(Minghui.org) In my workplace, everyone knows that I am uncomplicated and honest. In their view, I do not know how to show off nor do I have any prominent connections. In today's China, where everyone competes for everything, it would be very hard for a person like me to get a pay raise or promotion, or to use wealth or connections to find a good job for my child.

But to many people’s surprise, not only did my wife and I both get promoted without bribing anyone, my son also found a good job. 

What’s our secret? As a Falun Dafa practitioner, I learned to follow the course of nature and understood that one will get what one deserves. Just as Master told us:

“If something is yours, you will not lose it. If something is not yours, you will not have it even if you fight for it.” (Lecture Seven, Zhuan Falun, 2014 Translation Version)

My Promotion

There are over three hundred people at my company. There are usually only 1-2 promotions made annually. Once promoted, one will get a pay raise of more than 6,000 yuan. The requirements for promotion include work performance, peer review, and supervisor evaluation. People will do whatever it takes to get promoted, such as purchasing fake certificates, giving their supervisors gifts, and inviting coworkers for dinner.

Because I refused to follow suit, I was left behind. People who were hired after me were all promoted, but I remained in the same position for years. Some co-workers felt that it was unfair and urged me to do the same as everyone else to get a promotion. But as a cultivator, I knew that I should follow the principles of Dafa and not do anything unethical or illegal.

My wife thought I was a fool to not fight for a promotion. I told her not to worry; if it was mine, it would come.

A co-worker who was close to me also suggested that I should bribe my supervisor. “You are a veteran technician with years of experiences. You are more qualified than anyone else. You need to fight. It is yours anyways. If I were you, I would put 20,000 yuan on the supervisor's table and leave. It would be a done deal!”

“You know I cannot do that,” I smiled.

One year, I got my promotion materials ready, but a senior technician approached me: “I wonder if you could do me a favor. I am going to retire soon, and I need the promotion badly. If you also apply for the promotion, I would lose for sure.” He was implying for me to drop out of the competition, and I agreed.

Another year, I was in the pool for promotion again. Another senior technician implored me to withdraw my name for consideration for the same reason as the other technician. I knew his family wasn’t doing well financially and they often borrowed money to make ends meet. I said yes to his request.

It didn't really bother me having to give up the tangible interest, but it preyed on my mind when I heard that the second senior technician said some negative things about me and Dafa behind my back, after I gave up my own promotion opportunity to increase his chance of getting it.

I reminded myself that as a cultivator, I didn’t have enemies and I shouldn’t harbor hatred or resentment towards him, no matter what had happened. With Dafa’s guidance, I was able to let it go and treat him with compassion as usual.

But it turned out that he was reported for holding too many fake certificates and he didn’t get the promotion in the end.

I applied for a promotion a few years later and got it. A member of the promotion review committee member wondered why it took me so long to get promoted, given my years of services and excellent skills. I told him about my giving up opportunities for the sake of others. He was deeply moved. “You taught us something today,” he said.

I did not follow suit with the rest of the co-workers. They admired me for not doing anything extra to get the promotion. Even my wife was surprised.

My Son and His Job

After my son graduated from college, he found a part-time job in the city. His job wasn’t stable and he could barely support himself. My wife was worried. She often complained to me: “Too bad we do not have any connections. Who could help our son land a good and secure job?” I usually told her, “Not to worry. He is an honest person with integrity. He will have his blessings. We need to take it easy.”

In the process of raising my son, I focused more on developing his virtue. I taught him the principles of Falun Dafa. I also told him that as a human being, one has to be upright, be truthful, and be kind. I am not worried as long as he follows those principles.

I was really impressed when I learned that my son quit a well-paying job just because he refused to tell lies. It was a company that claimed to be selling supplements to seniors for health and wellness. When he found out it was not the case at all, he left the company. He did not want to cheat seniors out of their hard-earned money. I knew right there that he would be fine.

One day, I called a relative and he asked about my son and his job. He said a friend of his works at a big company and he could check if they were hiring. My son went there and was hired on the spot. It was a big corporation that offered him all the benefits, along with a fairly high salary. My wife was amazed that he landed a great job just like that!

My Wife and Her “Promotion”

My wife worked in a small factory and her job was physically demanding. She worked from sun up to sun down with a very meager salary. She wanted a better job with less physical demands.

I noticed my wife's changes through my cultivation – she loved to help others, took good care of her mother, and we got along better.

One day, out of the blue, the manager of my company asked me if my wife would be interested in a job that had opened up just recently. My wife went for an interview and she was hired immediately. The working environment is excellent and her salary is much higher, as well as the benefits. She was very happy, “I got a promotion too!”

I knew very well that these are all blessings from cultivating Dafa. When one follows the course of nature and abides by the universal principles, one will be blessed.