(Minghui.org) I am a millennial. I was born to a broken family in the 1990s. My parents got divorced as soon as I was born. My mother moved to the South for work and left me to be raised by her parents. 

My mother was very successful later in her career. She then moved me to live with her in the South and hired nannies to take care of me. She was always busy when I was growing up, so I was cared for by various nannies since she was never there. 

To make up for her negligence, my mother gave me all kinds of material things that I liked. In her mind, giving me money was love. She never had time to teach me how to become a righteous person. Slowly, I felt that nothing in this world was more important or real than money. That's how I became a materialist.

A Bumpy Marriage

I met my husband through a blind date. I was told that his family was very rich. We got married without parents' knowledge three months after we met and I became pregnant two months later. 

My husband looked honest, but I married him merely for money. But soon after we got married, I realized that I'd been deceived and that his family was deeply in debt. They borrowed money with one credit card to repay the debt of another credit card, so my family supported us completely. My dream of a lavish life was shattered. I was upset and looked down on my husband. I argued with him almost every day and sometimes hit him. I belittled him.

Because my family was in good financial shape, I felt that I was wronged and thus thought of divorce. I thought that I was young and pretty. My mother bought me a few expensive houses and a Maserati car. I could easily find a much better man. I thought fate was unfair.

This went on for two years. At the end of 2017, I ran away from home and took a trip to Taiwan with a Taiwanese friend. She took me to see a fortune teller. This person told me that I actually had a good marriage and that I would not have a better one if I did not change my mentality and learn to be satisfied. This person added that 2018 would not be a good year for me and that I should try to have a second child to alleviate the tribulation.

Life Improves after I Start to Cultivate

Taking this person's advice, I decided to repair the relationship with my husband. We thus moved to Canada to try for a second child in 2018. But the situation did not improve and we still argued every day.

My life finally improved in 2019. After watching the 2019 Shen Yun Performing Arts show, I had a strong desire to practice Falun Dafa. I knew the facts about Falun Dafa from my classmate in high school, but I only knew that it teaches people to become good.

Dafa changed my behavior and thoughts greatly. In the past, I did not do housework, nor did I take care of our child. I also said bad things about my husband everywhere and bragged about my abilities. I often yelled at him. 

After learning Dafa, I began to reflect on myself and realized that I was not a good wife. I gradually softened my tone when talking to him.

My husband saw that I was changing and became very supportive of my practice. He would study the Fa teachings with me when I was not diligent. He reminded me to study the teachings more diligently when my words and behavior did not meet a practitioner's standard that a practitioner. When I was complacent, he reminded me that I still had many attachments to remove.

Gradually, my husband has also changed. He worked harder. He became kinder. We have not had any conflicts and arguments since then. 

Assimilating to Dafa

Knowing the goodness of Dafa, I anxiously hoped that my parents-in-law could also know the facts about it. I wanted them to take a trip to Canada. My husband agreed with me. But he told me that his family was bankrupt and that the banks had frozen their assets. I sold my houses and cars to help them pay off the debt, but it wasn’t enough. His parents were placed on a bad credit blacklist and sued in court, and they were restricted from leaving the country.

I really wanted to clarify the truth to them about Dafa. I was worried and asked Master for help. A few days later, my mother-in-law told us that they were able to satisfy one debtor. She was removed from the blacklist and allowed to travel out of the country. I was very happy and thankful for Master's compassion!

As a matter of fact, I had never spent time with her or lived with her after I got married. She has never given me any money or gifts, nor have they helped look after our two children. It was Dafa that helped me to let go of my resentment for her.

I quickly booked the airline ticket for her. Before she came, I thought of how to clarify the truth to her many times and believed she would listen and appreciate the beauty of Dafa. But the reality was just the opposite.

She had been deeply deceived by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and did not want to listen. She insisted that the CCP would not allow people to practice. When I showed her the book Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party, she turned her head and walked away. I did not know why she refused it. I felt very sad.

