(Minghui.org) Master Li (Falun Dafa's founder) taught us:

“The cultivation done in the past never had these things, and Dafa disciples are the pioneers.” (A Reply to the Dafa Disciples of Peru, Li Hongzhi, December 17, 2005)

I sometimes find it very helpful to ask Master Li for guidance, as I did when I was going through a particularly difficult tribulation.

Later on, I had a very strange dream, which woke me up. In the dream, I asked Master why he was bothering to save people. He said it is because people have some Buddha nature left. I asked him what Buddha nature he was talking about, and then he pointed at me.

This really strengthened me at this point in my cultivation, and it made me have more belief in myself as a pioneer blazing my cultivation path as a Dafa Disciple—a path never seen before in the history of the cosmos. And amidst the interference I was experiencing, Master’s compassionate message was like a thunderbolt of compassionate energy I had never experienced before. It remained in the months that followed, inside my soul.

I had enlightened by looking within to the life-saving aspects of asking Master for help if one needs guidance on one’s cultivation path. Because of my human notions, I was shy about this request when I heard other cultivators talk about asking Master for help. I later realized, again, that I was truly a small particle of Dafa and cannot think like I am cultivating in a Zen Buddhist approach, and that asking Master for help is actually part of turning towards the Fa, practicing my righteous faith, which I then started practicing more with my heart and soul.

Whenever I asked Master for guidance, sincerely, in my heart, I received his divine help through small miracles. Early in the winter, it was arranged for me to help with a Fa-rectification project. This was shortly after asking what my path was in the Fa-rectification at this stage, since I had just graduated and was no longer able to clarify the truth at school, and I hadn’t yet found a job (which I had been working on finding and later found for clarifying the truth and saving people).

One of the things I helped with was the Shen Yun transcriptions for North America. My coordinator later shared with me that she had also asked Master for help when the team needed help, and that I arrived shortly after. My xinxing was strengthened as I did transcribing work for Shen Yun interviews. I was also able to sometimes serve as a sub-coordinator.

I found transcribing some of the Shen Yun interviews very touching. I had the opportunity to listen to quite a few traditional couples, where the wife is honored and revered by her husband as the housewife, and she lets her husband be the one in charge, the one to speak out about the show’s positive and moving performance, without needing to compete with him, but gently complimenting him and the family. I found that this strengthened my thoughts about humanity turning toward good relationships between men and women.

I hope to continue to improve and do better in saving more people while conforming to society in a traditional way and continuing on an upright path myself before I consummate. I hope my short sharing is encouraging, and

“...helping fellow cultivators to think and act righteously...” (Master’s New Article: Mature, Li Hongzhi, October 29, 2005)

Thank you, Master, for continuing to guide your disciples, including me.