(Minghui.org) I'm 70 years old this year. Before I began practicing Falun Dafa I had various illnesses. I was so sick that I contemplated suicide, but I loved my children, so I dragged myself through each day.

In 1999, my son introduced me to Falun Dafa. Soon after I began practicing, all my diseases disappeared and my outlook on life became positive. My family and friends said, “Falun Dafa is amazing. She relied on medicine to survive before, but now she doesn’t take a single pill.”

They all knew that Falun Dafa was good and supported my practicing. Even after the persecution began, they stood on the side of Dafa, encouraged me, and even helped me distribute truth clarification materials to save people.

My Husband Helps Me to Validate Dafa

Soon after I began practicing, our peaceful cultivation environment was taken from us by the CCP (Chinese Communist Party) in July 1999. In order to refute the CCP's lies and smear campaign I went out to validate the Fa. My husband supported me very much.

He said, “All your illnesses are gone and you're now healthy because of Falun Dafa. You can do whatever you want.” He always accompanies me when I distribute truth-clarifying booklets, hang up banners or post information about Falun Dafa. He says that he's protecting me. Before I practiced I was timid and afraid of the dark. Even a stray cat or dog frightened me. After I began practicing I wasn't afraid because I knew Master protected me.

At one point a cyst grew on the bottom of his right foot and every step was painful. The doctor said he needed surgery, but my husband didn’t want to spend the money. He walked with me everywhere distributing materials and the cyst disappeared.

Another time, a cyst nearly the size of a duck egg appeared on each cheek. The doctor said he needed surgery and suggested that he go to a hospital in a big city like Harbin. The doctor thought it was cancer and the treatment would cost tens of thousands of yuan. My husband wanted to save money for the grandchildren and he also didn't want to be told he had cancer, so he didn’t do anything.

The cysts got bigger. My daughter asked him to read Zhuan Falun. After reading the book twice, the cysts were gone. Although his cheeks looked a bit bigger than normal, they didn't bother hm. I knew Master took away the bad things because he always accompanied me in validating Dafa and so he was blessed.

My Oldest Brother Always Talks to People About the Goodness of Dafa

My oldest brother is seventy-two years old. When he was in his 60s, he developed hernias on both sides of his small intestine. The doctor didn’t recommend surgery because of his old age. Each step was painful. I talked to him about Dafa and he listened to the recordings of Master’s lectures. Although he didn’t practice Falun Dafa, he followed the principles to be a good person.

Before when his chicken was stolen, he stood in the street and scolded anyone who passed by. After listening to Master’s lectures, he lost his chicken again during the Chinese New Year. This time he didn’t accuse anyone. Instead he was very calm and said, “It's just like Master said, I may owe someone from a previous lifetime and now it's time to pay them back” Because he upheld Dafa and maintained his xinxing, his hernias disappeared. Now, he's over 70 years old and can still help his son in the rice fields.

He always carries a little Falun Dafa keepsake in his pocket and tells everyone he meets about how wonderful Falun Dafa is.

One rainy day, he headed home, driving his heavily loaded tricycle. His tricycle was struck by another vehicle and rolled over three times. He was thrown out and wasn't injured. He knew that Master protected him from disaster.

My brother knows that Dafa is good and always tells the other villagers about his experience. Every year when the Falun Dafa calendars are ready, he asks me for several and gives each village family one. The people are happy to receive them and use them.

After my sister-in-law had a stroke, she had to use a wheelchair. I told her to remember and say, “Falun Dafa is good; Truthfulness-Benevolence-Forbearance is good.” She did and now she no longer needs the wheelchair and can walk with the aid of a cane.

My Cousin and His Wife Help Clarify the Truth

My cousin lives in Yushu City, Jilin Province. He suffered from tuberculosis. His wife had rectal cancer and after her surgery, the doctor said she might live five more years. I went to their home and clarified the truth to them. I suggested that they sincerely say the two phrases, “Falun Dafa is good; Truthfulness-Benevolence-Forbearance is good.”

His wife’s cancer disappeared. Thirteen years have passed and she's still healthy.

My cousin also helped me avoid being persecuted. His tuberculosis was resolved without medical treatment.

My cousin’s wife was very grateful to Falun Dafa after her cancer was gone. She always carries with her a little Falun Dafa keepsake and clarifies the truth. Every time I visit her home I bring leaflets. She asked me to give her a leaflet and she would help me clarify the truth. People usually gather at a certain place in the village and chat.

She took the leaflet and after she got there, she said, “My husband got this leaflet. I'm illiterate. If anyone can read, please read it to me.” Someone read it aloud and the others listened. She told me, “Everyone heard the truth. It's much quicker than talking to each person one at a time.”

My cousin was afraid that I might encounter danger while clarifying the truth and didn’t want me to go out by myself. He said, “You want to give the booklets to each family. We can help you.” He called his child and his older and younger brother's children and assigned the task to them. Each one was given one street. They soon finished and came back. They didn’t miss a single home. I was really happy for the children because I knew they would have a wonderful future.

My Cousin’s Husband Assigned People to Protect Us

I have a cousin whose husband works in a township government. Another practitioner and I went there to distribute truth-clarifying materials and CDs. He said, “I didn't support your practicing Falun Dafa before, but I have to help you. I'll worry if you two go out by yourselves. I can’t go with you, but I'll help you.” He asked his son and his nephew to accompany us. He said, “Protect them and get them back safely.”

