(Minghui.org) I started cultivating Falun Dafa in 1996. During the twenty years of my cultivation, I stumbled many times and experienced many ups and downs of ordinary society. I know that time is very precious during these last moments of Fa-rectification. As cultivators we need to study the Fa, practice the exercises, send righteous thoughts, and clarify the truth while tending to ordinary matters. As a result, I have been planning my time very carefully.

I make good use of time even if I have only three or five minutes to spare. My day starts with my alarm at 3:15 a.m. and ends after sending righteous thoughts at midnight. I don’t take afternoon naps. If I start to doze off when I am studying the Fa, I would start cleaning the house. After cleaning the house I would resume Fa study. Sometimes if I get tired doing household chores, I would study the Fa. This way I can fully utilize my time by taking a break and studying the Fa at the same time. I also practice the exercises for two-and-a-half hours, sending righteous thoughts six times a day, study two lectures and memorize three pages of Zhuan Falun. This totals up to at least seven hours every day. On top of that, I would also clarify the truth and work on other Fa-validation projects. I manage my time very strictly, never slacking off. I have managed my time like this for more than ten years.

I have a television at home, but never watch it. Every morning while in the bathroom, I would watch the news on my cellphone. I have never watched any television dramas. However, one day by chance, I saw a trailer of a television drama that I liked to watch before I cultivated. I thought it wasn’t a big deal to watch since it was only three minutes long. I clicked on it and watched it.

I never thought I would watch this drama every day going forward. The more I watched it, the more addicted I got. I still kept up with studying the Fa, practicing the exercises, sending righteous thoughts, and clarifying the truth. But if I had three to five or even ten minutes available, I took my cellphone out and started to watch the drama. During noon time, I would use the excuse of an afternoon break to watch even more dramas, sometimes watching for as long as thirty to sixty minutes.

The old forces started to interfere with me and I started to have tribulations. My mother, who has been cultivating for twenty years, started to say that I was not good enough to her and she refused to cultivate anymore. If she stopped cultivating because of me, this enormous sin will be mine to bear! How can I repay that?! At that point, I realized the gravity of this issue.

I have enlightened to the fact that due to my attachment to cellphones, these tribulations have presented themselves to me, so I shouldn’t be on cellphones anymore. Also, a practitioner stopped by to share her experiences and send righteous thoughts for my mom. My mother’s alarm went off in the morning the next day and she refused to wake up to practice the exercises. It then rang again continuously five times. My mom enlightened to the fact that Master was reminding her to get up; if she did not get up, she will be remorseful for letting Master down. The next day, my mother resumed her morning exercises.

After this tribulation, I thought to myself: Maybe it was not my cellphone that caused the problem. When I went to the bathroom the next day, I started to watch the drama again. As a result, I experienced a bigger tribulation: my ninety-year-old mother decided to move out and live by herself.

My mother was very stubborn. I realized using ordinary methods would not solve the issue. I am a cultivator and not an ordinary person. I need to think of a solution beyond that of everyday people. Master said:

“What’s required of you, then? You must cultivate your inner self and not pursue things externally.” (Lecture One, Zhuan Falun)

I started to look inward immediately and found these attachments: bad temper, impatience, irritation, seeking comfort, being too demanding, the competitive mentality, selfishness, and lust. I increased my time for sending righteous thoughts and eliminated the evil in other dimensions controlling my mother. I knelt down in front of Master’s picture and asked Master for forgiveness.

Looking inward is truly a magical tool. My mother’s stubbornness changed completely the next day; she acted as if nothing had happened. This is a cultivator’s miracle.

I read the article “There Are Indeed Bad Things Behind Cell Phones and TV” on Minghui.org. The article tells about a young granddaughter who can see many things with her celestial eye. When she was five, she started to listen to Master’s lectures and send righteous thoughts but was still too young to do the exercises.

Master opened her celestial eye and she could see things that ordinary people couldn’t. One morning when she went to the bathroom, she saw her grandfather watching television in the living room. She yelled at her grandma to send righteous thoughts right away because she said grandpa was watching a skeleton head. She sat down in the restroom, closed her eyes, and sent righteous thoughts. Afterward, she said, “Grandma, I’ve spent a lot of effort destroying the evil and almost failed.”

This summer her granddaughter came to stay over for three weeks. One day, she wanted to play with the cellphone that her mother left charging in the bedroom. She said, “Grandma, as soon as I opened the cellphone I saw a fox jump out and run to the bathroom window.”  A couple of days later she said, “A snake came out of Grandpa’s cell phone and ran out the window.” The practitioner told her granddaughter, “You are cultivating Falun Dafa now, those animals are afraid of you, that’s why they ran away. Also, Master was trying to tell you not to play with the cellphone since it has bad things in it.” 

Cellphones and television have things that not only harm ordinary people but also cultivators if not handled properly. I am an example of that. It seemed like a small issue, but it often leads to big problems.

I truly experienced the seriousness and the supernatural nature of cultivation. We need to walk a righteous path and listen to Master. Master said:

“The same applies to surfing the net on computers and playing video games, the same principle applies. “You’re going to give it up. You give it up to let me die?” It won’t let you. “I must make you surf the net.” You don’t want to? It won’t let you work; it won’t let you study; it just makes your mind be preoccupied to play with it. It will let you play the games even in dreams if you don’t play.” (“Fa Teaching at the 2019 New York Fa Conference,” Team Blue Translation)

To be a true cultivator we need to listen to Master. Whatever Master says, that is the Fa and it is a heavenly secret. It will be too late to even correct and regret your mistakes if you don’t listen to Master.

Thank you, Master! Heshi.