One day, her blood pressure was over 190 and she was dizzy. Hypertension had plagued her for more than a decade. She forgot to bring her medicine with her. I took her to the hospital and the doctor of Western medicine gave her some pills. She took the drug for two weeks, but her blood pressure remained very high. She then went to a Chinese doctor.

Every time on the way to the Chinese doctor’s clinic, I played Master's lectures for her and hoped it would help her. While her blood pressure dropped and stabilized after spending more than 10,000 Canadian dollars, she did not believe it was Dafa that helped her. 

During this period, I was worried that she might be bored and feel lonely. So I took her to many places to sightsee and shop. I bought her whatever she liked, including clothes and cosmetics. Gradually, we had fewer conflicts.

My Mother-in-law Becomes a Practitioner

Although my mother-in-law did not want to know the facts about Dafa, I never gave up trying. I asked myself to look at things from her perspective. Slowly, she finally started to open up and chat with me after more than a month. She told me about the poor relationship she had with her daughter. She felt sad that she could not make money herself and had to rely on us. She then thanked me for treating her so well.

I said to her, “It is Dafa that changed me. Actually, I thought of divorcing your son in 2017. But after learning Dafa, my relationship with your son improved and is now very good.”

I let her listen to practitioners’ cultivation stories on the Minghui website. She was very touched by the story of a practitioner who took care of her bedridden mother-in-law for almost 10 years. 

Gradually, she did not resist and started to listen to Master's teachings. At one time, she said to me, “What Master said makes sense.”

At Christmas time, I took her to see the holiday parade and explained each of the parade entries. When the Falun Dafa procession came by, I pointed and said, “See! This is the Tian Guo Marching Band! That is the Falun Dafa Waist Drum Team!”

She was astonished by the splendid Falun Dafa performers and recorded them on her smartphone. She said, “That’s really impressive! Very different from what the CCP makes them out to be! It is the only Chinese entry in the parade. So many people! So orderly and so proud of the Chinese!”

We then took her to a week-long Christmas cruise trip. She was seasick on the second day. Her blood pressure shot up and the medicine didn't bring it down. I told her to listen to Master's teachings sincerely.

She took my CD player and listened to the Fa teachings in her room alone until dinner time. She said to me, “It is so good! What Master said is right! It makes sense!” 

She agreed it was Dafa that helped her reduce her blood pressure. She finally believed in Dafa. 

After the cruise, she watched many programs about Dafa. The more she watched, the more she liked them. She also learned to practice the five exercises every day and studied Zhuan Falun, the main book of Falun Dafa, with me.

She studied the Fa very diligently even though she only knew a few words. She wrote down the words I taught her in a notebook. I was moved by her sincere attitude. I constantly thanked Master in my heart.

Before returning to China, she asked me if she could bring Zhuan Falun with her. Considering her safety, I saved the electronic file of the book, audios of Master’s lectures, and the exercise teaching video in her digital device. But she insisted on having a paper copy. She said that she would tell the people she knew the facts about Falun Dafa.

She emphasized that she would have practiced Dafa a long time ago if she had known that it was so good!

Nannies Follow Suit

My former nanny came to see me. I told her the facts about Falun Dafa. She saw the changes in my manners and said I was completely different from how I was in the past when she was my nanny. She learned the exercises and obtained a copy of Zhuan Falun when she went back to China.

My children's nanny also became a practitioner after seeing how my mother-in-law changed.


Looking back on my cultivation path of less than a year, I feel that I have just awakened up from a dream. My past life is so far behind me that it seems like someone else's life. 

My life is now very simple. I study the Fa and cultivate my xinxing. I no longer care about having money. I wear plain clothes instead of name brands. The simple lifestyle makes me feel comfortable and fulfilled. This is my true self.

I cannot imagine how muddy my life would be if I did not practice Falun Dafa. I would probably have to pay endlessly in my next life for the karma I created.

I cannot express my deep appreciation to Master in words. Thank you, Master, for choosing me as a Dafa disciple and for everything you have given me!