(Minghui.org) My grandson is in ninth grade this year. He is so addicted to playing video games that he sometimes forgets to eat or sleep, and is on the computer until 2:00 a.m. He also often argues with his parents. 

On his birthday, he brought three classmates home to celebrate with him. I happened to be over at the house that day and wanted to clarify the truth to my grandson’s friends. I talked to my daughter (who is not a practitioner), and she said that I should ask my grandson first. He refused to allow me to talk to his friends. 

I then asked my granddaughter if I could talk to her two classmates who were also visiting. She refused as well. 

I felt regretful and disappointed that I missed the opportunity to offer salvation to these children. I realized that I am a Dafa practitioner and should be playing the lead role. Why did I need to ask my grandchildren’s permission to save sentient beings? 

I recently visited my daughter again. My grandson had invited his friend Alan over. They were busy playing a video game with my granddaughter.

After lunch, I went into my grandson’s room and asked them to stop playing the video game. I said, “Let me ask you guys a question to see who can answer it correctly. What is the most precious thing in life?” This was not a difficult question, but they couldn’t answer it. 

I said, “Our lives are the most important thing. This is actually a critical time now with disasters happening everywhere. If diseases spread fast, you can't imagine how terrible it’ll be. So being healthy is very important now. Let me share with you a story about the discovery of the hidden (Chinese) characters rock.” 

I took out a piece of paper with information about the hidden characters rock and told Alan that he could google it on his phone. I also told him about people withdrawing from the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and its related youth organizations. 

I explained that he did not have to formally quit the CCP at school, but make a statement of withdrawal from his heart and that would be good enough. He was more than happy to do so. 

My daughter was worried that my grandson would be mad at me. After his friend left, I explained to my grandchildren that as a practitioner, I was responsible for clarifying the truth to their friends, which in turn will benefit them too. 

If their friends could be safe from a disaster, they could still play with them in the future. These friends would appreciate them too. My grandchildren accepted what I said. We ended up having a joyous day! 

Before I left, I gave my grandson a Falun Dafa pendant. I realized that when we are willing to save people, Master Li will offer us the wisdom to be able to do so. We should not rely on everyday people since we are the leading characters in saving sentient beings.