(Minghui.org) My work team achieved a good result and finished the year at 130% of the goal. My boss was very happy, awarded our team a one million yuan bonus, and authorized me to distribute it to the team members. 

Before I joined this company, I researched it and talked to the boss. I discovered that the company was nearly bankrupt and its assets vacancy rate was 90%. It didn’t have a key team and was not competitive in the market. The employees were not concerned about whether the company failed. There were many conflicts and pursuit of personal interest among the employees. The boss didn’t have a real picture of how his company was running and that its sales were poor. He hoped that I could turn this situation around and help establish an efficient team so that we could generate revenue and the company could enter a positive cycle. 

The boss invited many people for interviews. They all declined because they didn’t want to fail while working for the company and thus damage their reputations. They knew that the company had been running for nearly ten years but had never been successful. 

I am a professional manager. I’m also a Falun Dafa practitioner. Master told us that we should be kind, consider others first, and become selfless people. The boss trusted me. I felt we might have a pre-destined relationship. So I accepted his invitation and became the deputy general manager of the company. 

This was the first time I had taken a position in a nearly bankrupt company. I had to establish a team and make a plan for its future development. I followed the principles of Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance in my new position. I wasn’t concerned about the employees who seemed to cooperate but were actually scheming against me. I set a new goal, targeted the right market, and made out a workable sales strategy. I explained my plan to the boss and the future financial situation for the company, and gained his agreement and full support. He invested 15 million in my project. 

According to the industry norm, if a new project reaches 75% of its goal in the first 12 to 18 months, it is deemed successful. The project I worked on had failed for ten years and so it was very difficult to reach this goal. I reorganized the staff members and reshuffled the organizational structure. I worked out procedures and guidelines so that every employee knew their responsibilities. 

I recruited new employees at each stage of the project’s development and kept the costs as low as possible. I established the entire team within eleven months, and after that our project had a profile in the market. This was a kind of miracle in the local market. After one year our team had completed 130% of its goal. The boss was very happy and gave a one million yuan bonus to our team. 

According to the industry practice and related rules, as a person in charge, I should get 18% to 20% of the bonus. My assistant played a major role. Because of his excellent negotiation skills and hard work, we got many contracts and the project was up and running one month ahead of schedule. Besides me, he was a key person. I didn’t distribute the bonus simply by the position titles and ignore his extra hard work. 

Based on his position, his bonus should not exceed 7%. But I gave him 12% and gave myself 13%. I didn’t feel I lost anything. Instead I felt light-hearted. 

I presented my bonus distribution plan to my boss and explained why I gave my assistant a higher bonus. I said, “Although he’s not in a position to receive such a high percentage, he’s made huge contributions to the project. He deserves the bonus because of his ability, hard work, and outstanding performance during this past year. I hope you will approve it.”

My boss was moved. He didn’t expect that I would propose to increase the bonus for my assistant. He agreed. My assistant was very thankful. “You deserve it,” I told him, “Keep working hard next year. Congratulations!”

Many people might think I was foolish. My handling it this way would be unimaginable if I didn’t practice Falun Dafa. I was very involved in making money right after I graduated from the university. Whichever way I could make money, I went for it, disregarding whether it was moral or immoral. I followed the trend in Chinese society to seek material gains. I felt jealous and unfairly treated if someone was better than me. I looked down on those who were weaker than me. I fought for even tiny profits. I wouldn’t cooperate with my colleagues who had joined the company when I did but were promoted to higher positions. I thought they were incapable, and didn’t see why they should be promoted. I hoped they would make mistakes. I felt exhausted and depressed. My health deteriorated. 

I thought I would be lost in the material world forever. For some reason I remembered Falun Dafa one day. I practiced it when I was a child in primary school. I wanted to practice again. 

Falun Dafa Re-enters My Life

My mother brought me the book Zhuan Falun when she came to see me. She practiced the five sets of exercises with me. At that moment I cried. I finally stepped back on the cultivation path. I was like a lost child who found the way home. Dafa’s principles opened up my heart and dispelled my depression and bewilderment. I was reborn. I felt enveloped in the Fa every day, and felt extremely lucky. 

I suddenly saw through everything in this world. I took everything lightly and let go of many attachments. I no longer competed with my colleagues or complained about the life’s unfairness. I faced hardships at work and in daily life with smiles. I took hardship as joy. Dafa opened my wisdom and expanded my mind. I was able to handle difficult issues easily and efficiently. 

To my surprise, when I no longer cared much about personal gain, the situation turned around. My work environment changed for the better. I worked more efficiently and got along with my colleagues. I soon got a new job through an agent and my salary doubled. 

I know that Falun Dafa brought all these positive changes to my life, and Master arranged a new cultivation path for me. I became a happy and content, a Fa particle who is assimilated to the principles of Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance. 

I will follow Master’s instructions, cultivate myself and try to become a considerate and selfless person.