The two young men carried our big bags filled with truth-clarifying materials and CDs. We two carried small bags. We went to three villages and distributed all the materials without any problems.

The next day we heard that two neighbors had an argument over our CD. One complained that the other neighbor took the CD we had placed in front of his house! People are all hoping to be saved!

My Niece and Her Husband Help Me Distribute Truth-Clarifying Materials and Hang Banners

Most of my relatives and I live in the countryside. I went to my niece’s place to clarify the truth. Her husband took me out on a motorcycle to hang up banners. He's young, strong and smart and can hang the banners very high, even on tall trees. Once he pushed the motorcycle and asked if anyone could help with a flat tire. He was told to enter the village and ask around. We didn’t arouse any suspicion and we hung banners all along the main street.

He was involved in an accident and his tractor landed in a ditch. It rolled several times, but he was fine. He said, “Dafa's Master protected me. If I didn't go with my auntie to hang banners, would I still be alive? No way!”

Another time his motorcycle collided head-on with another motorcycle at a corner at high speed. He was thrown more than two meters and landed a foot away from a stone signpost. He passed out and was sent to the hospital. He was not injured except for a few minor scratches. He said that Dafa protected him again.

Once when I only brought a few materials he said, “Auntie, you stay here and talk with your niece. I'll help you. You don't live here, so someone who doesn’t know you may report you to police. I know everyone and I'll post the materials.” When he came back, he proudly told me that he had put the stickers up very neatly.

My niece also often came with me and helped distribute materials. One night, we distributed all the materials except for one. When she took out the last booklet she said it was glowing. She closed and opened her eyes a few times and said the booklet was still glowing. She called me, “Auntie, come quickly. This booklet is glowing.” As soon as she called me over, it stopped. I knew Master had shown her the wonder of Dafa.

My Cousin Helps People Withdraw from the CCP

One cousin lives in Jilin Province, and her husband works at a local credit union. He's in charge of loans. Every spring, local farmers need to get loans for their farms, so many come to her home to ask for favors in order to get more money.

I often visit her. My cousin tells those who come for loans, “First listen to my cousin talk about withdrawing from the CCP. Quitting the Party will keep you from being implicated when the Party is held accountable for its crimes.” She asks each person which CCP-related organizations they joined and then turns them over to me. With her help, everyone agrees to quit the Party.

One year, she borrowed a huge tank to water corn seedlings since there was a drought that year. The area she lives in is surrounded by mountains and the road is not flat. While she was driving the truck carrying the filled water tank, it rolled off. The tank, which weighed a few tons, rolled over her and she lost consciousness. She was rushed to the hospital. Everyone thought she was severely injured and would die. When she was examined, it turned out that she was fine. She returned home a few days later. All the villagers were talking about the accident. She told them that she was fine because her cousin is a practitioner. She was very grateful that Master had saved her.

My Family Protects Me from the Police

One summer night my younger brother was changing his wife's diaper (she was in a vegetative state after brain surgery). A police car suddenly stopped in front of their home. The three policemen broke into the house and shouted, “We heard there's a Falun Dafa practitioner here!” My younger brother said, “No one here practices Falun Dafa.”

I was in a back room where my parents stayed. I quickly hid in the blanket chest. The police searched the other room where my younger brother lived. Then they went to the west room, where my brother's daughter-in-law lived. She was pregnant. The truth-clarifying CDs were in that room. She hid the CDs in the bed chest and locked the door. Police insisted on searching it. My brother asked his daughter-in-law to open the door. Police searched everywhere. One even got on the bed and was about to search the bed chest. The daughter-in-law said swiftly, “Oh, my god! Who has our family offended? We're caring for a vegetative relative, but you still come here to make more trouble!” The police stopped searching and left her room.

The police asked about my parents' back room. My brother told them the parents lived there, but the police insisted on searching it. When they pushed the door open, my father asked who they were. They said they just came to visit. My father said, “It’s almost midnight. It’s time to sleep, not time to visit.” Police just flashed the flashlight around the room a few times and left.

I quickly asked for Master’s help and sent righteous thoughts. I calmed down. In this way, I avoided the persecution. Because my family understood the truth, they did not panic and protected me.

Udumbara Flowers Bloom in My Yard for Eight Years

When one person practices, many others benefit. All of my relatives know that Dafa is good. Because they help me clarify the truth, they are blessed.

Every time she went out or came home, my mother said, “Falun Dafa is good” and “Truthfulness-Benevolence-Forbearance is good.” She also listened to the recordings of Master’s lectures. Her long term illness that she had since she was young was resolved. She passed away at the age of 97.

My father also benefited from Dafa. He recited the two Dafa phrases every day and also read Zhuan Falun. He died at the age of 90.

The wife of my oldest nephew was in poor health and underwent several surgeries. She was diagnosed with lymphoma and was told that she only had two years to live. She was illiterate. I told her to say the two Falun Dafa phrases, and she sincerely keeps saying them. Seven years have passed, and she's still alive and in good condition. Her doctor cannot explain it.

For years, my family lived in a bungalow. The Udumbara flowers bloomed in our yard all year. They bloomed on the pipes, leaves, cucumbers, and even on the pepper plants. They bloomed for eight years. We later moved into a high-rise building.