(Minghui.org) As the World Falun Dafa Day approached, practitioners from various professions in China sent greetings to the Minghui website to celebrate this tradition and wish Mr. Li Hongzhi, the founder of the practice, a happy birthday (which also falls on World Falun Dafa Day, May 13). 

“We are very fortunate to become Falun Dafa practitioners, because we have learned how to be considerate of others,” wrote three practitioners who work in the healthcare system in Huangshan City, Anhui Province, “Falun Dafa is true science since it can improve practitioners’ health and mind nature. We hope more people can benefit from it.”

One practitioner in Yantai City, Shandong Province said that his son once fell from a scaffold at a construction site. Although there seemed to be no major injuries at the time, an X-ray later showed that his shoulder bones were broken. Since muscle had already built up at the cracks, surgery was required, at a cost of about 50,000 yuan. “My son did not know what to do since we did not have the money. I told him to recite ‘Falun Dafa is good’ and ‘Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance is good’, and said there would be no need to worry about it,” wrote the practitioner. 

After some time, the doctor examined again and said the surgery would not be needed, since the situation had improved. “Both my wife and I were excited to hear this, and we knew that Master had helped us again,” the practitioner wrote. “We will remain diligent on the cultivation path.”

Additional greetings were received from:

Hanjiayuan Forestry Bureau, Heilongjiang ProvinceLand Reclamation Bureau in Heilongjiang ProvinceNatural gas industry in Qinhuangdao City, Hebei ProvinceElectric power systemRetired medical professionals in Shandong ProvinceForestry service in Shandong PractitionerRetied government officials in Zhaoyuan City, Shandong ProvinceLiaohe Oldfield in Liaoning ProvinceCangzhou Petroleum Chemical Company in Hebei ProvinceAgriculture Development BankShengli Oilfield in Shandong ProvinceShijiazhuang Oil RefineryZhongyuan Oilfield in Puyang City, Henan ProvinceWater supply in Guizhou ProvinceRailroad system in Guizhou Province