(Minghui.org) My stepmother had a fever, coughed, and struggled to breathe earlier this year. She and I had always had a very good relationship, so I invited her to stay with me for a few days after learning that she'd started going to a clinic near my home.

After she came to live with me, I made breakfast for her every morning. I played Master’s audio lectures for her after she ate. My father then came to take her to the clinic for IV drips. After a few rounds, she was asked to have the IV drips at home.

A few fellow practitioners usually came to my house every afternoon to study the Fa together. My stepmother joined us several days later. Although she read the Fa very slowly, she was able to remain diligent and focused. She also watched the New Tang Dynasty television programs, a US-based TV station with uncensored news about China. She was shocked to see how much information about the pandemic was covered up by the Chinese state-run propaganda media.

A few days later, her health condition improved. In the past, she suffered from severe constipation. After she came to my house, she started having normal bowel movements. I live in a flat with no inside restroom. She had to use a potty as I didn't want her to go outside when it was very cold in the morning. Each time, I took the potty outside to empty the waste without any hesitation. She was very moved.

Ten days passed by, and her coronavirus infection symptoms disappeared. She felt much better and was happy.

When I was making Dafa truth-clarifying materials, I did not try to hide it from her. Looking at those brochures, she said, “I finally know what you have been doing. You are doing good deeds!”

I know that she finally understood that Falun Dafa is beneficial to people and that it was nothing like what she heard before from state-run radio or TV. When I clarified the truth to her relatives in the past, they were all indifferent.

I said to her, “Mom, this time, Dafa saved you. You can also let more people know about the truth of Dafa so that they can benefit from it as well.”

She agreed and put it into action immediately. She told her relatives via WeChat about her speedy recovery. She said that she was blessed by Dafa and that she wanted to share her happiness with her extended family.

She knew that I have been doing odd jobs to make ends meet and insisted to give me some money. I refused. She then put some in my drawer without me knowing. I found out and returned the money to her. I said, “Whether or not you have money, I will always take care of you.”

Now my stepmother has also started to practice Dafa. She is happier and healthier. When she left, she took a copy of Zhuan Falun, the main text of Falun Dafa, with her.

A few days later, I went to visit her. She was doing very well. My father told me, “Every day after she eats, the first thing she does is read the Fa. She does not even take naps after lunch as before.”

I said, “Dad, you should follow and listen to the Fa too. Believing in Dafa will bring you true safety.” My father smiled and nodded.