to watch you because you practice Falun Gong.” I said: “I need to be truthful. Do not fall for the lies and propaganda you’ve seen on television.” She said: “ I understand.” Two days later, she requested that they should no longer monitor me. I met her again by chance after some time, and we were very happy to see each other. My heart was at rest after I had helped her quit the Chinese Communist Party (CCP).

Clarifying the Truth

In recent years, I have been staying at my daughter’s house to look after her children. I have befriended many people in her building and had them quit the CCP. I would also pass out truth-clarification materials for them to read. One day, I met a middle-aged lady who had just moved in. Because we all had young children, it was easy for us to start a conversation. 

When I tried to clarify the truth to her, she became very unhappy and left immediately with her child. I knew that she had believed the lies disseminated by the Party. I decided to not give up, and clarify the truth to her once more if I have the chance. When I met her again, she still did not accept the truth about Dafa and looked even more frustrated. Deep down in my heart I still wanted to save this sentient being. I know as long as I have the heart for it, Master will help me. 

Sure enough, one afternoon it started to rain. I looked out of my window and saw someone’s blanket hanging outside. I did not know whose blanket it was but nevertheless, I still ran outside to go get it. The next day, while all the kids were playing together, I saw the middle-aged lady coming down the stairs with her child. She said that she was not home yesterday, and was constantly worried about her blanket getting wet. When she got back home, she saw that the blanket was inside the building, and was very grateful that someone had taken it inside for her. I smiled and said: “I took it in.” She changed her attitude toward me. I clarified the truth the next day, and she quit the CCP.

In my building there was this other younger lady. She brought her child to play with the other kids one day and I started to chat with her. She said that after college she never had the chance to look for a job. I asked if she was ever a member of the Party. She replied that she did join the Party. I told her to quit the Party to stay safe. She did not seem to believe me and asked how I knew about so many things. I asked her: “Have you heard of Falun Gong?” She said: “Are you a Falun Gong practitioner?” I replied: “Yes.” She was very anxious and ran away with her child. When I saw her running away, I had a thought in my mind to save her. I asked Master for a chance. Since we live in the same building, I thought to myself that we definitely have a good predestined relationship. 

With that being said, when I took my grandchild out to play one day, I saw another middle-aged woman playing with a child. I joined in with her. As we were talking, I realized that both of us are from the same village. Upon looking closely, I recognized that it was the same child I saw with the younger-looking woman days ago. I came to realize that she was the grandmother of that child. She told me which unit she lived in. 

That evening, I went to their apartment, taking along some snacks for the children as an excuse. But, in reality I wanted to talk about Dafa and have them quit the CCP. I went to their apartment three times and finally the young lady said: “Auntie, I understand everything now. I joined the Party when I was in college. Please help me quit the Party using my real name.” 

She told me that when she heard that I was a Falun Gong practitioner, she got very scared. She had believed the rumors that Falun Gong practitioners steal children. When she rushed home, her husband said that her face had turned blue. After hearing what she said, my heart was heavy because there are too many people poisoned and brainwashed by the CCP.

With the limited time that we have now to save sentient beings, I need to do well with the three things.