(Minghui.org) My spouse and I attended a Falun Gong introductory class taught by Mr. Li Hongzhi, the founder of the spiritual discipline, in Zhengzhou City, Henan Province, in June 1994.

Extraordinary Weather During the Class

One afternoon, as Master Li was giving a lecture, the sky suddenly turned black and the sound system stopped working. Master stood up and continued with the lecture, speaking in a loud voice. Hailstones began to fall outside. They flew into the hall through the windows. I picked one up and it was as large as my thumb.

Someone said there was a hail storm. Master said: “Don't talk, pay attention to what I'm saying.” The lights went out and Master stopped his lecture. Rain leaked through and the podium was covered in water. Master stepped aside and stood doing hand signs. When he finished, I saw him holding a bottle in one hand and pointing a finger in the bottle with the other hand. I heard a scream, it was a woman's voice. Master screwed the cap onto the bottle and something was contained inside it.

The rain stopped and the sun came out. Everyone applauded. I only knew afterward Master was eliminating a demon. Master sat down and did another set of hand signs before continuing with the lecture. He said: “Your house is fine. Don't worry and listen carefully to what I teach.”

On our way home after the lecture, the water on the streets reached up to my thighs. My spouse and I rode our bicycles home. The roof of the house in front of ours had been lifted by strong winds. The side wall had collapsed. Several trees around one meter in diameter had been pulled down too. Telephone lines had fallen, damaging power distribution. But the tree in front of my residence was intact. We had built a shed using rods with door panels as the roof. We cooked our meals in this shed, but this makeshift kitchen was not damaged at all by the storm. Everyone was amazed.

Someone said: “Zhengzhou City has not seen such strong winds in 50 years. Everyone else's roofs were damaged and big trees were torn down. Yet your shed is fine.” Furthermore, the house we lived in was built on lower ground. Water went into our house every time it rained. But the house was dry today in spite of the heavy downpour. I remembered Master saying during the lecture: “Your house is fine.” I realized Master had protected our home.

Becoming a Better Person Through Practicing Dafa

Master treated our illnesses during the lectures in Zhengzhou. He asked everyone to stomp their feet. I saw light flashing behind Master, just like sparks flying while welding. I was puzzled. Where are these sparks coming from? I understood later that it came from Master who was treating illnesses.

One day, before he started lecturing, Master went to the podium and asked: “Who lost their money?”It was a stack of bills, 100 yuan in total. There were also gold necklaces, watches, and other valuables. Whoever lost their belongings would come up and retrieve them. It was just as Master said: “This is a pure land. Whoever has lost something can recover it.” The teachings of Falun Dafa made us better people.

There were two practitioners from Xianning City in Hubei Province. Their bag was stolen while they were dining at a restaurant. In the bag was the book China Falun Gong, a pass to the introductory class, as well as daily necessities such as toothbrushes and a washcloth. They were not allowed to go in and listen to Master's lecture without the pass. Master learned about their situation and told them to return to the same restaurant the next day to look for their bag. They did so and saw a young man reading the book China Falun Gong.

They asked him: “Do you practice Falun Gong too?” The young man put down the book. The wind blew and the book opened. One of the practitioners said: “This is my name, this book is mine.” The young man said: “If it's your book, then take it.” The practitioner asked: “Where is my bag?” He pointed to a bag. The practitioners picked up the bag and checked the contents. Nothing was missing.

There were many other extraordinary stories.

At the end of the introductory class, many students in the audience raised their hands requesting to shake hands with Master. I raised my hand too. Master shook hands with a woman who was about two meters away from me. He then walked towards me. He shook my hand. Master's hand felt soft and I thought: “Buddha's hand is soft like cotton.” I can't describe the feeling but it was amazing and sacred. This experience kept me going later on whenever things were tiring, even when I was incarcerated for refusing to give up practicing Dafa.

When the class concluded, the head of the qigong association said: “Other qigong masters would attend a banquet after giving a class, but Falun Gong's master doesn’t indulge in a feast, he eats instant noodles instead.” The qigong association presented Master with a banner with the words “saving sentient beings.”

Benefits Gained from Practicing Dafa

My spouse recovered from her many ailments, including headaches, kidney and bladder infections, hemorrhoids, and so on, after attending the introductory class. She regained strength in her arms and legs and was full of energy. I believed Master had truly cured her illnesses. It made me determined to practice cultivation and diligently follow the teachings of Dafa.

My celestial eye opened after practicing Dafa for a period of time. I saw scenes in other dimensions: cities, buildings, roads, mountains and rivers, flowers, and trees. The flowers were exceptionally beautiful. I also saw people dressed in ancient clothing. My long term health problems, such as gallbladder issues, kidney inflammation, and a swollen spleen and liver were gone. On top of that, I had endless energy.

In 1995, my family and I took photos in our courtyard. In the photos, there were many Falun (law wheels), as big as dishes, in the courtyard. One can clearly see the srivatsas and Taiji symbols in the Falun.

Detained for Refusing to Give up Practice

Because I refused to stop practicing Dafa, I was arrested and locked up in a detention center. Four police officers tried to force me to give up my belief. One said: “The government prohibits you from practicing Falun Dafa. You must promise in writing that you will give up the practice, or else we will torture you to death.” I thought to myself: “Dafa gave me a new life. The principles of the universe Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance are in my heart. If I must die to uphold these principles, then so be it.” The officer shouted: “You must write a report every day.” I shook my head saying, “No, I won't comply.” He backed down: “You can write one every two days.” I told him: “I follow the principles of Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance. I won't write anything. I'm not afraid of death.”

The officer was enraged. He stood up and was about to read a stack of materials slandering Dafa. I said: “Don't read it. I won't listen.” He was livid. He started to read loudly. I decided to memorize the Fa teachings while that was happening. The policeman suddenly fell onto the table and became motionless.

A guard came in and asked: “Have you met Master Li before?” I said: “Yes. I shook hands with him too.” He sent me back to the prison cell. I subsequently heard that all the police officers were withdrawn from the detention center. The fiercest police officer changed his attitude 180 degrees. He spoke to me amicably, gave me a pen and paper, and explained to me how I could defend myself and lodge an appeal.

I believed that Master's protection, as well as my own righteous thoughts, eliminated the evil and led the police officer to change his mind about Dafa.

Words cannot express my gratitude towards Master. The only way I can repay Master is to cultivate diligently and follow the requirements of Dafa.