(Minghui.org) I'm 89 years old. If there is something that differentiates me from other elderly people, it's that my eyebrows and hair, which used to be stark white, are gradually turning black. A few streaks of black hair first appeared at my temples. Then the hair on the top of my head and near the nape of my neck also began to turn black.

My health had been poor since I was young. I had issues with my lungs, liver, and stomach. When they acted up, my whole body would be in pain. I learned many styles of qigong without seeing any improvement in my health. I had to rely on medicine and hospitalization.

I began to practice Falun Dafa in 1997. My whole body felt light after I studied the Fa for just three days, and I gradually recovered from all of my ailments. With a healthy body, I started to shoulder the majority of the physical work around our family's property. I helped bring up my grandchildren, went to the mountain to collect firewood, and labored in the fields.

I was illiterate. When I studied Fa with other practitioners, I held the book and tried to follow along while others were reading. The practitioner who sat beside me was very patient. She would point at the line in the book where we were reading. I attended group study at multiple venues and I was diligent. But the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) began to persecute Falun Dafa just two years after I began practicing.

I was doing the exercises with other practitioners one day when officers came to arrest us. They claimed they would fine each of us 2,000 yuan. “I was just doing some exercises and didn’t break any law. I wouldn't even give you two yuan,” I said. 

One officer asked who’d told us to do what we were doing. I said, “Nobody. It's a group practice site. Everybody is welcome.” The officer said that he would let me go if I gave him the name of another practitioner I knew. I wouldn't give him anyone's name. He didn't give up and kept pressing me. I then told him that I knew many people and I needed a sheet of paper to write down their names. He brought a sheet of paper over to me. 

I said that I knew everybody in town, but I didn't know their names. “You people have been interrogating me this whole day, so I know all of you, more than 30 of you. I can write all of your names on this page.” The officer then threatened to banish me to the Great Northern Wilderness. I answered, “The dirt in any place can bury a person in peace. That's nothing to be afraid of.” The officer then threatened to imprison me. “Good. I'm tired of cooking for my family. Now I have an excuse,” I said. It was getting late. The officer couldn’t do anything with me and had to release me.

I could no longer read the Fa with other practitioners, so I read the Fa at home. My son helped me learn the characters one by one. Within a year, I could read through Zhuan Falun by myself. 

I would like to share some miraculous things that my family members experienced.

My eldest son's wife had liver disease with late-stage liver ascites. Several hospitals had refused to admit her. I went to visit her. Her body was swollen and her belly was big. Seeing that all of the family had come to visit her, she felt sad, as if it was their last visit. She began to sob. My younger son's child comforted her, “Auntie, don't cry. You will be all right. Practice Dafa with Grandma.” 

I stayed with her after the other family members went home. She was not able to do the exercises. She read several lines of Zhuan Falun, but then she could not continue. I organized her four children and my eldest son to do the exercises together in the evening. My eldest son and their four children—the youngest was 6—all learned the movements from me. Although my daughter-in-law could only lie in bed, she watched as I taught them the exercises. She urged her children to learn the exercises well.

Many of our relatives came to visit my daughter-in-law and saw us all doing the exercises. Many of them joined in to learn them. In three days, the room had become too small so we moved into the yard. My daughter-in-law rested in her bed against the window and continued watching us.

She was gradually able to move. On the afternoon of the fourth day, she went to the toilet with my help. She then began to urinate about every 10 minutes until the next morning. She went to sleep after that. When she woke up, she told me that she could sit up straight. I then asked her to read the book. On the sixth day, she could go into the yard to do the exercises with us. I stayed with her for 15 days. Before I left, 16 people were practicing the exercises in the yard, and it was really pleasant to see. When I left, I advised my daughter-in-law to read the Fa more and do the exercises a lot. She completely recovered from liver disease by practicing Dafa.

I had given a copy of Zhuan Falun to my husband's younger sister and she started to practice. But she stopped after the CCP began to persecute Dafa. She later developed liver disease. When I visited her, she sobbed, “I envy you that you can study Dafa.” Hearing that she still wanted to practice Dafa, I gave her a copy of Zhuan Falun and a cassette with the exercise music. She recovered from liver disease after she resumed practicing Dafa, and she also no longer had to bend over when she went up and down the stairs. 

A practitioner's relative had a heart attack. Her family lifted her onto a stretcher and took her home. The practitioner wanted to have this relative study Falun Dafa with me, so the family transported her to my home in the morning and then transported her back home in the evening. The first day that she came, she was like a bag of bones and her skin looked as thin as paper. When I taught her to cross her legs, her legs were stiff and stuck up high. 

After she studied the Fa and learned the exercises for three afternoons, she could go to the bathroom by herself. The bathroom was quite far at that time—about a third of a mile round trip. It was a miracle that this lady, who could not care for herself and could only be moved around on a stretcher, could now walk a long way and could go to the bathroom normally. After about 40 days, she fully regained her health and went home. She could take care of her mother-in-law like before. Her family used to oppose her learning Dafa. Now they witnessed Dafa's miraculous power and began to share information about Dafa with other people.

I went out to distribute materials about Dafa one evening and decided to leave the last two brochures on a car parked nearby. I didn't realize that it was a police vehicle and that somebody was sitting inside until I’d left the brochures. The officer inside was looking at me. Before I could think, I lost my footing and fell into a ditch beside the car. I was 87 years old then. The officer saw that an elderly woman had fallen next to his car. He didn’t want to be held responsible and quickly drove away. It was late at night and nobody had noticed me lying in the ditch. I said to myself, “I'm a cultivator and I must walk home as usual.” I asked Master to strengthen me. I had to struggle but I stood up, straightened up, and walked home. Master protected me once again.

My family has witnessed my cultivation experiences. They all sincerely believe in Dafa and know that Falun Dafa is good and Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance is good. Three generations of my family have benefited from Dafa.

Not only is my white hair turning black, but I also walk lightly and quickly. I once walked to a farmer's market. A woman in her 30s was riding her bicycle behind me. When she finally caught up with me at a bridge, she sighed, “You walk like you are floating. I could hardly catch up with you on my bicycle!” I explained the benefits of Dafa to her and why the Chinese Communist Party persecutes practitioners. Master arranged a person with a predestined relationship to chase me to learn the truth!